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March 28, 2015

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March 28, 2015

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
October 14, 2010
Hi Darcy, Just wanting you to know that we think of you often and that 4 years ago we lost a truly good friend. Racheal says she misses you and we will never let her forget her uncle Darcy
April 03, 2010
As I focus this Easter Sunday
My heart goes out to you
For a Chair is sitting empty
For a Hero Brave and True
Who gave a life for Canada
And a world we should become
A better world for all to share
A better world for everyone

They had raised their eyes in honour
To the Flag that flew above
They had sung its anthem strongly
In their hearts so full of love
It began for them in childhood
And sang out for years to come
At the vision of the Flag above
Onto which their hearts had clung
This special group, a brotherhood
That stepped forth to a country’s call
For them the Flag was calling
Could not turn away this love
For them it was the strongest call
The path that led the way
For they had held it steadfast near
Flying high above each day
And then one sad, so tragic day
The leaf flew from the sky
To wrap and hold them tightly bound
In return for all their love
It warmed their weary bodies
Clung closer to their hearts
And to hearts that shared the pain, their loss
At such a tremendous cost
Wrapped within the hug that flew above
Love’s vision, all their lives
Now carried forth in a country’s love
For their loving sacrifice

By Roger Borchert
They Will Be Remembered
The Borchert Family, Slave Lake, Alberta
December 23, 2009
To the Families of Our Fallen. Thinking of you this Christmas

The tears that fall to a winter’s sky
A loved one looks off into the night
For Christmas Eve is a lonely time
When a loved one is not held tight
We know they would have been here
For their families, for their friends
If they had not given our world the gift
In their service to all mankind
They stepped forth to change a world so wrong
Lift a country from it’s past
To provide a future for those in need
A future to go forth and last
But someone stole this life so strong
The beauty of a thought
Of stepping forth, to stand protect
And the goodness it could have brought
Please fill this void, warm this broken heart
Who looks out upon this eve
Troubled in a thought, a loss
Of someone now so close to thee
Oh lord please place a gentle thought
A memory of a time
When joy would fill this household warm
And keep it there at Christmas time
Let this family know we care so much
They should not be alone
Please help our thoughts be passed along
To warm those within this home
For Christmas is a time to know
That the coming of this child
Provides for all across our earth
To be reunited with that smile
The one that used to hold a hand
Or hold us in a hug
The one for whom we shed these tears
On this cold and lonely night
Please hold them close on Christmas morn
Celebrate the birthday of this child
Who came to bring salvation forth
To reunite them in awhile

By Roger Borchert

We pray oh Lord you stand near this Christmas to warm, to hold these families tight and mend these hearts so torn. Wishing you all the best this Christmas and throughout the coming year.

The Borchert Family, Slave Lake, Alberta
November 16, 2009
Just to let you know that even though we did not know each other, Darcy is often in our thoughts. He was our 2nd cousin. My father was Ken Tedford brother of Leroy, Don, Eric, Jack and Clair.

I make this entry on behalf of my brothers and sisters Shirley, Karen, Doug, Bruce and me Linda
November 06, 2009
In Respect of our Military Families, Our Fallen, and Wounded on Remembrance Day

For what we take for granted
So many have died for
So many lives so vastly changed
At the dreadful cost of war
There is the good; there is the bad
A liberated nation cheers
Left in dread for those young souls lost
Devastated a world back home
Efforts to protect a peace
That no one thought was near
Laying lives upon the line
Visions at times so unclear
Lives touched by fear or lived in dread
Of wounded coming home
Of crosses lined in many rows
From a trip down a heroes road
I have been sitting on the bank
Of a river flowing by
Flowing heavy with the flood of tears
From their family’s eyes
For on this day of remembrance
Their thoughts, their dreams, their prayers
Are focused on a loved one lost
Leaving them in such despair
My heart it wants to reach out
Let them know I can’t forget
The gift they’ve laid for their fellow man
Tis the greatest gift to give
So humbled in a moment’s thought
So treasured was the step
That they took forth at their country’s call
Let it never be forgot
We measure freedom lightly now
For we’ve grown so familiar with
But if not for those who took this step
And gave this precious gift
Would we take it so very lightly
Would we have the chance to vent
About all that annoys and bothers us
Without retribution for what we’ve said
So thankful they stood so proudly for
All that we hold so dear
All that makes us Canada
For me it’s oh so clear
For some others they just don’t get it
They think so little of
What has been placed in front of them
At the cost of someone’s love
If I could send forth a message
Place it in a bottle, float it by
I’d provide a note of how much I care
For those whose tears are flowing by
If I could walk along this shore
Such a warming hug I’d give
To those who’ve lost a loved one
So we can live the way we live

By Roger Borchert

So Many gave so much so we could be who we are. So Proud to be Canadian
We will Remember Them

Our Hearts, Our Tears, Our Prayers
The Borchert Family, Slave Lake Alberta
October 14, 2009
Hi Darcy, We can't believe that it has been three years. You are in our thoughts and prayers.You were a true friend and even though it was a short time you were a great godfather for Racheal.We miss you
October 14, 2009
Dear Darcy,
Today is the anniversary of your death and Blakes.So much has happened since you've been gone.Charmaine & Dad got to go to Afghanistan and felt very close to you there.Your girls are growing fast and miss you very much. Jody & Family now live in N.B. and spent Thanksgiving at the camp with us.You are always in our thoughts and prayers and we miss you.What I wouldn't give for one big hug!LB has a beautiful babyboy and so does your cousin Devin.You know that we love you and you will never be forgotten. love you always momma
August 17, 2009
You will always be remembered as long as I'm alive and can add any memories of you on the Tedford family tree on We are distant cousins on my father's side of the family. My dad who is gone now was first cousin to Don Tedford from Truro and I know this is your line in the family tree.
May you always RIP knowing someone is charting the family tree for future kin.
Esther M. Tedford (Oshawa, ON)
August 15, 2009
Hi Darcy, your birthday came and went and I had a hard time getting on this site.We thought about you and there were many best wishes for eternal peace.I enjoyed having the girls with me and you would be so proud of them.They are beautiful girls.We miss you sweetie more and more every day.There's so much to tell you but I guess you already knowall the latest.God bless you and say a prayer for mamma once in awhile .I love you. P.S. Give Tom a hug for me. love Mom
June 16, 2009
Your name has always struck and been with me, my oldest son is named "Darcy Scott". the Scott after myself. He has finished Army Cadets and has joined the reserves and when 18 hopes for a military career. Thank you for serving Tedford and rest and live with Jesus.

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