Hazel Haley
Hazel Haley, the Lakeland High School English teacher thought to have been the longest-serving teacher in the country, died at her home Monday, friends said. She was 91. Haley retired in May 2006 after a 69-year career as an English teacher, 67 of those at Lakeland High.

It was the longest tenure for a Florida teacher.

Harold A. 'Streamline' Sale, a student of Haley's in the 1940s, went to Haley's home Monday afternoon and found her.

"We lost a very good friend today," Sale said. "Lakeland will miss her. Education will miss her."

Superintendent Gail McKinzie said Haley not only meant a lot to Polk County schools but to the whole community.

"She had such an influence on so many people who are now adults," McKinzie said. "It's a real loss to all of us."

McKinzie talked about how Haley continued to volunteer and attend Lakeland football games after retirement.

Published by The Ledger from Apr. 8 to May 7, 2008.
No memorial events are currently scheduled.
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I miss you so much Miss Haley. You had such an impact on my life, and I will be forever grateful. I am sure that you are a shining star in heaven and teaching everyone how to not be "TACKY" as you always used to advise your children in the classroom haha.
Love you ~ Ronnie Wilson Class of 1987
Ronnie Wilson
April 28, 2021
My sincere condolences to the family of Ms. Hazel Haley and close friends. I to have loss loved one's, so I understand some of your pain that you are feeling. May it do the same for you.-2 Kings 20:5. Says I heard your Prayers, I saw your tears, I will heal you. I hope that you're comforted knowing that a stranger will have you and your family in their Prayers tonite.
October 4, 2015
Jesus was also a wonderful teacher and touched so many lives. Although dear Ms. Haley may be gone from this earth presently, we must understand that we all can have a hope of seeing our loved ones again. In John 17:3 states, 'So that we all can have everlasting life, we must learn to know God and the one whom he sent Jesus Christ'
Johanne M
October 2, 2015
I had Ms. Hazel Hailey for English IV Honors, and she made quite the impression on me. I was probably one of her only third generation students, since she taught my mother and my grandmother. I went on to graduate from the English and Creative Writing Program at Florida State University, and I am now enrolled in a Masters in Education for Adolescent English at City University of New York. I plan to follow in her footsteps and teach high school English, as well as write several books. She was a superb teacher, and she will be sorely missed by her students.

Clay Peterson

Class of 2003
Forrest Clay Peterson
October 12, 2014
hi my name is haley to owe and one more thing I would love to meet you.
haley berter
September 12, 2014
Hello: To the family of Mrs. HALEY: My thoughts goes out to the family at this difficult time in their lives. Let GOD help this family find peace and comfort through the bible scripture. Eccl. 9:5.

Ms. Perkins.
December 10, 2010
I first met Ms. Haley when I went to her class once for a tutoring session. Little did I know she would one day be my English teacher. Ms. Haley was the best. In a classroom full of kids, she made you feel like you were her only student. Ms. Haley was one of a kind and although she was small in stature, she had a huge heart made of gold.

Class of 2003
Malinda McCall
December 8, 2010
Please accept my deepest condolonces. It is so good that Ms. Haley had the oportunity to live to that age of 96 because the scriptures say that our days are 70 and if by special mightiness they are 80. (Psalm 90:10) I am sure that you have so many fond memories that will comfort you and bring you joy and love that you had for her.
September 17, 2010
I remember Ms. Haley from my senior English class in 1958. I was very surprised to hear that she was still teaching there 45 years later. She will be missed by generations of LHS graduates.
R. Dale Shipp
March 23, 2010
I had the privilege of having Ms. Haley for AP English and she was a wonderful, sweet, kind heart lady. Since, I just arrived from Cuba; she always help me in a sweet spoken voice. She welcome every morning and greeted each student as they entered her classroom everyday. She had a different method of teaching allowing her students to engage in discussions with one another as well as with her. She had a positive outlook on life and always wanted the best for her students. She treated everyone as her children. We were your children Ms. Haley, we loved you dearly just as much as you loved us. Enjoy heaven with our father, we will all meet again some day. Rest in Peace!
Jose Pedraza
October 29, 2009
I had the privilege of having Ms. Haley and she was a wonderful, sweet, kind hearted lady. My locker was in the wing where her classroom was and she spoke to all the students every morning and greeted each student as they entered her classroom everyday. She had a different method of teaching allowing her students to engage in discussions with one another as well as with her. She had a positive outlook on life and always wanted the best for her students. She treated everyone as her children. We were your children Ms. Haley, we loved you dearly just as much as you loved us. Enjoy heaven with our father, we will all meet again some day. Rest in Peace!

