Kay Longcope
Veteran journalist Kay Longcope moved to Austin in 1992 and noticed that there was no serious local newspaper focusing on the gay community. So she started her own.

Longcope, whose Texas Triangle won lots of praise for its coverage of political and social issues facing homosexuals, died Thursday after battling pancreatic cancer for more than a year. She was 69.

"I just don't know how to convey to you what an amazing person she was," said Barbara Wohlgemuth, Longcope's partner for 17 years.

Longcope grew up with two brothers in Brownwood, about 150 miles southwest of Fort Worth.

She constantly read as a child, and was a skilled writer all her life, said twin brother Charles Longcope Jr.

As a student at South Ward Elementary, Longcope published her first newspaper using a mimeograph machine in the teacher workroom.

"She knew by the time she was in elementary school that she wanted to be a journalist," her brother said.

She later worked on her high school newspaper and wrote for The Daily Texan while attending the University of Texas.

She spent 10 years after college doing publicity work for the United Council of Churches in New York. Hired by The Boston Globe in the early 1970s, she covered civil rights issues and eventually wrote about gay and lesbian issues, Wohlgemuth said.

She retired from the Globe after 22 years, Wohlgemuth said.

The Texas Triangle first published in October 1992 as a weekly, with Longcope as editor and publisher, Wohlgemuth as business manager, a graphic designer and two volunteer writers. Three weeks after it first was printed, the weekly went statewide, Wohlgemuth said.

Most gay-oriented newspapers at the time contained sexually explicit content, she said. Not The Texas Triangle.

Instead, it focused on profiles and seriously explored issues such as gay marriage and gays in the military. Longcope hoped the paper would help gay people identify with their community and inspire a feeling of pride among them, Wohlgemuth said.

"People just loved it because it was just different from any other gay paper," Wohlgemuth said. "It was a paper they could show their parents or leave on their coffee table."

The paper also came at a dynamic time in the gay community, said longtime friend Eugene Sepulveda, a lecturer in business at the University of Texas. The gay community was starting to try to flex its political muscle for certain rights.

"Kay and Barbara gave us a forum," Sepulveda said.

Longcope sold the paper in 1996, but by then she and her paper had already made their mark.

"She really helped a lot of us stand taller and be proud of who we are," Sepulveda said.
Published by Austin American-Statesman on Mar. 29, 2007.
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Dear Barabara,
We have just returned from a long trip to find an email from
Nan Dumas about Kay's passing. I am so sorry. She was such a powerful energy that it felt like she would live forever. I can only imagine how devastated you and the boys must be. Please know that you are in our thoughts and intentions for peace and healing.
Love, Marty Hassell and
Sewall Whittemore
Marty Hassell
May 3, 2007
I just heard today, of Kay's passing. Deepest sympathy and best regards.
Charon Bolin
April 30, 2007
Dear Barbara and Family,

We are sorry to hear about the loss of your partner and friend.
Michael & Susan Cranmer
April 17, 2007
To the Family and Friends of Kay Longcope we offer our prayers of strength and comfort in the coming days. Kay was a true Pioneer in every since of the word and she, along with those who were in her circle of life, have made the world a better place for all of those who will follow.

Rest in Peace Kay.

