Luke E. Gatto Jr
LUKE (LUCIO) E. GATTO JR Luke (Lucio) E. Gatto Jr, adopted son of the Hopi and master healer, shaman and prober of universal mysteries, passed away on January 1, 2019 in Santa Fe NM. Born June 20, 1944 to Dr. Lucio Ernest Gatto Sr, Psychiatrist and Janice Sedorchuk Gatto. A graduate of Tulane University, with degrees in biology and chemistry, Luke founded the Human Dimensions Institute West in Ojai, CA in 1974, later known as The Ojai Foundation. Luke first came to New Mexico as the student of the pioneering nutritionist and healer Hazel Parcells. He was key prot‚g‚ of Parcells and agricultural geneticist, Derald Langham. He was an explorer of the Theosophical movement and developed many enduring friendships at Findhorne. Luke's profound knowledge ranged from scientific to spiritual, with a passion for hyper-dimensional physics and Hopi philosophy. He was most internationally known for his excellence in homeopathy, and the more esoteric field of radionics. Ever eager to discover new ideas in health, he was a true scholar, revisiting the old modalities to envision the new. He sought to delve deeply into both mind and matter where few dare to go. Preceded in death by his father, mother and brother David, Luke leaves behind his beloved brother Jaffrey and niece Jessica, and hundreds of grateful clients, and family, touched by his generosity of spirit, knowledge and expertise. A master diviner, he will be sorely missed by many. A Memorial is being planned.
Published by Santa Fe New Mexican from Jan. 10 to Jan. 13, 2019.
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Luke's passion for exploring the connections between consciousness and science continues to fuel my artistic journeys. His and my long conversations created a bridge for me to take deeper dives into the well of the mystery teachings that had been passed down through the ages. His was a truly unique spark of The Divine incarnate. I feel certain that he continues to speak to me from The Great Beyond. My work appears to be evidence of this very notion. His energetic presence is only a thought away, and for this I am grateful.
January 4, 2022
Two years now, yes... and my love, appreciation, gratitude for this special soul continues to grow. His generosity of spirit is one that speaks to me daily. Timeless is authentic love. His and my entanglements of heart and mind remain a source of inspiration. The dialogue continues...
Vandorn Hinnant
January 4, 2021
Dear members of Luke Gatto's memorail pages,

What more should I say about Luke what I have not already shared on my previous memories that I posted to his page?

Maybe I could say a little bit more about our wonderful journey with my spiritual Grand Mother and Luke's Hopi Mother Carolyn Tawangyawama and Grandpa Titus Lamson from Hotevilla to Sanata Fe. Our mission was to bring Carolyn and Titus to meet Lama Karmapa. This idea to connect the true(* Hopis Carolyn and Titus with Karmapa was solely Luke's insight. And... order to understand the significant meaning of this meaning you got to know little bit more about the Hopi Prophecies. How it was for told that upon this meeting of Great Eastern teacher and Hopis certain information was supposed to be shared and how the pure hearted Hopis were able to share this information. And as we (like Luke and undersigned) were aware that there was serious split among Hopi elders and due to this fact the the s.c. correct messages shared to outsiders became one sided or tilted. As some of the prophecies for told in this meeting the warnings about Purification Day should had been shared with this foretold teacher.
As in the previous meeting with Karmapa and Hopis this was not done and these messages were not shared and as Luke had met Karmapa previously he had suggested thru the mediators that Karmapa should meet the earlier mentioned 'Pure Hearted' Hopis. I as a long co-worker of this Hopi mission happened to come to meet Carolyn and Titus around this time. So, as we shared same living quarters with Luke in Carolyn's house I slowly grew to become a member of this wonderful mission with Hopis.

With my full mind and heart I do thank his contribution as one who honestly and sincerely wanted to promote the rights of those who have such a great mission to protect all sacred life.
Thank you Luke being my friend and especially being in service of those who might have been less fortunate and still recognizing that they walk the same path with us.