LHS Class of 2003
Florida A&M University Class of 2007 & 2008
LaToya Sheals
June 2, 2009
Only found out today by accident. A wonderful, warm-hearted woman who made my year teaching at Lakeland 1999-2000 a lot brighter. Few people can ever have touched so many lives....
Keith Wright
April 4, 2009
Ms Haley!! How are you? Because of you, I rarely use the word "mad". Instead, I use "disappointed" when something goes bad. I miss you and thank you for teaching me and my big sister.

You are an angel here and up there. I won't be surprised if you ended up teaching other kids who are in heaven with you right now.

God Bless You!!!
Indira Theovani
March 13, 2009
I had the honor of becoming a "bud" of Ms. Hazel on a trip to northern Spain in 2007.
What a joy she was. I am most grateful our paths crossed in life.
Jeannine Hampton
December 22, 2008
Mrs. Haley was a blessing to us all!
Mia Thames
November 19, 2008
I had Miss Haley my senior year, class of 1987. I always kept in touch with her and had the honor of seeing her last October at my 20 year reunion. We sat in her living room for over 2 hours and discussed EVERYTHING !! She touched my life in a way I can't explain. I am blessed to have known this angel. She will be forever in my heart :o)
Ronnie Wilson
September 18, 2008
c/o 87
Eddie Spinks
May 5, 2008
I will always remember how this lady loved Shakespeare. Now,I can truly say that I will try to pass this love of amazing literature onto my children because of what she taught me. Thank you. God bless! LHS '81
Sheri Smith (Davis)
May 5, 2008
I was the fifth of five children in my family to have the pleasure of Miss Haley's company and wit. She never compared us to each other, unlike other teachers, instead she taught us as individuals. My parents became good friends with Miss Haley in the 70's. In fact, I always thought they were conjuring ways to torment my brother and I with the proper use of the English language. It worked, whatever they conspired in, none of us care for "street talk lingo" or "gutter" talk. The use of distasteful four letter words were removed from our vocabularies and replaced with much more appropriate words.

