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Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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Hi Mom,

Hard to believe it's 9 years this summer...almost a decade of you being gone.

I'm in Texas right now. Beaumont actually. I couldn't sleep and was thinking of you.

I miss you...there are so many times I wish I could call and talk to you or drop by and see you. Caramel passed away last September. I hope she was able to meet up with you. I told her you'd be waiting for her. She was such a good dog. Full of love ❤.

Shauni has grown into such a beautiful woman. I am hoping she finds her passion one day. She does many things that remind me of you. She misses you tremendously.

Nicholas is in grade 10. Although he was only 8 when you died, he still holds the memories he has of you close to his heart.

Anyway...I love you and I wish you were here.


Hi Mom...was thinking of you as I do so very often. Miss you very much :(
Working EMS tonight....was thinking of you
Hi grandma its Nicholas it been along time since i sent you a message on here hope you are doing well all of us miss you very much i am taller than my mom now which I think is awesome we have been in our new house for a year now its awesome caramel and oreo is doing good i hope you are good taking care of bailey and mystic all of us miss mystic but we know he is doing awesome up their well that's about it hope you are doing well grandma i love you and always miss you.
Hi Mom,

Well, another Christmas and New Years passed without seems like such a long time since we sat around your tree and shared Christmas together.Christmas to me has never been the same since you left...I have lost much of the joy in Christmas aside from seeing the kids open their presents and the excitement of the season for them.

I am really worried about Dad...his Parkinsons has made him old in a very short time...he forgets things and is pretty shaky on his feet....he misses you a lot. I am really proud of him and his volunteer service with the police. He just finished off his volunteer work with, I'm not sure what he will do with his time. His self confidence has long gone away as this disease continues to weaken him. It scares me to think of him being gone too but, I also never want to see him suffer the way you did.

So many things have happened this past year. So many questions I would have liked to have asked you...Shauni is ill...she has Graves...I am hoping the disease will be kind before it dies off...I am also hoping that she can have her thyroid removed sooner rather than later. She is such a beautiful young woman. She just got a new position at Investors Group and now is in St Albert. you'd be so very proud of, she has this great job with a Princess company for kids parties...she loves it.

Nicholas has grown so much. He is almost taller than Angele now...and proud of it. He gets his Learner's license this year! Hard to believe he's going to be 14 already. You'd be proud of him too...he's quite the character...but has the same kind of compassion that you does Shauni. Sometimes this compassion gets them into trouble as they get walked on...but truly, it is a trait that I cherish in them.

Angele is still fighting with MS...or the symptoms there of. She is a trooper though...she refuses to give into the disease and I envy her strength.

Me...I feel lost most I'm spinning my wheels...I'm not sure why...maybe because of everything that has gone on. I was raised to Master Mason in December...I love the Brotherhood and feel that it will make me a better day. Unfortunately I have your worry streak in me...and I find myself lost in thought many times a day. was nice to talk with you again...even if it is one sided.

I miss you...

Love always,

Hi Mom...sorry, it's been a while since I last wrote. Lot's of things going on here on this side...

I helped save a lady's life tonight...I think you'd be proud.

I miss you does everyone...if you can mention that we could use some help health wise, I'd appreciate it.

I try to think of you only in happy memories...stories of our time together and the time you spent with Shauni and Nicholas...if I think of the time that has passed since I was last able to talk with you, the shock of your absence hits me all over I try hard to think about you when I can smile with the memory.

Angele and I laugh at some of the things that happen that remind us of you.

Shauni and Nicholas speak of you often and pause to let you cross their mind.

Anyway, I am rambling you Mom...hope you can see the kids growing into amazing young adults and shine down your love on us.

Love you,

Was thinking of you today and wanted to let you know that you are never far from our thoughts. We miss you tons and wish you were here to share our adventures with. We have bought a new house and are now "down sizing" if you can believe it...The kids are growing and we don't need the same amount of space anymore. Everything else here on earth is good with the exception of you being here. Hugs!
hi grandma its me Nicholas i miss you so very much and i love seeing you i remember we would play camp and play pretend food i love you so much and i will always remember you forever please speak to me in my dreams and grandpa is doing ok with the police alot i am 12 now miss you love you.
4 years....5 since you got sick and received the news that your life would end and ours would change forever.

I miss you Mom....just like Shauni...there are so many things I would like to speak with you you...have you there to smile and enjoy.

A day doesn't go by without my mind stopping to let you cross.

Love you...
Hey grandma,
So. It's officially been four years.
That's really hard.
It really sucks, because all I want lately is to talk to you.
I want to know what you have to say, but even if I ask I know I'll never hear an answer back.
Any who, I hope you see everything good that's going on with us, and I hope you know we wish we could see what is going good with you.
I miss you so very much.
I'm almost nineteen, in less than a month, and I just wish you could see.
I love you so every much grandma, more than anything.
Come see me in my dreams soon?
Xoxo love your sweetheart

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