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Harrison Ford

March 16, 1884, saw the birth of a legendary film actor: 128 years ago today, Harrison Ford was born.

If you're thinking Indiana Jones seemed a lot younger than 97 when he chased down the Lost Ark, or that Han Solo looked great for 94… you're right. Harrison Ford, the beloved action hero, is still with us, and he's only 69 years old. But he's not the first man named Harrison Ford to grace the silver screen.

Harrison Ford (Wikimedia Commons)
Harrison Ford (Wikimedia Commons)



The first Ford was a silent film actor who began his movie career in 1915 and (much like The Artist’s George Valentin) only appeared in one "talkie" – 1932's Love in High Gear, his final movie. He also starred on Broadway and toured with the USO during World War II. And though he may not be the Harrison Ford we know best, he's still honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

And by the way, there's no known relation between the two Harrison Fords – other than good looks and acting talent.

In Smilin' Through, Harrison Ford recues Norma Talmadge from a buffoon trying to woo her:



Written by Linnea Crowther