Steves' Market and Deli
Brownwood Human Rights Committee
Brownwood, Texas
Steves Harris & Puckett
April 14, 2007
Barbara, Nick and Ted,
I was so sad to read of Kay's passing and am so sorry for your loss. I really enjoyed the time I spent with your family, and I greatly appreciate getting to know such strong women and pioneers. My thoughts are with you all.
-- Shelley Cutts
Shelley McDaniel
April 12, 2007
I am Arlene Sandor, a friend of Kay's of long ago when I was with Gail Stevenson. I am deeply saddened by the news of Kay's recent passing. My thoughts and prayers are with you. She will be missed by all her friends, she was a really nice and good person.
Arlene Sandor
April 12, 2007
Although we've only had a few opportunities to spend time with you and Kay, it was always fun and enlightening. Kay was a special person. We were truly saddened by the news of Kay's death. Please accept our heartfelt condolences.
Rachael and Amanda
Rachael Sokolowski Amanda Reed
April 11, 2007
I'm deeply saddened to hear from Nan Dumas about Kay's passing and very sorry for your loss. Kay was a vibrant, fun and vocal asset to our community. Her work to eliminate barriers for gays and lesbians and to further acceptance of people with AIDS particularly in her career at the Globe will always be appreciated.
Dale Orlando
April 11, 2007
Dear Barbara,
Saddened that Kay's exuberant force is gone. Her playful smile remains in the huge oil painting by Nan's sister Deb Dumas of the women key to our Ptwn condo purchase in 1989. My condolences.
Carolynn Fischel
April 10, 2007
Dear Barbara,
I’m so sorry and saddened about the passing of Kay. I was one of her biggest fans and had a deep respect for what she did for our community at the Globe. I also adored her, she was a special friend and I will always carry her in my heart. I just can’t believe I will never hear that wonderful laugh or see the sparkle in her eyes again. Please take good care, Barbara.
Nan Dumas
April 10, 2007
Dear Barbara -- I was shocked and saddened to hear of Kay's passing. It is so hard to imagine a world without Kay in it. When I began working for the Globe in the late 1970s, she was the only out reporter there, and paved the way for the rest of us with her courage, conviction, southern charm, and superb strength. She was a friend and a mentor, and, as you know, much much more to many people. It feels like her passing is a passing of an era. My heart goes out to you. We are all so lucky that Kay Longcope travelled through our lives and made them that much better,
Susan Wilson
April 10, 2007
I had the pleasure of knowing Kay from as far back as the mid-70s. Running into her at the early Ma. gay political events and spending time with her on the cape. She always kept me on my toes with her quick wit.

I will miss running into the two of you in Ptown.
Judi Hirsch
April 9, 2007
Barbara, I send you and the boys my heart felt sympathy in your great loss. Kay was certainly a very special person.
Bonnie Baldwin
April 9, 2007
Barbara, you and Kay gave so many of us voice, power and pride. I will always remember you both for your big hearts, big love, courage, and example.
Neil Meyer
April 7, 2007
We will sorely miss Kay's rapier wit and quick retort, as well as her fabulous dinner parties (thank you, Barbara, for all that great food and drink). Barbara, we're so sorry for your loss. Much love, Lynda & Lynn
Lynda & Lynn Miller
April 5, 2007
I knew Kay from her writing days at The Boston Globe when I was an editor. She "broke" many important stories about the gay community and was one of the first gay journalists there to educate editors and insist on a more sensitive approach to our issues. She was always a trailblazer and a good soldier, too.
Peter Accardi
April 5, 2007
Many of us would not be here, publishing, and queer were it not for the energy and diligence of Kay Longcope. Thank you for a life of giving Kay, and Barbara, you are in our hearts. Be well.
Kate X Messer
April 3, 2007
Barbara, my thoughts and prayers are with you. I feel honored and priveleged to have known Kay, and will miss her warm smile and quick wit.
Debra Quinn
April 3, 2007
So many lives are enriched because Kay touched us with her gentle and love and fierce energy. Barbara, thanks for sharing her.
Lisa Rogers
April 2, 2007
Barbara, You have my deepest sympathy, Kay was a really smart and wonderful person. I grew up with her and her two brothers, Charles and Ed in Brownwood. Please express my sympathy to them also. May God grant you peace and give you grace to get thru this.
JoLaynne Boies
April 2, 2007
I'm sorry for your loss...my thoughts are with you. It was nice to get a chance to meet you both, allbeit under difficult circumstances. I enjoyed reading about her life, it was a nice rememberance. It's strange how little you know about the people you take care of. Take care of yourself.
Amy LaViolette
April 1, 2007
Kay! Kay! You changed my life.

Without realizing that you were passing last week, the sweet thought of you passed through my mind and I blessed you.

Now I am blessing you again and those of your family who bear the most extreme grief. Barbara, Ted and Nick, and others.

When I realized you were gone, I made sure I emailed every publication I could think of. To let them to know that you were, and how important it was to have you in our world, and with you gone, how the world would change.

Tomorrow is the 11th anniversary of my Dad’s death. He told me I was a writer and I should be a journalist. You showed me how to become a better journalist.

