FELDMAN NEIL BRIAN FELDMAN (Age 62) Passed away peacefully on July 30, 2015, at home with family. Born in Valley Stream, NY, Neil grew up in Roslyn, NY, attended Roslyn High School, and graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University. His first jobs with Motorola took him to Ft. Lauderdale and then to Austin, Texas. He founded a television post-production facility, Video Post & Transfer, in Dallas, Texas, and later an artificial 3-D film synthesis company, In-Three, in Los Angeles. An amateur radio buff, private pilot, and avid reader of science, Neil was fascinated from childhood with radio and technology. He'd hole himself up in his study creating and repairing circuit boards, computers, old radios. Family and friends knew he was the fix-it man for everything from a balky comput- er to faulty electrical wiring. Neil was always ready to help and extremely generous with his time. Neil was a kind, quiet man but he liked a good debate. Reason and logic were touchstones in Neil's life. They underpinned his interest in science, his early skepticism about religion, and his belief that in all things, scientific as well as spiritual, rationality must always prevail. But logic could only take him so far. That led him to a lifelong interest in Vedanta spirituality, which he believed to be fully consistent with his scientific background and knowledge of Einstein's equations and Quantum Theory. He responded in typical fashion to his metastatic kidney cancer diagnosis by researching and writing a guide to diet and nutrition, fully researched from scientific journals, which he distributed to other cancer patients through the Smart Patients website. In addition to numerous friends, Neil is survived by his beloved wife of 36 years, Judy Scott Feldman, and his lovely daughter Anna Elsa Feldman. He will be sorely missed by his sister Janet Stein, his wife's extended family, and numerous cousins, nephews, and nieces. Neil was predeceased by his parents Beatrice and Harry Feldman. Memorial service will be private. To send thoughts or contact the family, email [email protected] Gifts in memory of Neil may be directed to support Dr. Hans Hammers' research at the Johns Hopkins Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center. Please make checks payable to Johns Hopkins Medicine, PO Box 17029, Baltimore, MD 21297.Gifts in memory of Neil may be directed to support Dr. Hans Hammers' research at the Johns Hopkins Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center. Please make checks payable to Johns Hopkins Medicine, PO Box 17029, Baltimore, MD 21297.

Published by The Washington Post from Aug. 5 to Aug. 7, 2015.
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I remember Neil so fondly from our days at Camp Sequoia!
"Aunt" Lois
August 1, 2021
He will always be remembered and forever be missed. He will keep inspiring us.
Debesh Ray
August 1, 2021
May your hearts soon be filled with wonderful memories of joyful times together as you celebrate a life well lived. He was a kind, quiet man, ready to help. Despite tremendous achievement in his field of work, he remains unassuming, down to earth. He will keep inspiring me and will always be missed.
Debesh Ray
August 1, 2021
Meeting Neil Feldman changed my life. In the late 70s I was recording live concerts with a mobile unit in Texas and the Southwest. Neil approached me about building a recording studio at Dallas Love Field. Neil was planning to build a video post suite and film transfer operation and asked me to locate a studio in the same building sharing a common hallway. I thought he was crazy because of noise. No one builds a studio in an airport. However, after showing me the location and letting me see the db levels from his sound meter, I was surprised. He explained, being a pilot, that no one flies over airports. Well, the rest is history. We shared a facility, as Omega Audio and Productions, Inc., for some 12 years in the 80s into the 90s setting a number of records for facilities of our nature and leading the way for production innovation in the Southwest US.

Neil was the most supportive person as well as a technical genius. But more than that he shared and encouraged the values of integrity and customer service always striving to do the best work. He was also a dreamer who instilled in everyone the hunger to grow and achieve all they can be.

