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Natalie Wood in the News

Getty Images / Tim Boxer

Natalie Wood died in 1981 in a mysterious drowning accident. In 2011, the case was re-opened.

Fans were shocked when Hollywood leading lady Natalie Wood died Nov. 29, 1981, in a mysterious drowning accident. Three decades later her name was much in the news.

In November 2011, the long-cold case into Wood's mysterious death was reopened, thanks to new evidence from the captain of the ship she was on before her tragic demise.

October 2011 marked the 50th anniversary of the "West Side Story" film release, bringing with it nationwide screenings and the debut of a Blu-Ray edition.

Also in 2011, actor/filmmaker James Franco released "Rebel," an odd little short that takes its inspiration from "Rebel Without a Cause". Both "West Side Story" and "Rebel Without a Cause" showcase Wood's talent and beauty, and both are fantastic movies all these years later.

As the investigation into Wood's death continues, we hope the results will bring resolution and closure to those who loved her.

In the meantime, we will remember Wood by watching her best performances.

Originally published November 2011