David M. Larabee
David M. Larabee, age 41, of Monclova, OH, died Friday, September 2, 2005, at Medical College of Toledo after a bicycle accident. He was born November 19, 1963, in Cleveland, OH, to Richard Larabee and Ruth (Ulm) Larabee.
Dave taught physics and mathematics at Ottawa Hills High School for the past 15 years. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in 1986 from BGSU, Secondary Education Certification in 1989 from BGSU, Master of Education in 1993 from UT, and Master of Science in Mathematics from UT in 1997. Before teaching at Ottawa Hills, he taught at UT, St. Frances High School, Rogers High School, and BGSU. Dave loved teaching, receiving many awards and publishing many articles during his career.
He was a member of the American Association of Physics Teachers, the Ohio Association of Physics Teachers, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the National Education Association, and Treasurer of Ottawa Hills Education Association. He cofounded The Local Group (a Toledo area physics group) and served as contest director for the Greater Toledo Council of Teachers of Mathematics.
Dave is survived by his life mate, Roy E. Williamson; his parents, Richard (Kathy) Larabee and Ruth (Ed Onsel) Larabee; his brother, Rick (Ellen) Larabee; his sisters, Ann Larabee, Kim (Bea) LaraStone, Jean (Ray) Martin, and Julie (Matt) Baumgardner; his step-sister, Toni (Bill) Manders; his step-brother, Tim (Julie) Marx, and his sister-in-laws, Ruth (John) Curl and Alice (John) Snyder. He is also survived by many nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his mother-in-law, Naomi Williamson.
A Celebration of Life Service is being planned for a later date.
The family suggests giving memorials in Dave's name to the Lance Armstrong Foundation LIVESTRONG, P.O. Box 161150, Austin, TX 78176-1150, or Hospice of Northwest Ohio, 30000 E. River Rd., Perrysburg, OH 43551.
Arrangements by Peinert Funeral Home, Whitehouse, OH.
Published by The Blade on Sep. 4, 2005.
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David Larabee was a kind, gentle soul who was always pleasant and seemed to be forever in a good mood. As a schoolmate, I found him grounded, studious, and quick with a smile. He was also a formidable chess opponent!

I remember a time when I had composed a new piano piece and played it for the class. While the others giggled and snickered, David spoke up and said, "Wow. That's good. I really like it!" Everyone else quieted down and we went on. That selection was later chosen to be a part of our graduation ceremony.

As an adult, I remember him as inquisitive -- always seeking knowledge and willing to truly listen to another when in conversation. That was one of the things I liked best about David. When you talked with him, he was truly present and had a subtle way of making you feel good about yourself.

He always showed interest in whatever idea it was you were expressing. Whether or not he agreed with your point of view, he was always respectful. Larry King once said, "I'm not confrontational, I'm curious." It's a phrase I've set as a goal for my own life. I hope someday to be as successful at it as I found David to be. When you walked away from a conversation with him, you usually walked away feeling better than you did when you first said hello. May God look upon him so fondly, and may he rest in peace.

My deepest sympathies to Roy Williamson and to the entire Larabee family.
Joseph Michael Topolewski
October 3, 2005
To the Larabee Family-

I am so sorry to have learned of the loss of David. I only knew and remember David as a energitic 10 year old that was always giggling and always having fun in whatever he was doing, full of life and always happy. For just a short time I lived across the street from your family in Bowing Green. I truly loved your family and have always carried good memories of times shared with each of you. Over the years I have often wondered what happened to all of you and if any of you still lived in what I always thought was the most magnificent house in B.G.

Reading through this guest book, David obviously grew to be a great man with a terrific talent as a person. That is wonderful. I'm sorry he was taken away so young. Also in reading through these fantastic tributes to him I am sorry to read your mother is so ill. I wish her my best, she herself is an amazing woman.

