Adam White

Adam White
World Trade Center

Days Filled With Surprises

Growing up in Atlanta, Adam White was like an electron zinging through an always-interesting orbit, or maybe several orbits at once. "He was an exhausting child," said his stepmother, Georgia, who joined the family when Adam was 4. And also a charming one, who packed more into his waking hours than anyone she knew.

He loved surprises and drama and being the star of the show. When his high school put on a production of "Amadeus," he landed the role of Mozart, playing all the piano passages himself. He had hundreds of friends, scattered all over the world, and dozens of interests, like mountain climbing and traveling and oratory, into which he poured his heart.

Adult life took him to San Francisco, and then to New York, where Mr. White, 26, was developing an electronic trading program in carbon dioxide for Cantor Fitzgerald. "The bigger the city, the better for him," Mrs. White said. "His brothers used to go and visit him, wherever he was, and say afterwards that they felt like they had been there for a month when it had only been a few days.

"His dad went up to visit him in New York for a weekend last year, and when he got back he had to rest for a couple of days before he could go back to work. Everything was so exciting with Adam."

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on October 24, 2001.

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