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Teen's Bucket List Raises Millions for Cancer Research / Nick Ehrhardt

Teen's Bucket List Raises Millions for Cancer Research

Stephen Sutton was diagnosed with cancer at 15 and chose to spend the rest of his life living out his dreams in the limited time he had left. He set out to cross off 46 things he wanted to do before he died, and posted the list on Facebook where thousands of people were soon following along on his adventures. As his fame grew, he decided to channel his renown into helping others, and began raising funds for cancer research. While living out fantasies like playing drums before a crowd at Wembley Stadium or meeting Prime Minister David Cameron, Sutton also was raising awareness of the need for medical research and convincing others to join him in making it possible. After setting an initial goal for himself of $17,000, Sutton went on to raise $5.4 million. Stephen Sutton died this week at 19, bringing to a close his remarkable journey. You can still read about him and his work online at