I am sadden to say my father passed away only 3 days after David. So I am grieving a great loss also. You are all in my thoughts and prayers and you have always been in my heart since the first day we met.
My love to all of you!
Jenny (Saddoris) Koles
October 3, 2005
Mr. Larabee was the best teacher I have ever known. He somehow made the things you didn't want to learn interesting, and easier for you to grasp. But not only was he a great teacher, he believed in every student that entered his classroom. He pushed their limits and made students want to learn. Every year since eighth grade, Mr. Larabee would stop me in the halls and ask me if I was ready for the GTCTM and encouraged to do my best on it. He inspired me so much, he believed in my abilities more than anyone, more than I believed in myself. He never doubted anyone. Thank you for that, Mr. Larabee.
Dennis McOwen
September 29, 2005
Mr. Larabee was a phenomenal teacher dedicated to seeing his students succeed. The first week of my senior year at Ottawa Hills High School, I decided to drop calculus. I had struggled through pre-cal and didn't want the stress. As I sat in the guidance counselor's office waiting to strike the course from my schedule, in ran Mr. Larabee, encouraging me not to drop the class. He promised he'd help me through it. While I mentally cursed him for not letting me take the easy way out, I consented to stay the course. I couldn't bear to let Mr. Larabee down. Over the course of the year, Mr. Larabee kept his word, often tutoring me before early-bird physics lab (sometimes as early as 7 a.m.) and on lunch hours. Thanks to his patience and excellent teaching abilities, I earned several A's.

My sister Katie should have had Mr. Larabee for geometry this year. I'm sorry that she will miss out on learning from one of Ottawa Hills' greatest instructors.

My heart goes out to Mr. Larabee's family and friends.
Lauren Eisenstodt
September 23, 2005
No amount of words could possibly describe the kind of person Mr. Larabee was, or what his passing will mean to all of us. He was a remarkable teacher and human being, and his passion for life will be remembered by all. I consider myself blessed to have known him. May his spirit live on through all the wonderful memories he has left us with, he will always be with us.
Ali Vitale
September 22, 2005
When I heard about Mr. Larabee's death I was torn. I never had him for a teacher but those who did always said that he was the best teacher they ever had. To lose an amazing teacher is so upsetting. When I would see him in the hallways, he was just so happy, he always had the biggest smile on his face. I could tell that he enjoyed everything in life. Even though I didn't have him as a teacher, I knew him as a person. He was so nice, friendly, and a very positive person from what I could tell. I don't think the school will be the same without him. We all miss him dearly. My thoughts and prayers are with Roy and his family
Elizabeth Simmons
September 22, 2005
your gentle and patient smile
with sadness we recall.
you had a kindly word for each,
and died beloved by all.

the voice is mute and stilled the heart
that loved us well and true
ah, bitter was the trail
to part from one so good as you

you are not forgotten loved one
nor will you ever be
as long as life and memory last
we will remember thee.

we miss you now
our hearts are sore
as time goes by we miss you more
your loving smile
your gentile face
no one can fill your vacant place.

The family and friends of Mr.Larabee will remain in our thoughts and prayers.
With Love,
The Lindsay family
Shannon Lindsay
September 18, 2005
We all are stumbling to find the words to describe who Mr. Larabee has been to us. To me, he was the man who noticed that both physics and calculus were too much for me to handle half was through the semester. We decided that I understood physics more, and spent every free minute before class, during lunch and studyhall making sure that I would pass calculus... which with his help and guidance, I did. (He also taught me the wonders of writing upside down as he worked across the table from me) It is so rare for teachers to care enough to take that kind of action. As his students, we knew how lucky we were to have a teacher that cared so genuinely for both us and the subject he taught. If we had a difficult time on a homework assignment or test, he would make sure that he worked with us until we understood. There were mornings where no one in the class... (except for maybe Tim or Zach) understood the homework. He never got upset with us, he just wanted to know what he could do to help us. That is all he wanted to do... to help us. All I can think of now is a line from a Jimmy Buffet song... "Our lives fade like the weather, but a legend never dies"... That is what Mr. Larabee is, he is a legend. He lives in our hearts, and in the sucess of every student he ever had. Because no matter how small, or large of an impact he had, his passion for knowledge and teaching touched us all, making us strive for much bigger and brighter things.
Emily Finkel
September 17, 2005
I had Mr. Larabee as a physics teacher at St. Francis in 1992. He made a difficult subject interesting to learn and always was excited about teaching.

