Fr. Felix Cassidy OP
1927 - 2015
Fr. Francis "Felix" Cassidy, OP

Fr. Felix Francis Edward Cassidy, OP died peacefully on Friday, November 13, 2015. Fr. Felix was born on June 3, 1927 and raised in San Francisco's Pacific Heights. He was baptized at St. Dominic's Church in San Francisco. He attended St. Ignatius Prep. He was a World War II veteran, joining the Merchant Marine at the age of 17, serving from 1945-46. Throughout his life in the Dominican Order, Fr. Felix had various assignments; however, he would spend most of his life at his beloved St. Dominic's Church & Priory. Fr. Felix was clothed in the Dominican habit on August 14, 1948 in Ross, CA, and was ordained a priest on June 11, 1954 at St. Mary's Cathedral in San Francisco.
His parents, Edward George Cassidy and Mildred Mary Callan, christened him "Francis," but the Dominican Order would give him the name "Felix." It was a most appropriate name because it means "Happy" and that is how we would best describe him. His brothers and most others called him "Fr. Cas" or just plain "Cas."
Even though it was not unexpected, after a long struggle with declining health, his death was a jolt to us, particularly to the contemporary generation of his confreres who could not imagine the Western Dominican Province without him. His was a defining presence in our lives. We were never unaware that there was a saint among us. With his distinctive voice and humor, he was our own local St. Joseph of Cupertino. He lived life to its fullness, displaying his child-like simplicity and playfulness-yet, always remaining a model of Christian virtue, like the great saints of old.
Fr. Felix was well-known in San Francisco. Although he served in many other assignments, including Holy Rosary Church (Antioch, CA), St. Vincent's Church (Vallejo, CA), Holy Rosary Church (Portland, OR), Kentfield, CA (as Prior), in the missions in Chiapas (Altamirano, MX), and as Rector and Superior at St. Thomas Aquinas Cathedral (Reno, NV), St. Dominic's Church and the Shrine of St. Jude were his home. He was devoted to Our Blessed Lady, to his beloved St. Jude, to his brothers, to the pilgrims at the Shrine, and to the faithful of St. Dominic's Church and the city. He was the confessor and spiritual adviser to many souls. He lifted the burdens of many people who came to him over the decades, seeking him out to pour their troubles upon him and to hear his encouraging words.
Fr. Felix will be dearly missed by his family, especially his many nieces and nephews, his Dominican brothers, the parishioners of St. Dominic's Church, the faithful of San Francisco and all those whom he has touched along the way. May he rest in peace.
To honor the memory of Fr. Felix, donations to "" will support the education of future priests and brothers of the Western Dominican Province.
Vigil Services were celebrated on Thursday, November 19th, at St. Dominic's Church, San Francisco. A Mass of Christian Burial was celebrated on Friday, November 20th, at St. Dominic's Church, San Francisco, which was followed by burial at St. Dominic's Cemetery in Benicia, CA.
Published by San Francisco Chronicle from Nov. 16 to Nov. 22, 2015.
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6:30p.m. - 7:30p.m.
St. Dominic's Church
San Francisco, CA
St. Dominic's Church
San Francisco, CA
Mass of Christian Burial
St. Dominic's Church
San Francisco, CA
St. Dominic's Cemetery
Benicia, CA
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You were a Dominican because they always have room for a saint, you were with the poor because you loved them. Where shall the poor go now? To Jesus, because you pointed the way. What shall we do in a dark world when the beacon pointing to Jesus is gone?

