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Audra Lindley: Mrs. Roper & More

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Audra Lindley: Mrs. Roper & More

Fifteen years after Audra Lindley's death, many of us still know her best as Mrs. Roper.

For the first three seasons of Three's Company, Lindley played the frustrated but friendly landlady to Jack Tripper and crew. She wore a lot of muumuus, frequently took her husband to task for his inattention, and helped "the kids" upstairs hide their unconventional living arrangement. When Lindley and her TV husband, played by Norman Fell, left Three's Company for the short-lived spinoff The Ropers, we sure missed them.

Of course, there was more to Audra Lindley’s career than playing Mrs. Roper. Before Three's Company began, she already had a couple of notable TV gigs under her belt – six years as "Aunt Liz" Matthews on Another World, and a single season as Bridget's mother on controversial and short-lived Bridget Loves Bernie.





And after Three's Company, her career went on, with movies like Cannery Row and Troop Beverly Hills, and more recurring roles on TV, like Phoebe's grandmother on Friends and Cybill's mother on Cybill.





But we can't help loving her best as the lady in the caftan.





Written by Linnea Crowther