I'm sad that he is no longer with us.
George Sydlowski
September 15, 2005
Samina Bhumbra
September 14, 2005
evean thou i never really new him i could tell he was a aman who loved what he did and ejoyed evey min of it
chris moront
September 12, 2005
We extend our sincere sympathies to Dave's Life Partner Roy and all of his family, friends, students and co-workers. Though we only met him a couple of times, we heard many affectionate stories of him from Kim and Bea. Reading all of the entries here has helped us know him even better.

All of us hope that somehow we can leave the world a better place. He did!
Bobbi Byrd & Beverly Alleger
September 12, 2005
Sean Eldridge
September 11, 2005
I will miss my friend and pen pal for over 20 years. Although I was never as interested in plays as he was he always made them interesting. I will miss Stratford and Shaw and all the other things he wrote to me about. I will miss all of his letters. I will miss him.
Deborah Delzeith
September 10, 2005
Looking back on the time I spent with Mr. Larabee during my senior year, I can honestly say that he was one of the most lively, intelligent people I have ever had the opportunity to have met. He brought such enthusiasm to the classroom; he was always smiling. You could tell that he truly loved what he was teaching. Even when someone complained, or expressed disinterest in a subject such as physics, he was never one to grow angry or disoriented. He had a strong passion for education, and it was his life. Not only was Mr. Larabee an amazing teacher, he was such a kind person. You could tell that there was not a harmful bone in his body. It makes me teary-eyed knowing that he has been taken from this world so early. If anyone deserved a long, fun-filled life, it was him. I guess the only thing I can say is that everyone he touched in his lifetime was lucky to have known such a brilliant, caring person. We love you and will miss you.
Liz Wilson
September 10, 2005
Meg Sherban (Goodwillie)
September 9, 2005
The love for life and education that Mr. Larabee brought to his classroom is unmatched at Ottawa Hills. The loss we feel is due to the great impact he had on everyone he met. Our only hope is that we can carry on his passion for life and learning as we face the world without him.
Lucas Dixon
September 8, 2005
Dave was a role model to many and perhaps his greatest gift was what he left behind in the hearts of those he touched. It truly was an honor to teach with him. My sympathy goes out to his family.
Mary Kern
September 8, 2005
As students, we were all amazed by his uncanny ability to draw textbook-worthy lines and shapes without the help of a straightedge. In retrospect, I recognize that Mr. Larabee himself--through dedication to excellence, curiosity, and joy--is a ruler any one of us could use to measure the strength of our character. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of his family and dear friends.
Libby Munn
September 8, 2005
Jason Root
September 8, 2005
My sister informed me yesterday that David had been killed in an accident. I have read all the tributes to him from former students, and I would like to add a tribute from a former teacher, me.
David was one of a class of high powered seventh grade students that I taught at St Aloysius school in Bowling Green. They challenged each other intellectually, as they did me.
Dave was a stand-out though. What a thinker!! He did his science fair project that year on Einstein's theory of relativity. Yikes! To judge it fairly, I had to recruit a math teacher from another city. Dave loved it, but never held my lack of knowledge on His subject interfere with our relationship. I so liked Dave, and although teachers are not suppossed to have favorites, I did, and it was David.
We also had this running joke that lasted over these many years. It sprang out of a discussion on philosophy, religion....I don't remember... but it always began with a greeting from him of "hello Six" And I would respond "hello Seven" and we would laugh. Now the Six word/greeting was used as a proper name, an acknowledgement. All very serious until the greeting part was over.
I loved it. He remembered and knew what it was all about, I had long forgotten the subject, but not the greeting.
We also had quite a discussion about the TRUTH. It was in religion class, and the discussion centered around the premis that TRUTH was an absolute, and that perhaps the phrase--tending towards the truth-- might be more accurate. He loved to return to that subject with me as adult friends. Of all the students in that high powered class only the two of us remembered these things and got a kick out of them over the years. Dave would hold up his index finger, cock his head, twinkle his eye and we would have a good belly laugh. I so liked him. He had a goodness and kindness at age 12, and from all the tributes that I have just read, nothing changed,he only got better.
Thank you David, for bring such a spirit of joy, intellect, and kindness into the world. Good bye Seven.
My deepest sympathy to the Lrabee children, Ann, Rick,Kim,Jeanne and Julie, and to their wonderful mom and my friend Ruth.
joyce chamberlin
September 8, 2005
My memories of Ottawa Hills High School are of a sense of community, warmth, and dedication to education. As my geometry teacher, Mr. Larabee, epitomized these characteristics. His energy and passion transcended his teaching of proofs. He shared with each of us his love of the pursuit of knowledge and the importance of acceptance. Even as a mediocre math student, I felt confident in his class. He was an incredible teacher and a true role model. My thoughts and prayers are with Roy, Mr. Larabee's family, friends, and students.
Sarah Brewer
September 7, 2005
Dave Larabee led by example and dedication in teaching three of our children the sciences of physics and calculus, as well as the importance of being happy in life.
Bobby Shiple
September 7, 2005
To waken doubt in one
Holding so fast by thine infinity;
So surely anchored on
The steadfast rock of immortality.

