Not everyone gets a cocktail named in their memory, but Motorhead's Lemmy Kilmister is a special case.

When Lemmy Kilmister, founder and frontman of Motorhead, died in December, the rock world lost one of its most colorful characters. And Jack Daniel's whiskey lost one of its most devoted fans.

The 70-year-old rocker was well known for his excesses – his heavy drinking and smoking went hand in hand with his rock and roll lifestyle. But he wasn't the type to have beer one night, tequila shots the next, gin and tonics on a third. Lemmy was a Jack-and-Coke man. Exclusively. For decades.

Lemmy reportedly drank a bottle of Jack Daniel's a day, mixed with a copious amount of Coke and an ice cube here and there. Only in the last months of his life did he back off, switching to vodka and orange juice in a nod to his diabetes. Much of this drinking took place at his favorite watering hole, the Rainbow Bar and Grill (conveniently located down the street from his longtime apartment). Friends and fans could often find him there, playing video games with a Jack and Coke in one hand and a cigarette burning in the ashtray. When Lemmy died, it was the Rainbow that hosted his public memorial, and the Jack and Cokes were flowing in memory of a rock and roll legend.

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Now there's a new Jack-and-Coke-related tribute to Lemmy: Food and Beverage Magazine recently announced that the popular drink would henceforth be called "The Lemmy." The news followed on the heels of a petition for the renaming, which has gained almost 45,000 signatures. You can now walk into your own favorite watering hole and order a Lemmy and, theoretically, the bartender will quickly serve up a Jack and Coke. If you're anywhere other than the Rainbow, it could be a while until the change takes hold, and you might need to explain your order the first few times, but we think the Lemmy will eventually be as immediately understandable as the Arnold Palmer or the Shirley Temple.

We also think Lemmy would have appreciated the tribute... it's easy to picture him bellying up to the bar with a growl of "Gimme a Lemmy!" He was a star with few pretensions and a healthy sense of humor. Perhaps the renaming would even have prompted him to set aside the vodka and orange juice once in a while, returning to his namesake cocktail. So raise a glass – preferably a Lemmy – in a toast to Lemmy.

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