Teemu Kassila
Artist / Spiritual Counselor /
Co-Founder of Four Winds in Finland
(* true here means someone who has not let the promised way of life to be spoiled or lingered off from the given path.
Teemu Kassila
January 4, 2021
Ah, so many things I could say about him even though our friendship was rather short, but its was anyhow intense. We were were connected through our relationship with Hopi Grandmother Carolyn Tawangyawama. He was just prior been adopted by her as her son and she was my Spiritual Grandmother. Later on we traveled with Luke, Carolyn, and Grandpa Titus Lamson to Santa Fe to meet Lama Karmapa and to experience His magnificent Crown Ceremony. Next day we also had a private audition in his living quarters. We were trying to do our little part in fulling some meant to be life events. We also showed a painting of Titus' prophecy dream to His Holiness. The whole trip, the event itself and the meeting of Karmapa was strongly life molding momentum that seems to continue and grow as we might see in Luke's life, works and connections.
These planted seeds are still growing and heart waves are vibrating in all of us. Thank you Luke! I love you!
Teemu Kassila
June 17, 2020
Luke Gatto was a light in the darkness . He taught me so much about homeopathy radionics and had a passionate heart instilled with love and compassion. Its been maybe 45years since Ive seem him . Had a flash I wanted to find him today and came across his Obit. Crying tears of loss but grateful for the time I was blessed to know such a beautiful soul who will live on in us all. Thank you Luke for being YOU .
Blessings for the journey
Allana Beauchamp
April 30, 2020
I love you Luke- Thank you for being such the Teacher and the Healer
Mark Bednar
January 6, 2020
dear Luke, Eternal Gratitude to you for The LIGHT you permitted to shine through you into the world.
Vandorn Hinnant
January 5, 2020
One year later....Luke's brilliance, deep heart, and illumination scattered through so many hearts, still radiates. He effect influences me. I realize over and over how rare he was. There is still deep thinking about your library Luke. Its home will come. Sending upmost compassion to Luke's brother Jerry...another very special heart, a strong and radiating Gatto.
Ana MacArthur
January 4, 2020
Lucio Gatto remains a Bright LIGHT in my heart/mind. What a Gift to humankind!!! Our entanglement of heart/mind continues to this day. Because of the quality of attention we shared, he was like a brother to me and we behaved as if this were so. Each of my days are colored with impressions that grow out of his and my countless dialogues and intellectual collaborations. His Spirit continues to influence and inform my walk, and for this I am eternally grateful.
Vandorn Hinnant
January 4, 2020
I knew Luke as "Chip" back in the 60's. He literally saved my life by having me transferred from combat medic school to medical lab school in San Antonio's Fort Sam Houston. I am forever grateful to him and owe the last 50 years of my life to his thoughtfulness and kindness.
RIP, Chip.
Joe Maselli
August 19, 2019
I had the honor of knowing Luke in the last stage of his life. He supported my healing in 2017 through homeopathy and phone communication. I looked forward to our daily conversations - I was always impressed by his passion for healing, his boldness of spirit, the wild stories of his personal journey...his knowledge of the mechanics and inner-workings of divine intelligence. Although he used homeopathy as a tool to promote healing, I think that the biggest impression Luke made on my recovery - his biggest lesson - was to remind me about the magic that we can experience even here on Earth. Through his stories, the power of miracles - synchronicities - became apparent to me. I started to notice more in my own life - and in doing so, I began to heal. As a future healer, I draw inspiration from Luke's tenacity for finding the sequence of steps to guide someone towards healing...from his awareness and connection. I hope to live as deeply - and to support souls - like Luke did. Finally, I wish I could be in Santa Fe on Saturday to celebrate his life. Luke, I hope you found peace where you are. With gratitude and love, Taylor
Taylor Skye Schwabe
June 14, 2019
A very Bright Light has gone out on Earth ... but I also know This Light is shining even more brightly on all of us from where Luke is now. He was such a Shining Star. So pure of Heart, so saintly. His generosity of Spirit touched so many. And I was so fortunate to be one of those many. He came into my life in 1985 and he impacted my health and whole life all of these years. There is no one else like him, he was so giving. Always there with help when I needed it. No matter what hour of the call. I, along with so many others as so very grateful and blessed to have been touched by his healing compassion and knowledge. I feel so sad to say goodbye ... But I also know in the Non Physical he is with us even more...
Sis Mamolen
February 18, 2019
January 28, 2019
Dear Luke, my long ago kindred spirit Ojai friend. I met you around 1972 and remember the old days on the Happy Valley Land in Upper Ojai. We were at the beginning of Life and had only an inkling of how strange, cruel, and unfair this beautiful world could be. I still have my pendulum and Dr. Hazel Parcell's electro-magnetic energy in foods cookbook and many laughing memories of you. With love from all your old, old friends in Ojai, . . . Don't worry, the Ojai Foundation will always be Human Dimensions Institute to us old-timers. . . your dream lives!
Suza Francina
January 28, 2019
I first met Luke in 1975, at the Rocky Mountain Healing Festival. Later that week we ran into each other again in New Mexico. He invited me to Ojai, to his Human Dimensions Institute West. I spent a couple of years there working with Luke. Those years changed my life. What an honor to have spent so much time living and working with him. He was an inspiration to many and he will be missed. But somehow I feel he will always be with us and is at peace now.
Katharine Howard
January 23, 2019
Dearest Luke, Who will tell us how to rid ourselves of tick diseases now?
I cannot believe you are gone!
I had no idea of your innumerable accomplishments. My husband was the only person I knew who dealt in radionics.
It is too late now to make your acquaintance, my regret.
Thank you for who you were and all you did.
i am sure you are in celestial Heaven.
Love Julia and all my 4-leggeds.
Julia D Thieriot
January 21, 2019
This world has been truly blessed by the impermanent presence of an eternal being who devoted his existence to service in the realms of health, healing, homeopathy, and radionics, all major points of connection we shared deeply.