With wide-embracing love
Thy spirit animates eternal years,
Pervades and broods above,
Changes, sustains, dissolves, creates, and rears.

Though earth and man were gone,
And suns and universes ceased to be,
And thou were left alone,
Every existence would exist in thee.

There is not room for Death,
Nor atom that his might could render void:
Thou — thou art Being and Breath,
And what thou art may never be destroyed.

-Emily Bronte

Your life lives on forever in those that you molded and nurtured.
Luke Laumann
September 7, 2005
Renaissance men are few and far between. Thank you so very much for everything that you have given me Mr. Larabee. You will be sorely missed.
Brian Ahuja
September 6, 2005
I had the pleasure of meeting Dave eight months ago when I started taking care of his mother. Over those months I came to love him like a son. He was always visiting his mother and bringing her milk shakes which she so loves. I never met such a caring and loving person and one who was so dedicated to his mother as Dave. I lost two sons myself so having Dave in my life was like gaining a new son. I will miss his daily visits and the smile on his face when he entered. The family has been blessed to have him even if it was shortened. He will never be forgotten.
florence huff
September 6, 2005
David came into our family 18yr's ago. He was a very specical man and ment a lot to our family. My husband John and I loved him very deeply. We always enjoyed the times Dave and Roy,our brother's stoped in Conneaut,Ohio on their way to Niagra On The Lake every June. Also their way to and from their destination. We always went out to eat At Beef and Beer a small family resturant here in Conneaut. We will be so lost without David as our whole family will.
Alice and John Snyder.
alice snyder
September 6, 2005
Mr. Larabee, Thank you for your gift of teaching. Not only did you teach math and science, but also the values of work, respect, and generosity. You were always available for help regarding anything. As your student, I worked hard not to recieve grades, but because you made learning exciting (even at 7:30 every morning). Thank you so much for the time that I had with you.
David Shiple
September 6, 2005
Thank you all for your comforting words and wonderful stories of my brother, Dave. They are deeply meaningful to us in our grief, which we share with so many. Those of you who knew Dave will know that he was a happy, compassionate man and did not like anyone to be sad. When we were devastated by my mother's terminal illness, he told us many jokes to cheer us up, and he had a bit of the actor in him and liked to do funny voices. When my son told Dave about the official annual "Talk Like a Pirate Day" on Sept. 19, Dave was delighted. He told me he was planning to talk like a pirate to his students all day on that day. Talk like a pirate on September 19 and laugh when you do, in honor of my brother. If ye dare, maties! Aaar. At least an "Ahoy" or two. I know he would love that.
Ann Larabee
September 6, 2005
I am blessed to have known a teacher as exceptional as David Larabee, who profoundly shaped not just young minds but young lives. My heart goes out to his family and friends.
Chris Shiple
September 6, 2005
Many people have talked more eloquently than I can about Mr Larabee's devotion to his teaching and to his students, but I can't help wanting to offer my own experiences with this incredible man.

