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Alexandra L. Valoras, 17

Grafton - Monday March 19, 2018 witnessed the tragic, untimely death of the beautiful Alexandra Lee Valoras. She was a caring daughter, loving sister, and remarkably creative and gifted student. She brought joy into her conversations with her subtle wit and pointed, jovial sarcasm; she was consistently an absolute pleasure to be around. Alexandra was an engineering student at Blackstone Valley Tech where she was loved and esteemed by students and faculty alike. She excelled in all of her studies and extra-curricular activities: her passions were particularly centered around her stellar, nationally recognized work in engineering (SkillsUSA), and her involvement in Vex and First Robotics. She had recently taught herself Javascript and took great pride in coding robots. She also loved reading, her cats, spending time at the beach, and, amazingly, she even found time to volunteer as a group leader at the Grafton Community Barn.

She leaves behind two siblings, Emily and Nicholas, her parents, Dean and Alisya (Deveres) Valoras, her grandparents, Herb and Lee Bartlett and Patricia and Ernie Deveres, as well as many loving aunts, uncles, and cousins all of whom loved her very much and who miss her dearly.

And yet, as happy as she appeared, as supported as those who loved her made her feel, as promising as her life that lay before was, she was also hurting inside more than those who cared for her could see. It is the request of all of those who care for Alexandra that if you notice a loved one seemingly becoming more depressed or even merely change elements of their behaviors in even the smallest ways, that you reach out your tender hand by offering your care while also encouraging those individuals with the truth that there is help that is always available.

All are welcome to gather with Alexandra's family Sunday March 25th from 3pm to 8pm at St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in Shrewsbury. Her funeral service will be Monday March 26th at 11:00am at St. Nicholas Orthodox Church. Burial will be at a later date.

Memorial donations in lieu of flowers may be sent to either St Nicholas Orthodox Church, 34 Gold St. Shrewsbury MA 01545 or The Grafton Community Barn 37 Wheeler Rd, North Grafton , MA 01536. A Book of Memories to share a favorite memory or story about Alexandra is available online at:

Published by Worcester Telegram & Gazette from Mar. 21 to Mar. 22, 2018.
To plant trees in memory, please visit the Sympathy Store.
Memorial Gathering
3:00p.m. - 8:00p.m.
St. Nicholas Orthodox Church
Shrewsbury, MA
Funeral service
St. Nicholas Orthodox Church
Shrewsbury, MA
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I received an email that a new message had been written and I wanted to read it so I came here again and reread them all. I noticed mine from March of 2019 and was stunned at the time that had passed. 2 + years. My update on my son Mitch is positive. He has grown so much in the last 2 years and had a big realization that he does not have to please everyone but live in the goodness of himself. He lives with-just be good. He got the citizenship award and graduated with honors. But, the pressure was off from our talk 2 years ago when we said our only expectation was to do his best. Our oldest son has moved home to be closer to family and I am so glad. Its so important to have that support around you. I again wish I had a magic wand to bring Alexandra back to us, but again I will thank you for sharing your story. Your loss is all of our loss.
Deborah Bryan
June 20, 2021
June 19, 2021
RIP forever up in Heaven a most talented, smart, and beautiful girl now lost ! I understand her most precious friendships left behind are still shattered and her own family is now left heartbroken... this truly is Still into March of 2021 .. I am just like all of you !
Jennifer Frenkil
March 3, 2021
We were incredibly touched by your story. We send our deepest condolences. We sadly are going through a very similar experience having just lost our 17 year-old son. We were completely blindsided. Your sharing of Alex's story is helping us through this difficult time. Thank you. You are in our thoughts also.
February 23, 2021
Alexandra I've heard her name and her story last year. Her name is in my mind. I know I'm late but 'better late than never' because 'she is gone but not forgotten'. She will always be remembered and missed by all. I'm so sorry to her family and I know that feeling they've gone through. I feel related to her diary she wrote, I wrote the same thoughts and feelings as her.
Brianna Bri
February 13, 2021
So sorry for your loss sending prayers for you and your family
Kathy Lounsbury
April 11, 2019
Dear Valoras,