Judy, I thought I had commented in this book earlier, so wanted to tell you how much Neil meant to Donna and I. Our lives were changed for the better in so many ways. Please accept our best wishes to you and Anna.
Paul Christensen
July 31, 2020
I remember Neil fondly. I was boys' side camp mom at Camp Sequoia for many years, and am happy that Neil and I crossed paths. "aunt" Lois
Lois Haber Pollinger
July 30, 2020
In loving memory of a wonderful person. We will love you and miss you always. Your life is our inspiration.
Debesh Ray
July 30, 2020
June 20, 2017
June 20, 2017
June 20, 2017
My condolences to Neil's family & wide circle of friends.

I knew Neil as an exchange student between Roslyn & Plymouth high schools in April of 1970. Our high school contact was short. We found we shared a love of technology that created an instant bond. It is a type of magic that perhaps only 17 year olds can experience.

Some 40 years after high school, Neil unexpectedly reached out to me to renew the contact. By that time, I had completed a military career, retired and started on a 2nd career in Arkansas, far removed from any previous contact we had.

Neil was better at communication technology than I was, but even so how he managed to locate me when the internet was still in its infancy is a secret he carried to his grave.

Neil and I had a few good phone conversations. We reminisced about the high school exchange experience and where life had taken us. Yet as guys of a certain age, we were both still blissfully oblivious to our own mortality. Resolutions to get together again were never realized.

As I get closer to my own 2nd retirement, I was cleaning some stuff out of my desk today. I found a fax Neil had sent me back in 2000 that contained some reminders of our shared high school exchange experience.

I resolved to contact him and this time, actually find a time and place to meet. I turned to the internet and immediately came across this obituary.

Despite our extremely infrequent contact, I still think of Neil as a friend. I think he had that effect on a lot of people. The world is little bit less without him.

For those of you around my age or Neil's, I offer this advice. Don't put off contacting a friend for later.

There isn't a man alive whose dying wish will be that he spent more time at work and less with his friends.

May God bless you in heaven Neil Feldman.
Rob Rudolph
June 20, 2017
I am inspired by the life of this wonderful man. I pray to God that he lives in eternal peace and bliss forever.
Debesh Ray
May 9, 2017
For some reason I thought of my classmate Neil this evening. Perhaps it was listening to Ventura Highway. I first knew Neil in high school and developed a big crush on him. We became good friends, I was always in awe of his what I perceived of knowledge of........ everything! I'm so happy and lucky to have known Neil Feldman!
May 4, 2017
July 31, 2016
July 31, 2016
July 31, 2016
July 31, 2016
To the family of Neil. For weeks I have been trying to reach Neil by phone, fax and email only to wonder why he had not returned my call. Today, through the help of a good mutual friend i received the sad news of Neil's passing.

Neil was a good friend, a gentleman and a man I greatly respected. He asked me to sit on his board of In three and I thought there might be a conflict of interest so I begged off. When times got rough for me after my company closing he asked me if I was still selling some Asian art. I told him yes and he picked out a pice and paid me for it. When I asked where he wanted it sent he just said. "send it to yourself" I want you to keep it as a gift."

I lived through his frustration of buying Cintel and other companies and all the BS about the "Y"front and remember how he just shrugged it off. I'm missing him already.

Neil, God rest your soul and till we meet again, I always was proud you called me a friend. :-(
John Battiloro
May 2, 2016
My prayers go to the family. Neil was a great man whether I was a competitor or an employee.
Joe Ogburn
March 23, 2016