Mr Larabee never stopped being a teacher. Twelve years after I left his physics classroom, I read a book on popular physics and emailed him several questions out of the blue. He immediately emailed back a very detailed response and suggested further reading. (Larabee: "An excellent read is an award-winning book popularization by one of the giants of general relativity, Kip Thorne, 'Black Holes and Time Warps'. If you've been good this year, you owe yourself this experience!") Even years later, he still remembered all sorts of details about me, my family, and my classmates.

In addition to being an inspiring teacher, Mr Larabee was an inspiring human being. He was a man who had seemingly boundless energy and time for his students. I never saw him upset or impatient. He simply never had an off day. Somehow he always found the energy to do everything as well as he possibly could. He approached every aspect of his life with an unabashed joy that is inspirational. I will miss him dearly, and my heart goes out to Roy and the rest of his family.
Matthew Gerke
September 6, 2005
A week before my uncle was killed, he said that the one thing he has learned this past year was to never take anything for granted. Maybe that's my hard lesson, too.
Lissa Blon
September 6, 2005
I got word from my friend Beth a few nights ago that the best teacher in the history of the Ottawa Hills Local School District, and arguably (in all seriousness) one of the best outright teachers in the world, Dave Larabee, was killed tonight. Mr. Larabee was doing what he would probably say was his second love, biking, when he was stricken by a car. I have no details of how it exactly happened.

If biking was his second love, I have no doubt in my mind that we, his students, were his first. Mr. Larabee taught me Geometry, Calculus, and Physics. The man was at school every single morning at the crack of dawn - 6:00 AM without exception - for no other purpose than to bend over backwards, and be genuinely interested while teaching us about things that were undoubtedly extremely elementary to him and his brilliant mind. He biked there the majority of the time. Natalie and I would walk into his classroom at 6:15 or 6:30, dragging ourselves in our pajamas, unable to open our eyes as we would plop ourselves down in chairs and beg him to enlighten us. Basically, we were going there because we didn't want/know how to do the homework from the night before. Mr. Larabee sat down, his starched white sleeves characteristically rolled up to the lower forearm, and led us step by step into a world we had no idea about. And he loved it.

Mr. Larabee went out of the way to teach us. He created the most elaborate experiments - Shooting the Monkey comes to mind - in order to illustrate to us principles that the average(or even above average) teacher would read to his class from a textbook. He was the definition of a great teacher. I remember one time in Freshman Geometry he had us cutting 3-dimensional figures out of paper that he so proudly hung from the ceiling of his classroom. He came around with his metal rod loaded with scissors, handed each student a pair, and then handed us the classic laminated sheets of paper with 4 sheets to a side. (He was a conservationist and a friend to the environment as well.) Mr. Larabee then came around with the yarn, and effortlessly held out the exact amount for each of us to cut. I conveniently missed the yarn, and cut squarely in between the thumb and index finger on his hand. Mr. Larabee had the audacity to ask me if I was ok, and got a Kleenex to clean up his cut while explaining to another student how to make the tetrahedral shape. That's just the kind of guy he was.

Not only was Mr. Larabee a great teacher - his grace, knowledge, and kindness were unrivaled. He used to come into Mrs. Evans room during quiz bowl practice and demolish the team single-handedly in the classic Larabee v. QB team in every category from Chemistry to Opera to Sports to US history. Joking all the while. We used to be able to go in to Mr. Larabee's room and talk to him about whatever. He made an effort to come to our soccer games. To talk to us about them the day after class. He told me after I graduated, "You know - the only reason I came was to see you all receive the recognition I know you deserve."

Mr. Larabee was the reason that I went back to that high school after I graduated. He was genuinely interested in the well-being of all of his students. When I'd go back to talk to Mr. Larabee, I knew that he knew what was happening with me, and what I was involved with. When I showed him the magazines I helped to produce at UVa, he started reading them as we sat there - it really just meant a lot to have a teacher that cared so much. And I guess that's what separated Mr. Larabee from everyone else. That's why he's the best teacher I've ever had - including college. Mr. Larabee really cared for every single one of his students - and it showed. It was his nature. It was nothing that was taught to him in college.

