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Talia Joy, Cover Girl / Nick Ehrhardt

Talia Joy, Cover Girl

Talia Joy Castellano (Image via Facebook)There are a lot of reasons why women wear makeup. We use it to cover up things we don't like and to highlight things we do. We might wear it to attract attention or to hide from the world. Some of us think it's an essential, something we wouldn't leave home without, while others consider it strictly a fun form of self-expression. Then there was Talia Joy Castellano, the 13-year-old girl who used makeup to thumb her nose at cancer.

When harsh cancer treatments took the young girl's hair, she didn't turn to a wig, as many fighting cancer do. Instead, she honed her face-painting skills and declared, "Makeup is my wig." As she became more skilled, she began sharing makeup tutorials on her YouTube channel, TaliaJoy18. With nearly a million subscribers to date, her YouTube videos have made quite a splash.


Castellano became an honorary CoverGirl model and assisted fashion designer Urbana Chappa in creating a line of clothing called "That Bald Chick." But she used her enthusiasm for life to do more than fashion – she also worked with the Children's Cancer Foundation to create a support program for children with cancer and their families.

On Tuesday, July 16, 2013, Talia Joy Castellano died, after years of battling neuroblastoma and pre-leukemia. In her obituary guest book and on her Facebook page and YouTube channel, tributes to this young makeup artist's inspirational life are pouring in as people remember the girl who used makeup as a show of strength.