I welcome your birth into eternal life, but I deeply miss you and your personal expression of grace.
Magister Equitum
November 7, 2017
Father Felix,
We love and miss you!
We were Blessed to have You baptize Paul Jr and Angelica.
You are truly a Angel and Saint!
God Blessed Us with You in our lives,
Paul & Maggie
Paul & Maggie
November 4, 2017
Thank you eternally for your loving grace and wisdom.
Susan Howell
July 7, 2016
I was brought up in the house accross the street from St. Alberts where I met Brother Cassidy soon to become Father Cassidy. Of all the seminary students I met over those formative years, he was the only one that took the time to know me and my friend Mike Lamborn. What a sweet and caring man. He glowed with joy and spirituality.
Owen O'Neil
May 2, 2016
I agree with Father Fr. Anthony Rosevear that Father Felix is truly a living saint. In the past year, I have the blessing to visit and talk to Father Felix at least once a week until his failing health 3-4 months ago.
As a small business owner and I actually came talk to him about the obstacles and challenges I faced in my life as a business person.
At 88 years old, he seemed to have the perfect understanding of my situations, much better than any professionals I have encountered. Father Felix had shared the most relevant advice and encouragements that only understood by me. He had helped me overcome impossible obstacles and challenges that seem to have no way out. He has taught me to live in joy, happiness and faith and not in fear.

Those of us who has experienced God's grace through Father Felix's presence know that he is still looking down from heaven on us.

The morning of Father Felix's funeral, a perfect white rose mysteriously fell off my vase and landed in front of my eyes.
I know that is the way he is saying goodbye.

Godspeed, Father Felix, the living saint, angel and friend.

Catherine Zhang
Catherine Zhang
November 24, 2015
Dear Sweet Father Cassidy there will never be another. At age ten, I was fortunate enough to have attended "Buddy" Caasidy's ordination to the priesthood. Later in life, Father Cassidy performed my marriage ceremony. Father always held a special place in my heart. Never was there a more sweeter,joyful man that walked this earth. Hugs and love, Carol Kilby
Carol Kilby
November 23, 2015

November 23, 2015
"May the Peace and Blessings of Almighty God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit descend upon you and remain with you for ever and ever....Amen." Father Cassidy
Doug Hernandez
November 23, 2015
I served as an alter boy for Father Cassidy at SV when I was a child. He was such a warm and caring individual. He will always have a special place in my heart, God bless you Father,
John Kuykendall
November 22, 2015
God bless you, Fr. Felix.
Charles & Tess Kain
November 19, 2015
Pray for us, Fr Felix, we need your intercession! We will miss you.
November 19, 2015
Fr. Felix may you rest in the peace and joy of God which you lived in while here on earth! Thank you for all you have given us - especially an example of what it's like to live your life in and for God out of love for Him and others. We won't see you, for awhile, but thank God for the communion of the saints, I know you will be close by!
Jan L England
November 19, 2015
He always had kind things and words of encouragement for those working the gardens of St Dominic's
Peter Mandell
November 18, 2015
Father Francis What I remember about father Francis when he came to my parents house the sparkle in his eyes and his kind heart from the words that came from his mouth With father Francis there are a lot of husbands and wives out there that was married by father Francis with his kind words , "he will be missed but not forgotten through his kind words " he lives on through our actions and words and kindness
Philip Gannon
November 18, 2015
Fr. Felix taught us how to love unconditionally, how to find joy and happiness in life (even when it is difficult), how to live as a child of God, and how to spread the Good News of God's kingdom brought by Jesus Christ. And for us priests (and Dominicans), he taught us how to receive those who come with their sins and burdens seeking God's forgiveness and love.

Felix, may you enjoy the fruits of God's kingdom!
Fr. Joseph Sergott, OP
November 18, 2015
We have lost a good friend but gained an angel - and perhaps we walked with a saint.
Memories of his voice and his demeanor are so wonderful to recall. He loved his city and his teams and his friends and his church. He lived each day to its fullest. Who could wish for more in life? I hold his friendship dear. God speed Fr. Cassidy! Pray for us.
Marie Earp
November 18, 2015
God Bless.
November 17, 2015
I had the pleasure of first meeting Fr. Cassidy in the early 1980s while he was stationed at St. Thomas Aquinas Cathedral in Reno, NV. And again later at St. Dominic's San Francisco, CA after moving to the city for work. He was an early confessor and mentor to me.
St. Dominic was known as the "joyful friar", and Fr. Cassidy was the epitome of a joyful friar, a true son of Dominic. He would often greet me in the same bubbly manner he met just about everyone; "Greetings and salutations!"
He was a prayerful man of God, a holy priest of God. He was a bright light at St. Dominic's, and I have no doubt heaven rejoices to receive him.
God, who among the Apostolic priests made Thy servant Felix flourish by priestly dignity: grant, we beseech Thee: that he may also be joined unto their perpetual society. Through Christ our Lord. Amen
Roderick Alvernaz
November 17, 2015
November 17, 2015
When you were in Fr.Felix' presence, you knew you were in the presence of holiness. Not because he was beyond reach, but because he was so human, humble, and reachable.