He told us once, "You know, they only taught me how to do two things when I was in Ed School. First - they taught us how to make a lesson plan. And second - they taught me how to write with my back to the chalkboard, and face to the class. That's it. I still do both of those things, but the rest is stuff I kind of picked up along the way." Well - Mr. Larabee did a great job of picking these things up. I would say that the majority of his talent, though, was simply an extension of his character...a mere utilization of the goodness he exuded in all other aspects of life. And we should all strive to be more like him - to note the goodness in everyone, and to yearn for the prosperity of all humanity regardless of where they come from.

We'll miss you, chief. There will never be another like you.
Tarek Ismail
September 5, 2005
David Larabee came into our family eighteen years ago and we have all been blessed being a part of his life. I know Dave was a wonderful teacher but he was also the greatest friend and brother anyone could have. He even helped my brother Roy take care of our ninty four year old mother, before she passed away, when we needed them. Nobody could make pancakes for mother like Dave. There will always be a deep void in our lives without him. I loved him very much.
Susie Curl
September 5, 2005
Mr. Larabee was one of the most influential and inspirational teacher I have ever had. His teaching ability was only surpassed by his concern that every student succeed. He never had a problem staying late or coming in early to help any student. I feel very privileged to have been graced by this exceptional individual. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of his friends and families.
Daniel Netter
September 5, 2005
My heartfelt sympathy goes to Dave's family, friends and those at Ottawa Hills who had the pleasure of working with him. He was a kind and gifted man, who brought only joy to those who knew him. I was devistated to get the news of his tragic death. We were all blessed to have known him. Our prayers go out to all who will miss him so much.
With great respect and admiration,
Mary Ann Holland
Mary Ann Holland
September 5, 2005
To Roy Williamson and the Larabee Family:
It was a privilege to teach with Dave and witness the dedication he had to Ottawa Hills Schools and his students. His amazing intellect, sense of humor, and voice of reason, aided our faculty in so many ways. I will dearly miss him.
Kathleen Singler
September 5, 2005
my deepest sympathys are with your family,
although i never had the pleasure of being one of Mr. Larabee's students i have heard so many good things about him personally and his teaching from friends. I hope we can all learn from this tragedy. Just know that many people are there for this family,
im sorry again for your loss
Danielle Silverstein
September 5, 2005
To Dave's family & friends - my heartfelft sympathy to all of you during this sad time. I had the privilege of working with Dave at OHHS for the past five years and will always remember his kindness and thoughtfulness. He was indeed a special, talented and caring person. He will be missed by all of us.
Linda Rubino
September 5, 2005
My twin sister had this man as a teacher, and even just meeting him occasionally while he helped her after class gave me all I needed to know that he was a wonderful person. The way this man had the most positive attitude, nothing seemed to put him in a bad mood. He loved kids, loved life, everything about it. How god chooses such nice people makes us wonder about the world sometimes. No one deserved a long, happy life more than mr. Larabee. God bless his family and their grief at this time.
Jackie Wilson
September 5, 2005
Mr. Larabee was one of the most important teachers I've ever had. Reaching far beyond the theories of physics, he gave me a sense of academic enthusiasm, perseverence, and self-worth. I only hope that I can be to my students what Mr. Larabee was to his- a mentor, a friend, a fresh perspective, a comedian, a driving force, a storyteller, and a passionate scholar. My condolences go to his family and students, as we will all miss him dearly.
Meg Price
September 4, 2005
Mr. Larabee, thank you for waking up early every morning to tutor all of us who just needed a little more help with our homework. Thank you for your neat handwriting on the blackoard so that no one had trouble reading your notes. Thank you for all of your coined phrases like "do it like I tell my doggie" and "phriends." Thanks for being an inspiring man and educator.

