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Why We Need Funerals

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Tips on how to plan a funeral that is meaningful and affordable

Since the dawn of human history, people have performed funeral rites to celebrate, respect, sanctify, or remember the life of an individual who has died. Though customs vary from one culture to another, a funeral is a time for communities and individuals to say goodbye, pay tribute, and offer or receive comfort and support. Learn more about funeral and mourning traditions and their importance in our lives, and get tips on how to plan a funeral that is meaningful and affordable.

Giving Sorrow Words: Why We Need Funerals

No matter what the circumstances of a life or a death, there is no reason not to mark the occasion of death with at least a simple private ceremony.

How to Pay for a Funeral

A funeral is one of life's major events. Learn more about funeral expenses and get tips on how to save money.

Who Pays for the Funeral? Defining "Immediate Family"

Money is always a touchy subject, whether you're requesting financial help or being asked to provide it.

Can I Use Money from the Estate to Pay for Funeral Costs?

The answer is "Yes" but with an important caveat...

Burial or Cremation: Which Is Right for My Family?

For many, the tradition of burying the dead provides comfort after loss. But it's a complicated issue with many factors to consider.

Should I Have a Traditional Funeral Service?

Through countless variations, the classic funeral format endures. But is it right for you and your family?

The Meaning Behind Military Funerals

American military funerals are full of tradition and symbolism.

Green Funerals and Natural Burials

A video guide to the growing eco trend in cremation, burial, and funerals.

What Kind of Flowers Should I Buy for a Funeral?

Funeral flowers are a beautiful reminder of the life and legacy of the deceased.

Why Choosing Funeral Music Is So Important

Funerals and music are almost inextricably linked.

11 Top Funeral Songs

Every life has a soundtrack. Here are 11 songs that show up on many a funeral playlist.

Attending a Funeral: What's In It for You

Will it really matter if I don't attend the funeral?

Feeling Guilty About Missing a Funeral

Missing a funeral can bring up a lot of emotions, but guilt shouldn't necessarily be one of them.

Grief, Set in Stone

Grief is a funny thing. Our mind tells us one thing, but our heart tells a different story. Healing from grief is a process of getting both of them in agreement.

Why Cemeteries Are Important

More and more people are visiting these fascinating places, and not just to visit their lost loved ones' graves. Cemeteries are becoming destinations for photographers, for walkers and runners, for genealogists and historians.

Are You One of the 3 Kinds of People Who Should Consider Pre-Planning a Funeral?

If you fall into one of these categories, pre-planning your funeral is worth considering.

Plan a Funeral

Protect your loved ones from worry. Begin now to set up a reliable advance funeral plan.