I thank Miss Haley for instilling in me the guidelines for raising children. Though she had none of her own, she was "Mother" to thousands. I wanted to take her with me when I graduated, but she asked me if I wanted to deprive the next generation of her knowledge. She is missed.
Jeanette Miller
May 5, 2008
You were a fabulous lady who will truly be missed. God bless you.
LHS class of 1979
Angela Kistner Groshans
May 2, 2008
You are amazing and will be missed! You were an inspiration to the whole city of Lakeland.
Lindsay Pieniak
May 1, 2008
Wouldn't it have been great if Miss Haley could have read all these tributes? They are like flowers that we never send our loved ones while they are still alive!
Liz, class of 1955
Elizabeth Bennett
April 30, 2008
Hazel Haley was a great teacher!! She had great passion for teaching, and she loved all of her children. I am glad that I had a chance to experience her great english class! We will always remember you, as you have placed yourself in our hearts. We love you and we miss you!
Kimberly DeFilippo
April 28, 2008
Wonderful Memories of a Wonderful Teacher !
Class if 56 Sandy Johnston
April 27, 2008
WOW! Wonderful Outstanding Woman! Ms. Haley was truly an Angel on earth. It is rare that you meet someone who inspires and touch so many lives. You will be truly missed by many. RIP Ms. Haley.
Valerie Rush 1988
April 26, 2008
Ms. Haley was by far the most memorable teacher I had. Her Honors English class was such a blessing to me. She certainly has left a legacy in her students. Class of 1974.
Cheryl Peck
April 25, 2008
Ms Haley I remember seeing you always smiling at school and I at the time thought that teacher is a happy lady. I thought her class must be a riot, full of energy! Amazing at the dedication of your professionalism. I am proud to be part of the school you taught at thank you for making lakeland nulli secondus!!!! GOD BLESS THIS FAMILY. class of 1981
Michael Pittard
April 24, 2008
collin uvanni
April 23, 2008
Mrs. Haley you will be missed by all, Your smile and your loving words Family stay strong I know you love her but God loves her best. Mrs. M. Foster class of 1992
mary foster
April 23, 2008
When you have a teacher who prepares you to succeed in college and the future, you have had one of the very best. She was one of the very best teachers for so many students. Class of 1957.
Suzanne Davis
April 22, 2008
It was wonderful to be inspired by Hazel Haley, she was a jewel to experience.
Class of 1975- Marion
Class of 1978-Brenda
Marion Relefourd-Brenda Gardner Relefourd
April 22, 2008
My dear, sweet Ms. Haley. I've followed news of you through the years since I was fortunate to be one of your Class of 1957 "children" and cherished the times I was able to see you when I returned home for LHS class reunions. My parents were fond of you, and I felt like I was special to you (but that was the way you treated us all!) I read the wonderful writeup on you in the Lakeland Magazine online and copied and saved it all. My family and I also watched, with pride, the stories about you on TV. Now I just learned that you have gone home to be with our Lord in Heaven and I know you will be joyfully met by many loved ones there. Ms. Haley, upon reading notes from other "children", in the Lakeland Magazine, I realized what led me on the path to my career. Your honors English class increased and polished off my knowledge of grammer and writing ability, which was also enhanced by our studies of literature. Ms Virginia Davis, then taught me the basics of journalism in her class and also on The Bagpipe, our high school newspaper. Following graduation, I went on to work at the Lakeland Ledger as 1 of 3 Proofreaders for a couple of years, then on into advertising before moving away. After almost 20 years, I retired from The Sebring News-Sun (a New York Times Florida chain newspaper), where I also performed numerous functions and positions. I especially loved writing a weekly society column and as the assistant society editor, covering stories and writing many articles and photography. I still plan to write a book(s) one day! I wanted to tell you this the next time I saw you - so now you know and I THANK YOU SO MUCH! I will miss you and always hold you in my heart. Ann (Brooks/Davis) Carter
Ann (Brooks/Davis) Carter
April 22, 2008
She taught me to write in 1964. I still remember the A she gave me for "My favorite things". And she picked me to be in the senior class play,, an unforgettable experience.
Alma Dell Smith
April 21, 2008
Dear Family:
I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved, inspiring family member. To be a teacher for so long, took alot of heart. I just wanted to share a comforting thought with you from the Bible. At Revelation 21:4,"He will wipe out every tear from their eyes and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away." Isn't that encouraging? Jehovah God has promised that he will take away all death, tears, pain, suffering. This will all only by means of God's Kingdom in which we pray for in the Lord's prayer as found at Matthew 6:9,10. With death being done away with Jehovah God will make the provision of a resurrection, therefore giving you the prospect of seeing your loved once again in a Paradise earth. Once more I am so sorry for your loss.