I feel so lucky to have been your student. You are truly missed.
Amy Garber
September 4, 2005
Mr. Larabee was by far one of the most brilliant people I have ever had the privilege of knowing. Not only had he mastered his field, he had mastered living life to the fullest. He garnered faith, confidence and respect from all his students. I miss him terribly.
Tracey Rosen
September 4, 2005
Words can not adequately describe how amazing of a person Mr. Larabee was and just how much he will be missed. I feel incredibly lucky to have known him and been taught by him.
Kim Fine
September 4, 2005
Mr. Larabee was incredible. The amount of joy he brought to the classroom in livelihood, learning, and laughter cannot be surpassed. His class wasn't just my favorite class, it was everyone's. But he was more than just a teacher, he was Mr. Larabee. There are few who can teach, develop, or pass on the much needed passion and love of learning and life the way he could. He is responsible for growth in us all. Thank you, Mr. Larabee, we will miss you.
Jeff Kane
September 4, 2005
To all of Dave Larabee's loved ones:

I don't know that words can adequately express the sadness and sense of loss that I and indeed my whole family have been feeling these past two days. Dave Larabee was one of the most cherished and respected teachers that my children have ever had. He was an incredible mentor and friend to my oldest son (who is now a math major in college) and I know my son will never forget the many ways in which Mr. Larabee blessed his life through his teaching, his guidance , and his friendship. My other two children were so looking forward to having Mr. Larabee for Calculus, Physics and Geometry this year. That loss for them is huge. Mr. Larabee was the kind of teacher that the world needs more of today - he loved teaching and he loved the subjects he taught and that passion was not lost on his students. He made the often difficult subjects of math and phsyics come alive for his students - he made learning fun and he always did it with a smile.

As we all struggle to make sense of this tragedy, please know that our thoughts and prayers are with all of his loved ones...we share your grief. Dave Larabee touched many lives in his all-too-short lifetime and will be sorely missed by so many at Ottawa Hills and beyond...
Terrell Allen
September 4, 2005
It was my privilege to be Dave Larabee's physics student in one of his early Ottawa Hills classes (1991-92). From electronics to the finer points of measuring velocity in pancakes per minute at the Original Pancake House, he was a fine and caring teacher, and the world is worse off without him. He will be missed.
Matthew Liebson
September 4, 2005
Mr. Larabee was one of a special class of teachers that leave their mark on students long after they've left the classroom. His love of teaching was clearly evident -- he wanted his students not just to pass tests but to be excited about science and to succeed. Even if it meant unlocking the doors to give that one extra lesson an hour before others would arrive, Mr. Larabee always went that extra step -- not because he had to, but because he wanted to.

Mr. Larabee will be missed.
Damon Havill
September 4, 2005
Nothing I could say could pay tribute to the kind of teacher Dave Larabee was. For me, he was far more than a teacher; he was mentor, a role model, and a friend. In his fifteen years, he touched each and every one of his students because he taught with a passion to match his love for the subjects. I would not be where I am now, studying math and physics and loving it, if not for him. There is no measuring the number of lives he changed for the better. He was an amazing human being. This is a huge loss for teachers, students, and the world. We'll miss you.
Brandon Levin
September 4, 2005
Mr. Larabee, you taught so much more than math and physics. You taught us the mysteries of the universe, the value of perserverance and patience, how to keep our childish wonder in an all-too harsh, unjust world. We may not have kept in close touch with you, but you were always in our hearts. We will miss you terribly. You didn't deserve such a short life, and try as I might, I cannot find any logic or rationale in your passing. Instead, I wish to celebrate your life, your vivacious personality and spirit which will live on in memory.
Katie Kimmel
September 4, 2005
Mr. Larabee was an inspiration to 15 years of students at OHHS. As part of his first physics at OH, I watched him succeed at what he loves - teaching. In some ways, he was our version of Jaime Escalante, always pushing, always innovative, and always thoughtful. He will be missed.
Binesh Patel
September 4, 2005
Our prayers are out there for all of your family. Such a sad sad loss........
Dinnie Gottschalk
September 4, 2005
Mr Larabee was my geometry teacher. this was my first year with him. he was so amazing and i was looking forward to his class this year. I'm so sorry that he had to go this way, doing something that he loved to do. I'll pray for him and all of his family. once again, i'm so sorry. God bless him, and all of his family.
Amirra Itawi
September 4, 2005
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