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Edward Nixon (1930–2019), brother of President Richard Nixon

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Geologist worked on his brother's campaigns...

Edward Nixon was the youngest brother of President Richard Nixon and worked on his brother's presidential campaigns in 1968 and 1972. In 1974, he was a witness for the defense in the conspiracy trial of Commerce Secretary Maurice Stans and former Attorney General John N. Mitchell. A U.S. Navy veteran and Naval Reservist, Nixon had a Master's degree in geological engineering. He served as president of the energy consulting firm Nixon World Enterprises from 1971 until his death.

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Died: February 27, 2019 (Who else died on February 27?)

Details of death: Died at an assisted living facility in Bothell, Washington at the age of 88.

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Family chronicler: In 2009, Nixon released his memoir, "The Nixons: A Family Portrait," co-written with Karen L. Olsen. In it, he talked about the unusual brotherly relationship he and the former president shared, having been born 17 years apart. "I'd have to say Dick was more than a brother," he recalled. "Because we never shared a boyhood, he assumed the role of assistant father and mentor."

On his brother, the president: “I considered Dick to be outgoing with his ears — not with his mouth. Through thought-provoking questions, he encouraged me to learn and solve problems. More than anyone else in the family, he could stand back from a contentious situation and give impartial and convincing advice.” —from "The Nixons: A Family Portrait"

What people said about him: “He was a source of guidance to our father, whose favorite little Eddie grew up into a renowned geologist with an infectious curiosity. He was always thinking, always working — never for his own benefit, but to uncover the answers to questions that science poses in our world. Ed Nixon lived a life that was purposeful, determined, and always interesting; his legacy of kindheartedness and the lessons of his mentorship will remain with us.” —Tricia Nixon Cox and Julie Nixon Eisenhower, President Nixon's daughters

Full obituary: New York Times

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