Nancy Cromwell
April 21, 2008
Rare is the person who touches so many lives and makes them better. We will miss you so much but will always have and cherish what we learned from you about the joy of life. Thank you for making me one of your "children".
Jimmy Jackson (Class of 1977)
April 21, 2008
God bless a great teacher and a friend when you needed advice.
John Rumph Class of '51
April 20, 2008
Dear Ms Haley,
You are such a treasure and will be greatly missed, but we all will have our fond memories of the times and lessons in LHS and your English Classes. You changed my life with your wisdom and caring and I so love you for it. Rest in Peace.
Dorothy (Gay) Rouse class of 1951
Dorothy Rouse
April 19, 2008
We are so sorry for the loss of Ms. Haley. May there be comfort in the loving memories of her.
(John 5:28,29)
April 19, 2008
Here is a photo my father, Rex Toothman, treasures. It was taken in October, 1947. The occasion was a parade through downtown Lakeland for Fire Prevention Week sponsored by the Lakeland Junior Chamber of Commerce. My father chaired the event for the Jaycees and persuaded Hazel to drive in the parade behind the wheel of an antique fire truck that once served the city. That's my Dad at 25, standing at the back of the truck. He and Hazel were teaching together then. Check Hazel out with her her long, red hair!
Mary Toothman
April 19, 2008
A great Lady we will all miss.

Dawn Stokes class 0f '68
Dawn Flynn
April 18, 2008
Miss Haley showed me that teaching could be a rich, rewarding, and joyous way of living. I attribute my decision to become a teacher to her influence. She instilled a love of learning in me. I hope that in a small way, I can be a positive influence in my students' lives. The legacy Miss Haley left behind will reach far beyond the scope of her own classroom. What an incredible woman! Thank you for giving it your best.
Cyndi (Holmes) Fitcher '82
April 17, 2008
great teacher , and will be missed by all of us.
Class 1982
Timi Benton
April 17, 2008
Miss Haley had a huge impact on my life and is one of the best (and probably the most memorable) teachers I had. I will always be one of her children.

Jeff Strouse Class of 1988
Jeff Strouse
April 17, 2008
I had the pleasure of being a teacher at LHS with Miss Haley. She was such an inspiration to both the faculty and the student body. Lakeland will not be the same without her. I don't know of another person that impacted so many lives like she did. I only pray my former students and players feel the same about me as hers did about her. What a legacy she leaves behind!
Carla Blount Hood
April 17, 2008
Even though it was her last breath on earth, it was her first breath in Heaven. May the Good Lord comfort you and grant you peace.

Karen Robbins-Tran
LHS Class of 81
Lam Tran
LHS Class of 77
Karen Robbins-Tran
April 17, 2008
I have such fond memories of Creative Writing class (class of 1974)with Miss Haley. She will be missed by all who knew her.
Veronica (Wilbanks) Mabry
April 17, 2008
Hazel, we never got to meet, but you mentored your neice quite well.
I can't think of stronger, resourceful women then Mary Sr., Mary Jr. and all the stories about Hazel. You have left big shoes to fill.
However, Mary can do the job!
Ann Newmann
April 17, 2008
Miss Haley,
You were a wonderful teacher and I always enjoyed going to your class.
You will surely be missed....thanks for your own brand of education