I am wordsmith without words now.
Gary N. Reese
April 1, 2007
Babara, many hugs for you today and any time you need them! Kay was such a wonderful spirit and energy in this world -- a total delight to be around. May your heart be filled with all her good memories. Much love, Jan
Jan Brown
April 1, 2007
Kay was our friend for almost fifty years. Anne introduced Kay to the Cape and Kay introduced us to each other at the Ace of Spades in PTown. We shared more meals then we can count including the all day champagne brunch, swimming in the pond, flying kites on Great Island, the wallpaper fiasco, painting parties and so much more. We will miss Kay's infectious laughter and smile and her indomitable and generous spirit. Dear Barbara, we know that Kay's death will leave a terrible emptiness in your heart.
All our love,
Anne and Sue
Anne Peters Sue Fischler
April 1, 2007
We are thinking of you, sending you our hugs and our sincerest sympathy - and fondly remembering Kay's humor and strength.
Your Truro summer friends, Susan and Sarah
Susan Kurtzman
April 1, 2007
We'll never forget the first time we met Kay and Barbara, outside at a Halloween party in Austin in '91 or '92. We knew then that we'd be friends forever. We had many great times, laughs, dinners, and times together. Mari and I will miss Kay very much.

Our sympathy and love to Barbara.

Diane and Mari
Diane and Mari Harker/Fore
March 31, 2007
Kay was a dear friend since we were ten years old in Brownwood and was like a part of our family. She was always brilliant and fun and she will be missed. Our sympathy to the Longcope family.
Elizabeth Shaw Lowrance
March 31, 2007
I met Kay nearly 20 years ago when we both worked at the Boston Globe. As out lesbian at a mainstream newspaper, Kay was a great inspiration to me, and I wish I'd had the opportunity to tell her how important she was to me during those years. Somehow, though, I think she knew.
Renee Graham
March 31, 2007
Kay was always someone I wanted to know better and admired from afar. I have thought of you both so incredibly often these last weeks because of our tax bond. A reaccuring memory I have of Kay is her driving in her pick-up truck checking out her properties smiling happily....hopefully she still is. We at the taxtrailer are here for you now and later.
Vicki Faust
March 31, 2007
I was so sorry to learn about Kay's passing. I knew Kay during her Boston Globe days and she was really responsible for getting mainstream newspapers to begin writing honestly and truthfully about our community. Although a tenacious reporter, I also remember Kay's infectious laugh, her Southern humor and her sense of fun. Barbara, I'm very sorry for your loss, one that many of us share.
Mary Breslauer
March 31, 2007
I am deeply saddened by the loss of my long time, supportive friend.
Truely one of a kind!
Del Filardi
March 30, 2007
Amy and I just received this notice from a friend in Austin. What an amazing legacy Kay left behind. We are thinking of you and hope to see you in Truro this summer.
Leah Camhi
March 30, 2007
May your hearts soon be filled with wonderful memories of joyful times together as you celebrate a life well-lived.
Mary Gaddy
March 30, 2007
Barbara and family.

Deepest sympathies
Carla Work
March 30, 2007
Kay's smile and sparkling eyes tell the whole story. A gem of a woman with lots of spunk! Thank you for sharing your life with us Kay! Love
Jan Hill
March 30, 2007
Kay was an insprirational mentor and a great light for the community. She will be deeply missed.
Rob Faubion
March 30, 2007
Deepest Sympathy to Barbara, Ted and Nick. So glad to have known Kay. She was very special. I won't forget the good times we all had together.
So Sorry,
Linda Sheets
March 30, 2007
Kay was a journalist's journalist, a reporter's reporter. She had news ink running through her veins.

I remember when a religious right group tried to shut the Texas Triangle down by boycotting its advertisers. She stood her ground, and by the time the boycott ended, advertising in the Texas Triangle had INCREASED 40 percent because Austinites -- gay or straight -- weren't going to put up with intolerance.

Kay, we'll miss you. And Barbara, from the East Coast to the West, you have our sympathies.
David Elliot
March 30, 2007
From a Gay person who enjoyed the Triangle. My deepest sympathy for your family and partner.
L Diane Jackson
March 30, 2007
Kay was THE best. She will be missed in Austin and here on the Cape.
May the sun never set over Cape Cod Bay without thoughts of Kay. Here's to ya', gal! We LOVE ya!"
Joann and Ruth
March 30, 2007
Prayers and condolences for Barbara from everyone at Green Mango. Kay will be missed, and fondly remembered!
The Mangos
March 30, 2007
From an old friend in Brownwood. Many happy memories of growing up together. She was loyal, hard working and dedicated to what she believed in.
Steve Morelock
March 30, 2007
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