thank you for sharing your experience with the disease and have given a lot more than you think
isabelle causse
January 29, 2016
San and I just found out about it today after not hearing from you in a while. Thank you for your insights and researches which will help so many patients. You will be very missed.
January 21, 2016
Judy and Family, so sorry to hear this just now. I was dealing with my own health situation July and August and did not see his passing. I will try to write something in his memory.
Rachel Rendish
January 1, 2016
I am shocked to hear of the passing of my friend Neil. Though it's been almost 4 decades since I last saw him, I remember his knowing smile just as it appears in the photo above. Neil and I were freshmen together at Case Institute and we were both electrical engineering majors. We also worked together at WRUW-FM at the university. We went our separate paths--he to study Eastern Religion and me to a major in Communication, but reunited when he returned to school and the radio station in the mid-70s. He was generally quiet, but when he spoke, it was with great insight and humor--I always felt that he understood everything on a higher level than I did. Our last meeting was in Fort Lauderdale, where he graciously put me up as a (not so easy) house guest while I visited my new love, who later became my wife. He was working as an engineer at Motorola, probably designing what would later become the first cell phones. The world is a little darker without Neil, and I regret not keeping in touch with him over the years. Namaste, Neil.
Ken Nagelberg
December 19, 2015
I am so sorry to hear of Neil's passing. He was a generous, kind, and very interesting man. I worked for Neil for 13 yrs at Video Post and Transfer. I still think of those years as a great time in my life. May God bless you and your family during this time.
Gone but never to be forgotten.
Carol Wilkinson
October 22, 2015
I can't believe Neil is gone. My thoughts and prayers are with the family. I had the great privilege to have worked for Neil at VPT in animation in the early 90's and got to know the brilliance of Neil. I owe a great deal to him for the awesome opportunities he gave me and so many others. His passion for life and science was obvious and inspiring. Neil will be greatly missed.
Susan Sowers
October 11, 2015
Judy - I am so sorry to hear of your husband's passing.
Nancy Shores McCarley
Nancy McCarley
August 19, 2015
Very sad to hear of Neil's passing, I had known him only briefly when he would come visit InThree where I worked as the Stereographer.

One of the first occasions, and having met only shortly before boarding a plane, Neil's enthusiasm for Tesla, JFK and great mystery was immediately and keenly apparent. Such was the debate that our primary reason for the trip- a pitch to the head of ILM studio's seemed only a secondary chore to be done before we could resume the lecture.

It was immediately apparent that Neil was a 'one of a kind soul'. I certainly did not know him as well as others here, but can imagine someone of his capacity as seeing the next phase of being but a great opportunity.
Willem Drees
August 18, 2015
I met Neil when we were undergrad electrical engineers at Case Western in Cleveland. We needed a lab partner, neither of us had one, so he turned to me and said in a conspiratorial sly grin "Hey, wanna be lab partners?". Not only did he teach me more about test equipment and circuits then the instructor but we became friends then roommates our senior year. Neil was so DEEP! I had never met anyone like him before or since. I had hardly left Ohio and was still living at home, while he told me of his time meditating on an Ashram in India and how he pursued spiritual knowledge until he went as far as he could in that realm, then came home to repair elevators in Chicago. He was like a character from a Herman Hesse novella. We also discovered we shared a perverse ability to quote lengthy passages from Firesign Theater comedy albums. One day, he invited to meet half of Firesign Theater, our personal heroes - Proctor and Bergman - while he interviewed them at the WRUW campus radio station which he managed. It was zany insanity and Neil held his own while they rambled, riffed and created verbal chaos and hilarity. I only got together with him a few times after graduated - once being his wedding to the lovely Judy - but I had the utmost respect for his integrity, wicked humor, and his ability to seemingly master two worlds - that of a successful electrical engineer and the spiritual seeker. Shine on, Neil. And Judy and Anna, in your grief, remember that you were fortunate to have had Neil in your live all these years.
Steven Hegedus
August 17, 2015
Judy & Family, I was so sad to hear of Neil's passing. I was an employee of Video Post & Transfer in the mid to late 80's. I have told many people over the years what a great man Neil is and was; he was a creative, supportive, generous and brilliant man. He took wonderful care of me during my time there and inspired me to rise to challenges I did not think I could overcome. I have fond memories of my time with him that I will carry in my heart forever. May God bless you and your family, and give you comfort and peace at this time and always.
Ron Evans
August 14, 2015
Greatly saddened to hear of the passing of brother Neil. We shared many adventures together in India. He was a sincere, spiritual seeker whose God was truth. Truth will accept him into Her arms.
August 13, 2015

