The Real Marge Simpson

If Margaret Groening's last name sounds familiar, it is likely because of her famous and very funny son, Matt, who created one of TV's most iconic shows – "The Simpsons." And if Mrs. Groening's first name sounds familiar… well, that's no coincidence either. One of the great TV moms, "The Simpsons" matriarch Marge was named after her creator's own mother.

Margaret Groening (Image via The Oregonian)

Margaret Groening died recently at age 94. A look at her obituary in The Oregonian reveals the fact that she wasn't the only family member immortalized as a resident of the fictional town of Springfield. Margaret Groening’s late husband was Homer. Their children included Patty, Lisa and Maggie, who lent their names to Marge's TV sister and daughters. Mrs. Groening's maiden name, Wiggum, became the last name of Springfield's police chief and his sweet-but-dopey son.

Interviews with Mrs. Groening suggest that she took her son's use of family names in stride – but she maintained that he only used names for inspiration, and that Simpsons' storylines weren't based on family stories.

Our hearts go out to the Groening family, who must be missing their mother. She was truly an inspiration.