class if 1960
Gigi Mora ( Gorman)
April 17, 2008
I am so glad that I was able to be one of your many children.
Thank you for all your love and widsom.
Holly (Carrell) Yeager - LHS c/o 97
April 17, 2008
April 17, 2008
April 17, 2008
God's speed Miss Haley. You were dearly loved and will be missed by us all. You were so precious to all who knew you. I am grateful to have been in her class. And, I also enjoyed talking to her at my son's baseball games for LHS 2000-2004. We should all adopt her philosophy on kids. They are special and need us to tell them so.
Kathi Mathis (Clark)
April 17, 2008
Peter Sciortino
April 16, 2008
Hazel Haley was an inspiration to all of us. How fortunate Lakeland Senior High was to have this wonderful lady to guide our way. She will be in my prayers.
Mary Ann Mershon
Class of '53
Mary Ann Mershon
April 16, 2008
c/o 1983
Darlene Meyer-Drinkard
April 16, 2008
c/o 1983
Darlene Meyer-Drinkard
April 16, 2008
April 16, 2008
April 16, 2008
I've never met Hazel, but I have heard and read a lot about her. She was an amazing woman & an inspiration to us all.
Steffy Skelley
April 16, 2008
I never met Mrs. Hazel Haley, but I think that she gave all her time and love to all her students and family. I just know that we lost a special person in this world that we are all going to miss her alot, but remember that god has her in his arms and giving her alot of love from all of us here, someone so kinds and special will never be forgotten. god bless every one and my prayers are with you.
April 16, 2008
You taught me while I was in high school and I will always miss you
Tracey Barnes
April 16, 2008
Thank you for you undying devotion to your students, I count myself lucky to be among them. You were truly an amazing person and will be greatly missed in many hearts. I look forward to the day when I can finally travel to England and see all the wonderful things that you were able to experience and taught us about in your wonderful classroom.
Blair Hebner (Class of 2005)
April 16, 2008
Dear Hazel,
Discovering the comet of language in your universe made my sky infinitely worth watching. That streak of gobble and taste in your English IV class long ago has enlarged my universe and I am a comet watcher. I learned passion and the itch of poetry from your careful choices. You taught me to touch all the best words and shine them with care in my search to own flying, tasting, and savoring rarified skies. For you, the lesson was vital, fully winged and necessary to prepare us all for that plunge into the power of humanity. You helped teach me to practice my daily ethics. Your patience with all of us inspired me to become a teacher also. For that one kindness, I am eternally grateful and remember you each time I teach the Mighty Shakespeare. One profound discovery came later-- my own son was lucky enough to also have you as a teacher and he adored you. To hear him expound on your graces was a rediscovery of all the wonders I had not forgotten, but needed to dust. For the gift of wings and comet madness, we thank you for your gift of gab and your grace of wit. Thank you, darling Hazel. I will always love you for calling me "dear child" even when I thought I was old. Thank you.
Katherine Langford
April 15, 2008
I send you and your family our thoughts and prayers. I thank you for sharing such a great person with so many students over all those years. Never once did Mrs. Haley ever act like she was there for any other reason than that she loved teaching. If we all could share that kind of devotion and love with one tenth the people that she touched. Thank you, Thank you. We are all blessed to have known you.
Jeff (Class of 79) Mathis
April 15, 2008
As a parent of two of your students, I'd like to express my appreciation for the positive influence you had in their lives. Ms. Haley, my most heartfelt 'thank you'.
Mig Su
April 15, 2008
Ms. Haley spoke at my daughter's graduation from Florida Southern College, and I will tell you that the students and guests were talking about her for days, in fact my 89 year old father still talks about what a great speech.
This is obviously one of the most dedicated teachers and I know she will be truly missed.
Charlene Hypes
April 15, 2008
My sympathy to the family
James Smiley (class of 1954) Bush
April 15, 2008
Mrs. Haley, You were an inspiration to so very many students as well as teachers. Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher and friend during the time that I spent at Lakeland High School. Andrew (Jack) Crew
Andrew J (Jack) Crew
April 15, 2008
You blessed me in more ways than you know. You spoke at College graduation (FSC DEC 2001), and you were awesome!!! I only wished I could have been one of your highschool students. You will be missed. Know that you are loved.
April Thompson
April 15, 2008
Didn't know Ms. Haley, but I am so overwhelmed by how many people she touched during her lifetime. From the entries left here, you did your job very well! RIP.
A. Trojack
April 15, 2008
Miss Haley, I refer to you so often and to the impact you made on me. You truly were an inspiration and a wonderful motivator. We were blessed to have you.
Jennifer Dugan (Brown) Class of '95
April 15, 2008
Gone...but never forgotten. You will always live in the hearts and minds of everyone you have touched.
Pamela Yeomans
April 15, 2008
I do not know where to begin with this entry. I was a '99 graduate of LHS and I had my first experience with Ms. Haley when I was in the Tenth Grade. I was naive then and did not know that it was Ms. Haley who stopped me one morning and asked, "Child, could you please help me with the thermostat control?" Little did I know that two years later I would wind up as one of Ms. Haley's "Darlings."