So sorry for your loss.
Janet Tippett Absher
August 10, 2015
Judy, we haven't been in touch since high school but I had to write. It sounds like you had a wonderful husband. I'm very sorry for your loss and for your daughter's loss of a father. May the good memories sustain you as you find your path through grief into healing.
Margie Curtin Allen
August 10, 2015
Although we came to know Neil only a few years ago when we moved to Rockville, he has been a very special friend. To us, he is a most unusual American - a creative entrepreneur by profession, he is extraordinarily well informed in science and technology; yet he is profoundly spiritual, not in a religious sense, but as a human spirit seeking for truth and wisdom. From eastern culture perspective, I think he must be a rebirth of a very old soul. Our many conversations on science and spirituality, particularly his journeys in India, were always thought-provoking and enlightening. We are greatly sadden by the early passing of such kind and generous friend, and extend our deepest condolence to July and Anna.
Shengting Pan
August 8, 2015
Neil contributed immeasurably to the quality of technology available to the film and video industry, especially in the Southern Tier and Texas. He was a fair and wonderful man to work for, and his presence will be missed in the Dallas area.
Stewart Odell
August 7, 2015
Neil was a truly remarkable man of many talents and generosity. Even while he was fighting the disease that claimed him, he had a very positive attitude. I will be forever grateful for the good advice he gave for my sister to follow as she dealt with kidney cancer. We'll miss him and his beautiful spirit. We were happy to have known him and his family. Our prayers and thoughts are for his family, friends, Judy and especially Anna.
Pat and Steve Levee
August 7, 2015
Ginny and Knowles Little are saddened by the loss of our dear neighbor, Neil. We extend our deepest sympathy to Judy and Anna who have been with Neil during these difficult days. Neil's brave, resolute spirt in living with his disease is inspiring to all who know him. His informed insights in health management have benefited us, too. We miss you, Neil.
August 7, 2015
I've heard Neil formally lecture with enthusiasm and speak casually on subjects that mattered very much to him, but my most treasured memory will be the radiant look on his face when he surprised some of us with a joy-filled gift on a back street in Kolkata. He will always be "Neil the Unselfish" to me. Much love to Neil, his family and friends.
Nancy Boyd
August 7, 2015
So sad to know Neil is gone. I will always remember the lively and sometimes heated group discussions and conversations at dinners out during NAB conventions. Neil knew so much about so many things and his concern for others was so impressive. He was a rational man, a fighter for justice, and a good man to know and have on your side. I personally will miss him and wish the deepest of sympathies for Judy and the family.
David Corbitt
August 6, 2015
Neil and I lived next door to each other in Roslyn Harbor. Our frienship was neighborhood based but we remained friends all through our young years. We reconnected several years ago, and it was so nice to see where our lives had gone. I am so sadden by his passing but I know he is in a good place. He will be with us agin, perhaps not in my life time but in the next generation.
Bonnie Shapiro Liakos
August 6, 2015
So sorry to hear this news. I worked for Neil in the early 90's at the infamous Video Post & Transfer in Dallas. Brilliant guy, I would write "updates" to him every quarter with my thoughts on the company, technology and such. Wasn't even sure he read them until it came time for me to move back to VA. He told me at our final meeting that he was going to miss my letters to him, he had read and apparently took to heart each one! He once told me that he could be doing anything else, but he enjoyed seeing our joy in what he termed "perfecting our craft" in the industry.
My dad was also a private pilot for many years and we would share quips on the finer points of aviation, he was very proud of being a pilot. I'm rambling, but in short, I loved that guy. Bob
Bob Thagard
August 6, 2015
Neil was my boss and VPT was my work home for about 8 years...and one of the reasons I felt so at home was because of Neil. We had a real family back then and I'll always remember your kindnesses to me, Neil...our conversations-some intelligent and others downright silly...your sense of humor...the wonderful parties...and most importantly...your smile,and the fairness with which you treated me. I have fond memories of Anna playing under my desk and the f.u.n. all of us had in that airport suite of offices. "Good Old Days" - gone but not forgotten.

