Alan Wayne Friedlander

Alan Wayne Friedlander
World Trade Center

Bikes, Photos and Family

Alan W. Friedlander was a family man with a handful of passions: bicycling, planning vacations and photography. He bought his wife, Helen, a bicycle, and the second weekend in September they headed from their home in Yorktown Heights, up the Westchester County Trail to Baldwin Place. When their daughter, Laura, was living abroad, they visited her, and he enjoyed studying books and maps whenever the family traveled.

The couple met at the Gristede's on Second Avenue at 68th Street, where he stocked shelves and she worked the checkout. They were married for 28 years, with a son, Steven, 26, and Laura, 22. Mr. Friedlander, 52, a senior vice president at Aon Corporation, had recently enjoyed taking pictures of the figure skating competitions his wife liked to attend. "He really did everything well, and he was a patient guy," she said, "so he took a gazillion shots." His four best pictures are displayed in a spare bedroom.

Mrs. Friedlander wanted to add one last thing: "My favorite time of day was 10 til 7 at night, because that's when he came home."

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on December 29, 2001.

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