My husband and I saw the CBS Sunday morning piece on Alexandra. Tonight, at our dinner table I played the piece for our sons Joel 14, and Mitch 16. We have 3 sons and their oldest brother Grant is an engineer for Honda. All are straight A students, social and in sports, STUCO, gifted etc. Recently, our middle son expressed feeling pressure and feelings of "not measuring up", he is very similar to your daughter. A friend and he were passing notes to one another and got caught by the teacher and was concerned about some of the notes content. We then found out he had been seeing the school counselor for 6 months. He had perfectionist tendencies. I am a physician and worked with adolescents for 5 years on a locked psychiatric unit before I had children. I and my husband had just spent a week in Florida on family vacation playing sand volleyball, kayaking and having fun. I was surprised that I had no clue that he had those feelings. The counselor never notified us of their meetings. I gathered myself and sat and wrote down everything I wanted to discuss with Mitch before I approached him that night. Bio-Psycho-Social and then "the mother" perspective. We had a very productive talk. I believe he was shocked on how much a parent talk can help. I don't know what would have happened if they hadn't been caught by the teacher. But, I did ask them if they could relate to Alexandra tonight after viewing the piece, and they both said, "Yes".

I wish with all my heart I had a magic wand to bring her back to you, but after experiencing what we have, I would not have had a single sign either. I will always be on guard. My life has been changed by the experience, but I also know I can not watch my kids 24 hours a day either.
Thank you for letting us know Alexandra. The boys had a little attitude at first and then they were very, very quiet. They did not expect to see themselves in her and I love your family for sharing her with us. Take care of yourselves. Again, Thankyou.
Deborah Bryan
March 21, 2019
Dear Mr. & Mrs. Valoras, My condolences for the loss of your daughter, Alexandra. I pray that God will give you comfort, grace and strength in your time of sorrow. May you look to the Lord as He will see you through tragedy and all other difficulty.
Michael Kielbon
March 19, 2019
I saw the piece about Alexandra, on CBS this morning. It reminded me so much of my granddaughter. She attempted suicide two years ago. She survived, but it has shaken us all to the core. She had been so much like Alexandra...So brilliant and loving, yet never letting anyone know of her psychological pain. She was hurting so in her heart and soul, yet seemed so happy-go-lucky all the time. I pray Alexandra's story will open eyes and hearts and save many precious lives. God bless and keep you all.
Opa Ohoyo
March 17, 2019
I just watched your story on CBS Sunday Morning- I am so deeply sorry for your loss. As the mother of 2 teenagers I appreciate your bravery in sharing your story to help others.. May she rest in peace and may you all find Peace as you move forward knowing that you will be helping countless others.
March 17, 2019
Thank you for sharing Alexandra's beautiful life on Sunday morning today! As a parent of 2 and grandfather of 3, my heart goes out to the Valeros family!
Kevin Matthews
March 17, 2019
I just watched your sweet daughters
Segment on Sunday Morning...
So sad,so sad.I hope her death saves others.
Nan Derby
March 17, 2019
I just watched Alexandras story on YouTube and I am deeply sorry for your loss. As a person who struggles with Depression and having to lead a normal life I understand her struggles completely. She seemed to be a loving child and caring. I hope her story will inspire others to talk to their children and make sure things are well. Again I am very sorry for your loss :(
Bobbi Munsey
March 11, 2019
I found Alexandra's story on you tube today. I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am for your loss and I prayed for you today.
Coleen Saylor
December 22, 2018
I am so very sorry for the loss of your beautiful daughter. I am an adult who has battled depression for 18 years. I tried to overdose but luckily was not successful. I am writing to tell you that reading about Alexandra has changed me. I didn't know that girls like her existed. I didn't know that such a successful, beautiful and promising girl could hate herself. She and your family were so happy. No one could have known what was going on inside Alexandra; she was too good at hiding it. Please don't blame anyone especially yourselves.
I am going to share your story at my next group counselling session and hopefully each person in my group will share it and so on exponentially...
Alex did not die in vain. She will help countless people and families from going through what you did. I wish
you well.


