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Flydubai Flight 981 Crash Victims

Getty Images / TASS / Valery Matytsin

Flydubai Flight 981 Crash Victims

All 62 people aboard Flydubai Flight 981 perished when it crashed March 19 in Rostov-on-Don, Russia, according to multiple news sources.

The Boeing 737 was making a second landing attempt at the airport in southern Russia. The pilots had aborted an earlier attempt as a result of poor weather conditions including high winds and poor visibility. The aircraft had circled for about two hours before making the second attempt.

Terrorism was ruled out as a possible cause. Authorities will focus their investigation on weather conditions.

The flight originated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The March 19 crash was the first fatal accident in Flydubai's seven-year history.

“Flydubai very much regrets to confirm that the accident involving flight number FZ981 at Rostov-on-Don earlier today has resulted in 55 passenger fatalities including 33 women, 18 men, and four children,” the airline said in a news release.

“The nationalities of the deceased passengers include 44 Russians, eight Ukrainians, two Indians, and one Uzbekistani.”

The captain of the plane was from Cyprus, and the co-pilot was from Spain. The cabin crew was made up of one national each from Columbia, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Seychelles, and Spain.

Leaders in the region designated the day after the crash as a day of mourning.

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