Dear Judy and heart goes out to you.

Happy Trails, Neil.
Pam (Russell) Taylor
August 6, 2015
Neil and I would meet up annually in Amsterdam for a trade show and enjoy fascinating intellectual conversation. Then we had a standing date for years as dance partners for the show party featuring an ABBA group. It was something we both looked forward to every year. Great memories! I'll miss you, Dear Friend.
Barbara Fearing
August 6, 2015
You will live on in my memories. I am so lucky that our paths in life crossed!
Peaceful travels Neil
Toni Kaufmann
August 6, 2015
My sincere condolences to the Feldman family. I went to school with Neil and remember his wonderful smile.
Wendy Buchbinder
August 6, 2015
This was not the news I expected to be reading today. A great guy that I knew for a long long time, my thoughts are with your family Neil. Bon Voyage my friend.
Colin Ritchie
August 6, 2015
Neil and I were classmates at Roslyn High School, 1970. This photo still shows the smile he had and the sense of humour for which I remember his. May his memory be for a blessing and comfort to all who mourn
Ted Bloch
August 6, 2015
Neil lived down the street from me In Roslyn Harbor; he was always a great guy; intelligent and kind. My condolences to his family, friends and any who will miss him. Mourn the loss; cherish the life.
Anthony Minstein
August 6, 2015
I know he will bless all he loved from heaven!!! He's still here with you in a different form. My condolences.
adrian mallin
August 6, 2015
We are immensely saddened by the passing of Neil. Since the mid-'80s, he not only was a client of ours at VP&T and a business associate through the Meta-Speed project... he was a treasured Friend. We will hold dear in our hearts the countless Memories we have of Neal, including our travels together around various parts of the World. We stayed in touch through emails and kept abreast of his battle with the Cancer Demon, as recently as July 10th. Words cannot adequately convey our utmost Sympathy to Judy and Anna, who were 'his everything'. May the One Above look down upon you and give you Peace at this extremely difficult time.
Donna and Peter Reid-Leatherland
August 6, 2015
My heartfelt condolences to Neil's family.
Neil left this earth too soon, but he left all that had the good fortune of knowing him with wonderful memories and always something to ponder.
Thank you for all our great conversations and fun times Neil.
Toni Kaufmann
August 5, 2015
My condolences to Neil's family and friends. I fondly recall his happiness working at the Camp Sequoia radio station so many years ago.
Steve Manas
August 5, 2015
Janet,I'm sending sincere sympathy to you & your family on the passing of Neil. I remember him so well from my Sequoia days. Love, "Aunt" Lois
Lois Haber-Pollinger
August 5, 2015
Sorry we knew each other for such a short time, but it was quality time. Always enjoyable having high level discussions on many topics during lunch. As a fellow aircraft pilot, electrical engineer, and ham radio enthusiast, we shared many common interests. I will miss you my friend.
Anthony Faiola
August 5, 2015
Neil was an amazing person and we felt extremely lucky to be counted among his close friends. I taught piano to Judy and Anna and later on Neil decided to learn (having never had previous instruction) and our lessons were revelatory.
Both Allen and I enjoyed our lively discussions with Neil and Judy. Neil will be sorely missed and our heart goes out to Judy and Anna.

