Maile Rachel Hale

Maile Rachel Hale
World Trade Center

A Renaissance Woman

Well-rounded is too pale a term for Maile Rachel Hale. Her heart was in dancing ‹ ballet and, later, modern. She was a chemistry major in college. And at 26, she was the chief operating officer and vice president of Boston Investor Services, overseeing the management of billions of dollars. On Sept. 11, she was attending a conference at Windows on the World.

As a young woman, she made peace with her shyness, said CarolAnn Hale, her mother. "She was calm and quiet and really, really sweet," said Kimberly Gilbert, a college roommate. "She would put together a party and do all the work," said Mrs. Hale. "And when it was going, she'd be standing by the side, watching and enjoying people." Along with dance, her passion was the ocean, acquired while growing up in Honolulu. And chocolate ‹ M&M's, Dove bars, desserts. "She was the craziest chocolate person ever," said Ms. Gilbert. "But she thought, as an adult and professional, she wasn't supposed to be so excited about chocolate. So she was always sneaking it."

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on October 22, 2001.

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