Paul F. Sarle

Paul F. Sarle
World Trade Center

Happy Maker of Plans

Water and family and fun were Paul F. Sarle's passions, and they came together so perfectly on Long Island that he never wanted to leave.

Mr. Sarle grew up in North Babylon, the sixth child of a tightknit clan. His mother called him her "golden goose." His siblings called him "the idea man" because he was always hatching plans for weekend adventures like skiing in the winter or clamming and boating in the summer.

He was accepted at a college in Syracuse and went, but never unpacked his bags and was home a week later. Years later, when his firm, Cantor Fitzgerald, sent him to Hong Kong for what was supposed to be a three-year stint, he returned after nine months.

He married a local girl, Linda Luiso, moved next door to his brother, and spent the weekends fishing with his best friend, whom he had known since kindergarten, and taking his children — Jack, 6, and Leeann, 3 — to visit his mother. (A baby named Paul was born in February.)

His sister Norma Jean Reynolds remembers that a few weekends before he died he was doing what he loved most. He was on his boat with eight children — his own and nieces and nephews. The others wondered after he had been gone five hours, but the children returned filled with stories about Uncle Paul showing them a fish that made noises when he tickled its belly. Ms. Reynolds said, "Oh, they had a great, great time."

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on April 28, 2002.

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