I thank you, dear Luke, for your generosity of Spirit, the way you always included us in your inspiring writings, for your passion to educate as many as you possibly could, for attending to your clients and friends with wonderful and unique healing advice, for keeping us informed, and healthy. Now you have made your Sacred Journey, leaving your loved ones and clients missing you, trusting that we will always remember your teachings, and perhaps receive messages from you, guidance, and direction about how to keep your legacy of healing alive and in service for these times.

My heart goes out to Luke's brother and niece, family, friends and clients, anyone who knew and loved Luke, and is missing him in his physical form, his genius consultations, his generous spirit, and his wonderful emails.

Blessed Journey dear Luke! We are eternally grateful for you.
Karen Ferreira
January 18, 2019
Luke came into my life like a comet 2 years ago (feels like 10), filled with huge light despite his beginning to battle an illness. I soon realized I had a living, animated, talking library .a rich heart / mind steeped deep in science, biology, healing, physics and spirituality. I did my own tribute to Luke 2 days after his passing on Facebook this will be concise. Luke lead a remarkable life. He came here to awaken many of us as life gave him unusual experiences early on, combined with his mental and heart ability to retain great amounts of information and make unique synapses. He was an instant devoted friend, teacher, and homeopathic healer, helping me with much. His grasp of many teachings and great traditions as well as his own unique insights has expanded my understanding of mysteries of the universe and former great teachers he knew well, who exquisitely dowsed. His baptism and life with the Hopi is a rare American story, and these experiences gave him unique insights to the construction of our universe. His compassion, generosity when at the end he had little, has left a deep mark. I truly miss this man of Italian/ Russian passion and his ability to maintain childlike awe' in the presence of beauty of all forms. There is no question, he was a very beautiful rare bird.
Ana MacArthur
January 13, 2019
Dear Luke,
I am happy that you can breathe and run now, unburdened by a sick body. I am so saddened that I won't hear your voice, except in my head. I owe you so many thanks, for fixing my body, when no one else could. You could send tick diseases scurrying! I surely will miss our political rants and opinions and the occasional disagreement too. Considering that we had never met in the ten plus years that you treated me, maybe we'll catch a glimpse of one another in the next life. Much love, Luke...peaceful warrior!
Susie MacNelly
January 13, 2019
For years I received almost weekly email missives from Luke, and while we never met he certainly inspired me to continue my work. His passing is a reminder that every heartbeat and each breath is a gift.
Lynnclaire Dennis
January 13, 2019
We have indeed lost a most precious jewel of a HUman BEing. There can be no replacement for our dear Lucio Gatto, and so... we shall march forward with him as a shining star in our memories. He stood for the very best in the human condition. His genius and generosity remain dear to my heart.
Vandorn Hinnant
January 12, 2019
My husband Barry and I were fortunate to have spent time with Luke when he lived in NC about 21 years ago. We will miss him deeply. Luke is who I would turn too if I could not find out through my research what was going on with me physically. He first say go get your Homeopathy book by Asa Hershoff his and our bible! Then usually tell me what was going on and and what I needed to help me. He would find the cause when no one else could. We have been in touch with him for years totally loving our talks. No one can replace him, he had a vast intelligence that was amazing, you could talk on so many different subjects. We were so saddened to hear of his passing, he will be a part of our lives forever because of all that he shared and his gift of homeopathy.
Serena and Barry Dossenko
January 11, 2019
Luke, was a door opener for me and i honored him with my own obituary on facebook and instagram, to honor my Hopi brother, mentor and dear friend. He introduced me to Genesa, to Dr. Hazel Parcells, and macrobiotics. He was an extraordinary homeopath, healer, radionics practitioner, and outspoken critic of injustice. He will be sorely missed, foster perry
Foster Perry
January 11, 2019
I have known Luke for almost 30 years since when I first arrived in Santa Fe. His remedies and support were particularly appreciated in the care of my three young children back then who are now 28 - 30 years old. I will miss his emails on all manner of esoteric issues and frequent meetings at the SF Farmers Market.
John Meade
January 11, 2019
There was no one like Luke and never will be again. He was one in a million and will be missed.
Peter Radatti
January 11, 2019
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