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Jeff Blatnick (Associated Press/Doug Pizac)
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June 17, 2018

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June 17, 2018

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling.

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January 16, 2013
also you are with olympic filmmaker Bud Greenspan so he can do one from heaven about you RIP Jeff
January 16, 2013
fron cantor fitzgerald Issas Rivera WCBS TV William Steckman WNBC TV Donald DiFranco WABC TV World Trade Center no 2 South Tower Gordon M Aamoth JR Adam P Arias Wells Wemy Crowther Bradley James Fetchet Joan Donna Griffith Sean Paul Rooney Jose Juan Marrero David Harlow Rice Gregory Milanowycz William J Wik Igor Zulkelman The Macho Man Randy Savage and the lovely Elizabeth John Wooden The Wizard of Westwood enjoy heaven Jeff and i will see you in heaven very soon love Amar Smith RIP
December 29, 2012
I lived directly across the hall from Jeff my freshman year at Springfield College. Jeff was a senior, stater on the football team and a NCAA National Champion. I was a nobody scared freshman. My first day in the dorm jeff ran up to me from behind, flipped me over, drove my face into the floor and pinned me. He said: "Hi my name is Jeff, welcome to the wrestlers dorm, if you ever need anything or if anyone ever bothers you, tell them your a friend of Jeff Blatnick!" Jeff was so good to me, He was the sweetest guy. I lived with him for a year and got to know him well. I was always so proud to have know him. My parents couldn't afford to pay for college so I left Springfield after that year but never forgot Jeff. He taught me never ever to quit so I kept going until I got my doctorate degree. I'll never forget Jeff. He really was a very, very special guy and showed me that it was OK to be tough and kind at the same time and boy was he tough! No one ever messed with him and he looked out for me my freshman year! I loved the guy, what can I say! God bless him for I know that he's in heaven.
Tom Cornacchio/Ipswich, MA
December 22, 2012
Now your first holiday season in heaven you are with Minne Riperton Teena Marie Barry White Rick James James Brown the God Father of Soul Michael Jackson Luther Vandeross Steve Sabol Jack Flemming Myron Cope Ernie Ladd Merlin Olsen Hank Stram Jack Buck Payne Stewart Pete Rozelle George Halas Art Modell Art Rooney SR Jack Kent Cooke Fran Crippen Lamar Hunt Leon Hess Hugh Culverhouse Joe Robbie Tom Landry Fred Rodgers Johnny Carson Ed Mcmanon Robert Marella Joey Marella Harry Carey Skip Carey Robert Urich John Ritter Don Knotts Norman Fell Stu Hart Helen Hart Owen Hart Adrian Adonis Dick Murdoch Classsy Freddie Blassie Captain Louis Albano Lord Alford Hayes Jim Varney Gerry Rafferty Gene Wood Mark Goodson Richard Dawson Johnny Olsen Rod Roddy Bill Rafferty Bert Convy Joe Frazier Wellington Mara Robert Tisch George Young who Drafted Phil Simms Lawrence Taylor Carl Banks Who hired Ray Perkins Bill Parcells Ray Handley Dan Reeves Jim Fassel Richard Quick Webb Eubank Herb Brooks Fred Silva SR Gene Barth Pat Haggerty Bob Frederic Cal Lepore Stan Javie Ray Douglas Al Conway Dave Hamiliton Donne Hampton Don Wedge Burl Toler Frank Sinkwicz Pat Harder Bob Rice Bob Banfield Miguel Alcnso Joesph N Feinstein Don Corninous Dick Clark Donna Summer Steve Jobs Al Davis Bill Walsh Curt Gowdy Jim MCKay Chris Schankel Bill Flemming Roone Arledge Chuck Howard Larry Kalm Frank Reynolds Peter Jennings Max Robinson John Facenda Vince Lombardi Walter Payton Mr Sweetness Reggie White the Minister of Defense Florence Griffin Joyner Sam Mills Sammy Baugh Harry Kalas Alex Karras Bill Cullan Charlie O Donnell Jack Clark Jack Elway Dan Marino SR Howard Cosell Don Meredith Mr Turn out the lights the party's over Issac Hayes Tim Russert Jules Bergman Victor K Copps Avery Brundage Lord Killan Juan Antionio Samaranch Murry Rose Victor Davis Vasily Alexeev Robert James Coage George Washington Abraham Lincoln Dr Martin Luther King JR Gerald R.Ford And His wife Betty Ronald Wilson Reagan Farrah Fawsett Grete Waltz Davey Boy Smith Leonard Tose Jack Kemp Edwin Starr Jenni Rivera 26 people killed at Sandy Hook Elem School in Conn 6 people killed in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center in New York City New York and 3000 people killed on 9-11-01 The Hero's of United Airlines Flight 93 Todd M Beamer Mark K Bingham Thomas E Burnett Jeremy L Glick 343 FDNY Mychal F Judge Ray Downey SR Pete Ganci JR William M.Feenan Terrance S. Hatton Peter Alexander Bieifeld Donald J Burns William F Burke JR Dennis Cross Dennis M.Carey SR Kenneth Joesph Marino David J.Fontana Thomas J.Foley Dennis Mojica Orio Joesph Palmer Ronald Bucca Gregg A Atlas Ricardo J.Quinn Timothy M. Stackpole Joseph Angelini SR. Joseph Angelini JR. 37 PAPD George G.Howard Clinton Davis SR. Kathy N.Mazza Paul Lasczynski Gregg J.Froehner Ururu G. Houston 23 NYPD John G.Coughlin Michael D.D Auria Claude Daniel Richards Moira Ann Smith First Responders Francis Albert De Martini Clyde Frazier JR. American Airlines Flight 11Captain John A.Ogonowski Christopher D.Mello Linda M George Edmund Glazer Daniel M.Lewin Daniel John Lee United Airlines Flight 175 Captain Victor J. Saracini Amy R King and her boyfriend Michael C.Tarrou Amy Nicole Jarret Alicia Nicole Titus Kathryn L.Laborie Marianne Macfarlane Lynn Catherine Goodchils Shawn M.Nassaney Lisa Anne Frost of Rancho Santa Margerita California Ana Gloria Pocasangre Debarrera American Airlines Flight 77 Captain Charles F.Burlingame III Barbara K.Olsen United Airlines Flight 93 Captain Jason M. Dahi Leroy W.Homer Cee Cee Lyles Christine Ann Snyder Lauren Catuzzi Grandcolas Nicole Carol Miller Pentagon Johnnie Doctor JR Robert A.Schiegel World Trade Center Tower No 1 North Tower Andrew Anthony Abate Vincent Paul Abate Lee Alan Adler Donald LAroy Adams Shannon Lewis Adams Joanne Marie Ahladiotis Gary Eugene Bird of Tempe Arizona Patricia Malia Colonder Patricia Ann Cimaroli Masssari Lisa Erin Eagan Samantha Eagan
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