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February 23, 2017

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February 23, 2017

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed.

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December 22, 2006
Lately, I remember Dad saying that "You never stop learning.." That has been sticking in my mind a lot lately because I do believe there is something to this. The goal in life is not getting to a specific destination, but it is about all that we learn along the way.
December 20, 2006
Today is Dad's 88 birthday. With his good health I think that he would still be alive and enjoying the early mild winter (actually late fall) here in Michigan except for the cancer.

I remember that his birth certificate had his birthday as December 19th rather than the 20th - he was born in the early morning hours and the doctor listed his birth one day early. Similarly when he passed away overnight his death certificate lists his death as May 6th. I noticed that he felt very cold to the touch at 9 am that morning and think that his death certificate may be off by one day too.

Happy Birthday Dad.
August 04, 2006
I visited Dad's grave a few days ago with the kids. My daughter, Jordan, was able to find the exact location easily from the cemetery driveway. Though just nine years old, she remembers her grandfather well (in part thanks to photos and home video).

Many years ago, I used to drive out to the cemetery, often bringing friends who as I recall really like going there.

In more recent times, when visiting Dad's grave, I am struck by the reflective quality of the site, and am thankful for what seems a fine resting place for Dad, Beth, and others who are memorialized there.
August 02, 2006
I haven't written on this before, but decided its about time. I think of Dad just about every day, either something about him and who he was that had an influence who I am today, or just things that happened along the way. I remember when we would bug Dad to get out his guitar to play and sing to us. Those were precious moments to me. He wasn't the greatest singer, but I loved those times.
February 21, 2006
Since another family birthday just passed, I will relate an experience I always enjoyed involving my Dad and this other family member. Growing up, we had an assortment of pets at one time or another, including dogs, cats, and rabbits. But none ever equalled our favorite dog, Snooper, who was a part of our family for about 13 years.

Snooper was basically a mut, but had some hunting dog lines in him and would really get excited when Dad got out his hunting boots to grease or shotgun to clean. Dad would laugh as Snooper whined and sniffed the air. And even though I lost any desire to hunt and shoot animals long ago, I still remember the joy I felt when seeing Dad and Snooper interact during those times!
February 20, 2006
Even as a new addition to the family, I have many great memories of Mom & Dad Bush. I have many photos, and I will share as they are converted electronically. The first is one taken at Don & Becky's place, before they moved to the lake.

My Love to everyone who has contributed or has read the Journal.

February 19, 2006
Dad has been gone almost 3 years now and I still think of him nearly every day.

Just the other day I was thinking of the first time that he took me fishing. I was about 5 or 6 years old and it was in Sugarloaf Lake just north west of Chelsea. We were in a 12 foot rowboat, I think two of my older siblings were also in the boat (Mary & ???). I was using a long (15 foot?) cane pole and had a worm on the hook and a floating bobber attached. I remember the first fish that I hooked that day. Dad saw my bobber go under and told me to pull up hard to bring my fish in. I jerked upward on the pole and a small sunfish popped high out of the water and began to swing inward toward the boat like a bob on a long pendulum. I remember a loud "smack" as my fish hit dad on the right side of his face. That fish swung back and forth a couple of more times before dad got a hold of my line and took it off the hook for me. He was a little upset but knew that I couldn't help it with this being my first fish. I remember him laughing about it too. I might have caught other fish that day, but I only remember that first one.

I also remember dad's number one rule about fishing in small boats, "NEVER STAND UP IN THE BOAT!".
April 10, 2005
This is Pat Wilber Brown. I am Charles & Ethel Wilber's daughter. We use to get to Michigan once a year for vacation and visit the relatives. (Twice a year if there happened to be a funeral) Anyway, I remember staying at Grandma & Grandpa Wilber's little house and spending a lot of time at Uncle Howard & Aunt Audrey's house across the road. I remember him telling stories and playing with the kids and making us laugh a lot, too. He'd get out there and play with the kids. My brother, Ken, liked to get out and play ball, etc. I liked to stay in the house more and hold the babies. (Danny & David) We happened to get there for vacation when they were fairly new. I remember Uncle Howard's smile. Even tho I didn't get back there after I got married, I often thought of Uncle Howard and Aunt Audry and the kids. I look forward to reading the guest book often. I imagine most of you remember me as Patsy, if you remember me at all. Now I answer to most anything. Patsy, Pat, whatever. Grandma called me Patty. My prayers are with you and I think of you often.
Pat & Charlie Brown
March 12, 2005
I recall so many stories about Dad, it's difficult to determine where to begin. I will always appreciate the fact that Dad, who spoke often in critical terms about others at his workplace, referred to Willie, an African American with respect. Despite social pressures to indulge in racism, by young adulthood I was somehow able to refrain from judging others on the basis of their origins or ancestry. And though he was not always able to do so himself, I still credit Dad with providing the basic outlook on life that enabled me to do that--something I am most grateful for!
May 31, 2004
While he was alive I never thought to thank my father for his military service in Europe in 1944-45. Thanks Dad. Memorial Day 2004

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Trang at Dad's grave, Dec. 2010 Mom & Dad at Don & Becky's

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