November 13, 2018
I logged into my computer to do what most do; work, study, read. Your daughter's story captured my attention because it shows how devastating it is to lose someone you love; and I thank you for sharing it, for I am a daughter, a friend, and a sibling. I can't imagine how that felt for you and your family, and how it has felt since then, but I promise I will carry your message to others, for your daughter used the one method I had always enjoyed- writing - to communicate her thoughts and feelings. When I pick up my pen again, I will use it as a flashlight to help others - a soul somewhere in this world needs it. Thank you.
S. Lynne
September 28, 2018
I just found your story on the internet and I want to offer my condolences. My nephew committed suicide 6 yrs ago at the age of 18 so I understand all the feelings you're going through. We will never understand why or how he could have done this but we keep his spirit alive by doing things in his honor. There is a walk, Out of the Darkness, that is for trying to prevent suicides is you would be interested in that.
September 28, 2018
Dear Valoras Family,

I am writing this message in the hopes that it may provide some level of comfort during this extremely difficult time. I saw the video of Alexandra's story on the CBS evening news, and I was moved. She was a beautiful, talented, and brilliant child, who this world will surely miss. Thank you, for sharing her story.

On September 19, 1993, I lost my brother, Kevin C Lawson, to suicide. He was a senior at DePaul University, and he seemingly had his whole life in front of him. The irony is that he had just been home to celebrate my birthday, and I was planning to see him in a week to watch Nolan Ryan pitch against the White Sox. In short, my family had no idea he was struggling with this darkness. There were no journals, no conversations, no notes left behind. Friends, work associates, class mates, and family members were all completely caught off guard by this tragic event.

This happened 25 years ago, and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about him. I loved my brother, but it pales in comparison to the love my parents had for him, and, consequently, the sense of loss they have endured.

I know when I was in the depths of my own grief, it was helpful for me to know I wasn't alone. In my opinion, suicide has its own ramifications for those left behind, and it's difficult for others to understand, unless they are also survivors of suicide.

Survivor is the operative word here. Suicide is not a new problem. It has robbed the world of many beautiful, bright and loving individuals, and it can decimate the lives of those left behind. Unfortunately, despite its devastation, it is a topic for which there is little discussion, thus few survivors know there is a path to happiness and hope, once again.

I am a survivor, and I am writing this message to you to give you hope, that despite the depths of depression your grief may lead you, there is a path to the other side of the valley. Keep putting one foot in front of the other. Keep taking each day, one day at a time. Keep shining a light on this horrible scourge in our society. There are millions of survivors, like yourselves, who are praying for you , crying with you, and are willing to help carry you during your journey.