She never menced words to my class; always told us how things were and that we were very much important to not only herself, but to our own self. I found myself one day in AP Chem and I was summoned via intercom to her room and I was shocked to enter her room and she had the biggest look of disappointment on her face. She had recently graded one of my papers and gave it a failing grade. She spoke with me, never a discouraging word, and gave me a second chance. Before I knew it, I was determined to not let her down because she had faith in me. She had faith in all of her children.

I never had a chance to tell Ms. Haley how much I did appreciate her and how sorely she will be missed. I do know that her legacy will live on through all of us. God speed Ms. Haley.
Ryan Foreback
April 15, 2008
Hazel Haley...YOU "INSPIRE" ME
Mary Tiffany Gullage
April 15, 2008
This is so sweet. I hope the family is doing all right. My BEST wishes.
Hannah H
April 15, 2008
I was born and raised in Lakeland and was one of five children. I think I'm the only one who didn't have Miss Haley for a teacher; however, I do have something I would like to share with those who knew and loved her.

My father (Deane Hart) went to high school with Miss Haley in 1932 and I was able to locate this darling picture!

Most certainly a life well lived!
Susan (Hart) Dampier
April 15, 2008
It has been a lovely journey this past week to be reminded of the "jewels of wisdom" passed from Hazel Haley to all her "Dears". I have revisited memories thought forgotten of praise for speeches given, trust as I wrote dreams in my journal and grammar made understandable. Knowing Miss Haley in my adult years was a blessing. She continued to encourage and praise. Ever witty, ever genuine she issued mores lessons learned by action than word. I am pleased to include the life of Hazel Haley in my life narrative. Thank you Miss Haley - Enjoy Paradise.

A jewel among the coal was tossed.
It sparkled bright and pink.

Picked up by many,
some carried, some lost, caused others to ponder and think.

It's brightness now set in a paradise found is lost to the coal now that is scattered.

But "my dears" jewels from coal in diamonds have formed from care of the pink jewel.

We mattered.

Ginger (Miller) Whittington
Class of 1977
Ginger Whittington
April 15, 2008
Thanks for a job well done! You were a great encouragement to all the writers and scholars. No angles for you! We loved you presence.
Edie Smith Gabbard
April 15, 2008
We are Spiritual Beings on a Human Journey! Miss Haley your journey on earth is now over, but your spirit and memories will remain in the hearts of others forever!
Jaudon Thomas Cline (Class of 1966)
Jaudon Cline
April 15, 2008
Class of 01
Kimberly Piper
April 15, 2008
Miss Haley influenced my life in so many ways. She taught us LIFE--not just English. I'm so glad I kept in touch with her with Christmas cards for 51 years--just to let her know how her many little lessons made me into a better person and responsible and educated adult. Thank you, Hazel
Patsy Bevis (Lieb)
April 15, 2008
The Alpha and Omega of LHS English teachers. Miss Haley is missed by us while she is home with God.

