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Died September 19

Author Jackie Collins knew how to write a steamy romance novel. Her books sold over 500 million copies, and eight of her novels were adapted into feature films, television miniseries, or TV movies. We remember her life today as well as the lives of other notable people who died this day in history.

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2018: Arthur Mitchell, groundbreaking African-American ballet dancer, dies at 84.

2015: Jackie Collins, British romance novelist whose books sold over 500 million copies, dies at 77.

Collins burst onto the writing scene in 1968 with her debut novel, "The World Is Full of Married Men." A tale of infidelity set in the Swinging '60s, the novel, with its blue language and racy themes, was decried as pornographic by many in the writing establishment and was banned in Australia and South Africa. But the scandal turned the book into a best-seller and Collins into a rising literary star. Read more




2011: Dolores Hope, U.S. singer and entertainer who was married to Bob Hope for 69 years, dies at 102.

Dolores Hope, widow of Bob Hope, at her 100th birthday (AP Photo)In 1933, when Bob Hope was appearing in his first Broadway show, "Roberta," his friend and fellow cast member George Murphy persuaded him to visit the Vogue Club to "hear a pretty girl sing." She was Dolores Reade, a dark beauty whose singing of "It's Only a Paper Moon" entranced the young comedian. "I'll never forget what a wonderful singer she was," said Rip Taylor. "In fact, that's how Bob and Dolores met. It seems to me that they were always laughing." Read more




2009: Roc Raida, U.S. disc jockey who was a member of the legendary DJ group the X-Ecutioners and was the winner in 1995 of the Disco Mix Club World DJ Championship, dies of a heart attack at 37.

2006: Danny Flores, U.S. saxophonist for the group the Champs who wrote their hit song "Tequila" and played the well-known saxophone lines in the song, dies of pneumonia at 77.

2006: Elizabeth Allen, U.S. actress who was a regular cast member on "The Paul Lynde Show" and starred with John Wayne in the John Ford movie "Donovan's Reef," dies of kidney failure at 77.

2004: Skeeter Davis, U.S. country music singer known best for her pop crossover hits of the 1960s including "The End of the World," dies of cancer at 72.

2003: Slim Dusty, Australian country music singer-songwriter who sold over 7 million records in Australia, dies of kidney cancer at 76.

1998: Patricia Hayes, English actress who appeared in "A Fish Called Wanda" and played Fin Raziel in the movie "Willow," dies at 88.

1995: Orville Redenbacher, U.S. businessman who co-created Orville Redenbacher's Gourmet Popping Corn, dies after a heart attack at 88.

1989: Willie Steele, U.S. long jumper who won the gold medal at the 1948 London Olympics, dies at 66.

1984: June Preisser, U.S. actress who starred in two of the Andy Hardy movies opposite Mickey Rooney, dies at 64.

1973: Gram Parsons, U.S. singer-songwriter and guitarist who was a pioneer of country rock and a onetime member of the Byrds and the Flying Burrito Brothers, dies of an overdose of morphine and alcohol at 26.

1969: Rex Ingram, U.S. actor who appeared in "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" and "The Thief of Bagdad," dies at 73.

1968: Red Foley, U.S. country music singer-songwriter and musician who sold more than 25 million records and was elected to the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1967, dies at 58.

1942: Condé Montrose Nast, U.S. magazine publisher who founded Condé Nast Publications, which publishes Vanity Fair, Vogue, and The New Yorker, dies at 69.

1938: Pauline Frederick, U.S. actress who was a movie star during the silent era, dies at 55.

1881: James A. Garfield, U.S. politician who served as the 20th president of the United States, is assassinated while in office at 49.

Click to discover notable people who were born this day in history including Batman's Adam West.