The stories are endless...I knew him since high school and he was one of the most consistent priests I have known. He never failed to help a lost soul, offer a ride to anyone in need, talk to those no one else would approach, find food for the homeless in the church and he had this knack of knowing when you needed a simple 'greetings and salutations' with his warm smile.

You knew he prayed for you when you didn't even ask, you knew he had an in with the man upstairs.

I will forever remember sitting in silence in the pews as a broadway tune began on the piano behind the main altar bringing a smile.

I never knew how, but he always knew when I was in the hospital to visit me when I was so ill many years ago.

He lived a beautiful life, I am not sad for I know he is where he is meant to serve now. He is closer than ever in prayer, heart and soul.

Thank you my friend for being the saint you always were....Love and Blessing
Andrea Kanelopoulos
November 17, 2015
I will always fondly remember my time as a parishioner and an employee at St. Dominic. Fr. Felix was a large part of those happy memories. His joy, his playfulness, his prayerfulness and his kindness have made me a better person.

I was positively thrilled this summer, when I came to offer a Mass of Thanksgiving at St. Dominic to have Fr. Felix as a concelebrant. Offering the Holy Sacrifice side by side with a true saint is certainly a foretaste of the heaven to come.

Rest well, Fr. Felix. May the peace of Christ you so readily brought to others be yours now.
Fr. Tim Ferguson
November 17, 2015
The aptly named Fr. Felix was always so full of life and joy.
I will never forget the day in 2003 when he "seranaded" (his word) me with old tunes on the friars chapel piano just to cheer me up. That is just how he was, ever happy and sharing his joy.
He always left me with the encouragement, "you'll do great!" and I hope I will.
Melissa C
November 17, 2015
Fr. Felix, remember us in your glory and pray for us before Our Lord.
November 17, 2015
The Holy Spirit lit Father Cassidy every day. His sweetness and love were infinite. He will remain in the House of St. Dominick forever, as his spirit lingers in the heart of the parishoners. We love you, radiant man. Godspeed. Ann Seymour
November 17, 2015
We love you Fr. Felix! Thank you for blessing us all with yourself, for being a shining example of patient and joyful endurance, for passing on to us the blessing of St. Jude! The whole Church prays for you, pray for us!
Andromeda Abushady
November 17, 2015
Whenever I met Fr. Felix, he was smiling at me. He was always caring about the others and showing what "perfetta letizia" is.
Rosario Tronnolone
November 17, 2015
The prospect of meeting Felix Cassidy was always a highlight of a visit to St. Dominic's. He was indeed "full of grace".
Michael Howard
November 17, 2015
It's hard to imagine St. Dominic's without Father Cassidy. He was a fixture of the Church, who greeted others with his uniquely effusive expression of joy and love. He will be deeply missed.
Mary-Michael Watts, and Family
November 16, 2015
Fr. Felix-You were an Angel on Earth. Thank you for your love and joyful spirit. Cassidy is so blessed that you baptized her at St. Dominic's, the same church you were baptized in. Pray for us!
Andrew Trader & Family
November 16, 2015
Rest in peace dear and wonderful friend. You are loved and missed. Thanks for the coupons on halloween and everything else. 0x, kaaren and family
kaaren alvarado
November 16, 2015
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