Bonnie Kellert Goldberg (Potomac, MD)
August 5, 2015
Left us too soon. He was a icon in the post production community of Dallas and impacted many careers with his kindness and mentoring. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. RIP Neil.
August 5, 2015
Neil, you were just too good to us! I just want to say that you were one of the nicest men I have ever met. You were a logical thinker and a very articulate conversationalist on a number of complex subjects. We enjoyed your company at our amateur radio luncheons. Your kind heart and donations to our ARCS repeater organization will be remembered for a long time to come. Neil, our association was limited, but in those moments you shined like a beacon. We will l surely miss you. My heart goes out to Judy and the family.
Ron Basso
August 5, 2015
Neil, in the words of the Camp Sequoia alma mater, "...and I'll never forget our friendship true..." Rest in peace, Buddy!
Howard Manas
August 5, 2015
Neil led a full and interesting life but left us way too soon. My heart goes out to Judy and Anna during this time of grief.
Gordon Binder
August 5, 2015
I am a fellow Sequoian who is saddened by the loss of Neil. He always had a smile on his face and a soft and sweet disposition. We shared many wonderful summers together which I now treasure even more. My sympathy to the entire family.
Dee Haber Greenberg
Dee Greenberg
August 5, 2015
Neil and Video Post bailed me out of many jams with clients and had patience with me when I was a green producer. Neil was a consummate professional and there was a hole in the DFW market when he closed Video Post. He helped start many careers and he leaves behind a strong legacy in the people he mentored. My prayers and thoughts go out to his family and friends. RIP Neil.
Gay Venable
August 5, 2015
I have many fond memories of times spent with Judy and Neil in Austin many, many years ago. I always felt lucky to know you both. I am sorry that we lost touch over the years, but happy that we reconnected even if for a brief time. My sincerest condolences to all of Neil's family and friends, especially Judy and Anna. A great loss.
Anita Dallas
August 5, 2015
Neil will always be cherished and remembered by me as a wonderful brother-in-law, always inserting his special humor into conversations, always willing to repair or fix anything, usually the quiet one reading during a big family gathering. His goodness and spirituality will remain with all of us during this lifetime and beyond. His wife, my sister, Judy, has been so strong during these past few months and Neil loved her so much, we want to always support her and carry that love for her as Neil did for so long. We know he will be with her wherever she goes.
We will miss you, Neil, but you are always in our hearts. We love you.
Ann Fila
August 5, 2015
Janet my heart felt condolences.
Steven Shapiro
August 5, 2015
Neil, I thank you for giving me a chance, green and just out of school, to work along side you and your great team at Video Post & Transfer in Dallas. We were like a family! You were always kind and your direction was sound. I was very saddened by this. Blessings to your wife and daughter!
Sue O'Keefe-Striedl
August 5, 2015
My first outing in the Music biz was as a remote recording engineer. In 1973, we built a remote audio recording unit that did live concert LPs and live music television specials. In 1978, I was approached by Neil Feldman to build and co-locate a recording studio at Dallas Love Field airport. I quickly objected until Neil explained airports do not allow planes to fly directly overhead. (Neil was also a pilot) He later proved his point with a visit to the proposed site noise meter in hand. The plan was for Neil to build a post house, film transfer facility and animation studio. We would build a 48 track recording studio capable of doing audio for films and video. We would share a common entrance and hallway. His company would become Video Post and Transfer. Our operation became Omega Audio and Productions. (As far as we know, Omega is the only studio ever built in an airport) During that 10 year period, the combined operation changed the Dallas and Texas production scene forever. Soon thereafter others began to create similar operations in Austin, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Little Rock, Houston, San Antonio and the rest as they say, is history. We also continued our remote recording business over the same 10 year period. The creative environment Neil created was special to all of us who were part of that unique place. The most interesting thing about Neil - he was a technical person by training (one of the best technical minds I have ever known); but he was even more a creative person (which you do not usually find in tech folks). Neil used his technical knowledge of production to enable the highest levels of creativity. He had great vision and an innate ability to foster trying new ways of doing things. All of us who came to work each day always thought the sky was the limit. I have said many times, I was blessed as a music person to have learned the film and television business from Neil and his staff. That 10 year association led to Omega's transition to producing live concert shoots and TV specials and consulting on music and entertainment events. Donna and I will be forever thankful to have known Neil. He changed our lives along with countless employees, associates and clients for the better. Neil remains one of the recent pioneers of the television and film industries. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Judy and his Daughter Anna.
Paul & Donna Christensen
August 5, 2015
I regret that I only knew you a short time, and in that time had the opportunity to know a kind and compassionate soul. May you rest in peace, my friend.
William Kisse
August 5, 2015
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