Class of '52
Edwin Wooten
April 15, 2008
You will be greatly missed
Warren and Margaret Fraser
April 15, 2008
I never knew Ms. Haley, but from what I have heard about her, I wish I had. She sounds like a wonderful teacher who loved to be with her students. I wish I could have had her as one of my teachers in the future. But, she rests in peace now and I bet she is now teaching in heaven. She has found a better job up there, teaching people who have died that still want to learn. She is a great person whom everyone loves and maybe one day, we will all see her in heaven and she can teach me there.
Megan S
April 15, 2008
This wonderful woman will truly be missed. Class of 94
Brenda Holt
April 15, 2008
I am very sadden by the lost of a very special angle, she has gone to be with the Lord and the rest of the angles you will be very missed.
Joyce Smith
April 15, 2008
Although life will go on without you, there will never be a moment in my life that I can not reach back and think of you. We were just talking about you the day we found out about your death. You will be greatly missed. We love you Miss Haley
Courtney Patach
April 15, 2008
April 15, 2008
I will mis you dearly mis haley but as you always said we shoudn't say that u are gone to a better place I will just say tha u have took a long eternal vacation.
Demetrius Cox
April 15, 2008
Thank you for your years of service, dedication and your great advice. You will be missed.

Class of 1994
James Paramore II
April 15, 2008
What a privilege to read all the tribures to Hazel Haley. She was one of a kind and will be sorely missed. I remember seeing her the last time I was in Lakeland. She was on her way home from church and we stopped the car and talked to her in front of the little convenience store across from the
Library It was an honor to get to talk to her again. She was one of a kind and we will never forget her!!!
Lakeland will miss this 'great ladyl'!!
Sue (Amos) Parham
April 15, 2008
Hazel Haley was an exceptional teacher and Friend. She, loved to come to Dreadnaught football games. I always kept 2 seats in the press box for her, if there was bad weather. A great lady whose soul will live on, in others! Good Bye!!
LHS c/o 1984
Paul Hallier
April 15, 2008
Although I did not know Ms Haley, our son was one of the many students whom she taught and we remember the fond stories he brought home to us about her. God is most certainly receiving a angel to her mansion with him.
Rick & Brenda Moser Sr
April 15, 2008
Ms. Haley was my teacher for two fabulous years. She was a huge part of my highschool years. Since I graduated in 1992, I went into teaching myself, and I hope that I am half the teacher to my students, that she was to me.
Shannon Dodd - Moats
April 15, 2008
She was unforgetable. She has inspired so many that her legacy will live on. (c/o '93)
Dominga Weicht (Wilson)
April 15, 2008
Hazel Haley had a strict policy of no food in her class. But having her for 1st period was hard without food, so Ben Rainey and I always cleaned up our mess...she never said anything as she knew there were two of her favorite doughnuts under a sheet of paper on her desk.
A wonderful TEACHER...who has now made it HOME!!!!
"84" Rules
Gary Deitemeyer
April 15, 2008
1966...LHS...my memories are as clear as if they were yesterday, I'm sitting in the desk type chair, Ms. Haley is on her stool saying "Ladies and gentlemen....
My fondest memory of Ms. Haley was as an adult when I worked beside her at the Junior League Thrift Sale as a "bagger." She would call out the price of an item and hand me 3-4 items to place in the bag before calling out another price. Each time she winked at me and smiled. When our shift was over and we were leaving she put her arm around me and whispered,"Dahling...God will forgive you!" Ms. Haley, I am one of those children who grew up to be a teacher, most of my years with Polk County Schools. You touched each of us, regardless of the career paths we took, but I pray that we will touch at least one person as you did us. I still write Thank you notes within two weeks and I promise, I am a Southern Lady, too!
Sandi(Green) Opalinski (Class of 66)
April 15, 2008
She was a gift from GOD.
M.Barry Stidham
April 15, 2008
Miss Haley is the sole reason why i am in the entertainment business..having trouble expressing my thoughts during an oral book report, i decide to 'act' out the book..thus sending me on my way..from disney to stand up comedy..i have done it all...currently on tour with The Mahoney Brothers whom i have been with since 2000...www.jayswanson.com..thank you miss haley for your guidance...i'm sure you'll make all the following angels wipe their feet...
jay swanson
April 14, 2008
She was an inspiration to me! I am so glad I got to hear her speak my senior year of high school. Teachers like her and others that I have had over the years helped me choose my decision to be an elementary education major now. Thank you Ms. Haley!
Melissa Bryan
April 14, 2008