Sandra Dee, Ingénue

Sandra Dee was born to play the ingénue. With her cute-as-a-button features and her petite figure, she was the picture of wide-eyed innocence (rather than bedroom-eyed sensuality). Again and again, she played the cutie pie. Typecast? Probably. But she played the role so perfectly that it's hard to get too upset about it.

Dee would have turned 70 today. To celebrate, we're watching a couple of her movie classics – and listening to a song from her short recording career.

Gidget was cute, but she was no girlie-girl: she held her own surfing right alongside the guys.

In The Reluctant Debutante, Dee's adorable rich girl was more interested in finding love than an appropriate marriage.

Sandra Dee's singing voice was just as cute as her movie image. Here, she performs "When I Fall in Love.”