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Peggy Lipton (1946–2019), starred on "The Mod Squad" and "Twin Peaks"

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Mother of actress Rashida Jones and former wife of music producer Quincy Jones

Peggy Lipton was an actress, model, and singer who starred on "The Mod Squad" and "Twin Peaks." On "The Mod Squad" (1968–1973), she was the ultra-hip flower child and undercover cop Julie Barnes. On "Twin Peaks" (1990–1991), she played Norma Jennings, owner of the Double R Diner and a former beauty queen, reprising the role in the 1992 film "Twin Peaks" Fire Walk with Me." In between the two notable roles, Lipton largely stepped away from acting to raise her family – the former wife of musician and producer Quincy Jones, she was the mother of actresses Rashida Jones and Kidada Jones. Lipton also had a recording career in the late 1960s and early 1970s with moderately popular singles including "Stoney End" and "Lu."

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Died: May 11, 2019 (Who else died on May 11?)

Details of death: Died in Los Angeles of colon cancer at the age of 72.

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Later career: Lipton returned to "Twin Peaks" when the long-awaited third season aired in 2017. She also appeared in movies including "The Postman" (1997) and "A Dog's Purpose" (2017), and she had recurring roles on television shows "Popular," "Alias," and "Crash." In 2017, she appeared on an episode of daughter Rashida's show "Angie Tribeca," playing the mother of her daughter's character.

On returning to acting after a long hiatus: “It was very scary. I had a push-pull thing inside me that I wanted to do it… I had become so insulated in my world as a mother, that I didn't know how to pick up the phone and call anybody to put myself out there.” —Lipton in a 1993 interview with the Los Angeles Times

What people said about her: “We can’t put all of our feelings into words right now, but we will say: Peggy was and will always be our beacon of light, both in this world and beyond. She will always be a part of us.” —Her daughters Rashida and Kidada Jones in a joint statement

“The RR Diner is dark today. Very sorry to hear Peggy Lipton is gone. We've lost a beautiful soul.” —"Twin Peaks" star Kyle MacLachlan

"I lost a sister today. She was a true angel on earth. Always the coolest in the room. You couldn’t fit anymore love into that gorgeous soul of hers and she shared her heart generously with everyone around her. She was such a proud mother. Loved her girls more than anything in the world. I will always love you Peggy. I hope to dance with you again in the stars one day." 👯‍♀️ #PeggyLipton#NormaAndShelly4Ever —"Twin Peaks" co-star Madchen Amick on Instagram

“Peggy Lipton was so many things: and every single one of them was cool.” —Ben Mankiewicz, host of Turner Classic Movies

"Simply heartbreaking loss Peggy Lipton was a beautiful woman inside & out. So glad I got a chance to tell her that her character on #ModSquad was an inspiration for Judy Hoffs on 21 Jump Street Sending love strength and courage to daughters" —Actress Holly Robinson Peete on Twitter

"She’s the one I always wanted to be." —Actress Helen Hunt on Twitter

“Peggy Lipton may not have seen herself as breaking barriers, but her marriage to Quincy Jones helped to do just that. I remember them visiting our southern AZ ranch in the mid-70s. The music star, TV star, and their kids, were fun, funny and glamorous.” —Journalist Morgan Loew

Full obituary: Los Angeles Times

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