My deepest and most sincerest sympathy,

Jarrod Lawson
Jarrod Lawson
September 28, 2018
Dear Valoras Family,
I was so sad to read the article today in the Globe about your wonderful daughter and sister Alexandra. It was so brave of you to share this in order to help others who are suffering alone. I am lucky as my daughter shared her deep despair and struggle with me in middle school. She is now 22 and still suffering. Your courage and strength will help others to have hope and get the help they need. I will keep you all in my prayers. Kati Anderson
Kati Anderson
June 24, 2018
Steven Meacham
April 23, 2018
I didn't know your daughter but I'm so, sincerely, sorry for your loss. She seems like she was such a beautiful person. With my deepest sympathy and condolences. Cathy Dell'Erba, Shrewsbury.
March 25, 2018
Our most sincere condolences on the great loss of your beloved daughter Alexandra..Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this very sad time.
Joan & Jim Christo
Hutchinson Island, FL
March 25, 2018
My thoughts and prayers go out to Dean, Alisya, Emily and Nicholas at this very difficult time.
May God bless you all and give you strength.
I am so sorry for your loss, even though I never met Alexandra I know she was a beautiful and very talented young woman. I remember Dean from childhood, and if she was anything like him she must have been an angel.
Joseph Axford
March 24, 2018
So very sorry for your loss. May you find comfort in the days, weeks, and months to come. A friend.
March 24, 2018
Heartbreaking. To the Parents, Siblings, Family and Friends of Alexandra. I am so very sorry and saddened for you to read about the tragic passing of your loved one. My heartfelt condolences on your tremendous loss. Matthew 5:4
Jane ~ someone who cares
March 23, 2018
We are so sorry for the loss of your beautiful daughter Alexandra. Although my daughter didn't know her well, she enjoyed working with her in Spanish class last year. She said Alexandra was always so friendly, vibrant & enthusiastic, especially when talking about her work with Robotics & engineering class. We are praying for your family ~ BVT Class of 2019 Mom
March 23, 2018
Everything about your daughter sounds beautiful, inside and out. I am so very sorry for your loss. And thank you for bringing depression to the forefront. There is still not enough help out there. You will stay in my prayers.
March 22, 2018
While words can not help you during this difficult time, please know that people are praying for you and your family. May the warmth of family and friendship get you through this time.
March 22, 2018
My deepest sympathies to your family. I cant begin to imagine the pain and loss that you are feeling. My daughter swam with Alexandra on Crimson and though we did not know her well, clearly she was a lovely young lady who will be tremendously missed. My heart goes out to you and my thoughts and prayers are with you all. Peace be with you.
A Grafton Mom
March 22, 2018
Deepest sympathies to the Valoras family and to everyone who was blessed having known Alex.
March 22, 2018
Dear Valoras family, I am deeply sorry for your loss. I am a BVT Alumni and even though I did not personally know Alexandra, she was part of a loving community and was very bright. I send my deepest condolences and hope your family finds peace in this time of sorrow. May God bless your family and Alexandra.
A BVT Alumni Class of 2016
March 22, 2018
Our sincerest and heartfelt Sympathy
Class of 2019 Family
March 22, 2018
May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow.
March 22, 2018
There aren't appropriate words to write to express the sadness I feel at the loss of this obviously beautiful and gifted young lady. I have never met her or her family, but she has touched me deeply. I am so very sorry for your loss and will continue to pray for Alexandra and her family.
An Uxbridge Mom
March 22, 2018
Dear Alisya, Dean, Emily and Nicholas... I was absolutely stunned and saddened by this news :( Please accept my deepest, most heartfelt condolences for your loss. Alexandra and you all are in my prayers.
John Manning Jr
March 22, 2018
Sorry for your loss you have my condolences. May God be with you all for comfort because he cares: 1 Peter 5:6&7
March 22, 2018
May God grant Alexandra Eternal Peace, may he give you comfort during this tragic time. You all now have a special guardian angel watching over you. She'll be that bright and shining star in the evening sky shining down on you. Thank you for sharing this beautiful tribute of her. Prayers that it'll help other children with trying days and times.
Grafton grandmother
March 22, 2018
My deepest sympathy to the family. May the God of comfort grant you strength during this difficult time.
March 22, 2018
All of us at BVT are so desperately sorry for your loss. Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers and we stand ready for any support we might provide. Alex was as good a student as any teacher could ever hope for. Simply a pleasure to know and to have in class. We all miss her.
Ray Lehner
March 22, 2018
Such a beautiful and talented young woman.
Thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends.
March 21, 2018
Such a beautiful and talented young woman.
Thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends.
March 21, 2018
I have no words to truly express how sorry I am for the loss of your beautiful and talented daughter and sister. Her lasting impression and memory will forever be in the hearts of her classmates. My prayers are with the family in hopes that your loving memories will bring you comfort, peace and strength.
BVT Class of 2019 Mom
March 21, 2018
May her spirit live on forever in the memories you hold in your heart.
My deepest sympathies - A North Grafton Mom
March 21, 2018
My heart aches for your families loss of your beautiful child . You could tell how she was loved , such a beautiful tribute . May God hold her in the palm of his hand and bring her the peace and happiness she so deserves . To her loved ones may you find the strength and understanding in the road ahead. So sorry .
A grandmother
March 21, 2018
Dear Dean, Alisya, Emily and Nicholas ... there aren't enough words to adequately express our deepest of sorrows and sympathies to all of you during this most devastating time. Please know that we are praying for all of you and have been sending a steady stream of love up to Heaven for Alex. While we don't see you often, please know that we love you here in Hopkinton. With tremendous sympathy, Christine, Glenn, Riley, Madeline & Kelly Strickland
Christine Strickland
March 21, 2018
Dear Volaras family,
I am so heartbroken for you. Your beautiful Alexandra clearly touched so many lives, and it is so devastating that she is gone. Praying for you alll.
~ A Bellingham Mom
March 21, 2018
My heart aches for Alex and all her family and friends.

A BVT grandmother
March 21, 2018
My sincere condolences on the loss of your gifted and talented daughter, sister, grandchild and friend. I am praying for her and for everyone who loved her. Thank you for your honest beautifully written tribute to a lovely girl who is gone too soon. Godspeed.

A BVT Mom, Class of 2019
March 21, 2018
My heart is breaking for your family.
A Mom
March 21, 2018
My deepest condolences on the untimely passing of your beautiful, accomplished daughter and sister. My heart breaks for you and for her; you will be in my prayers in the days ahead.
March 21, 2018
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