Josh Rosenthal

Josh Rosenthal
World Trade Center

A Man and Sister Grow Up

Last Sunday night, Josh Rosenthal went out for dinner with his sister, Helen, and her family to celebrate the coming of fall and the fact that they were all together again after being apart over the summer. "He had just picked up 'Catcher in the Rye' again,' " she said. "And he was just adorable about the relationship between Holden and his sister."

A portfolio manager at Fiduciary Trust, Mr. Rosenthal most liked "to play with his nieces, but of course I would say that," Ms. Rosenthal said. "He would tease them mercilessly, just like he would tease me when I was a little girl." He would also bring them gifts from his many travels, like a stamp with their names in Japanese or beautiful Chinese robes. Ms. Rosenthal, who described her only sibling as her best friend, said that the two had been especially close since a two-month trip they took together through southeast Asia about 15 years ago, where they discovered each other as adults. "He wasn't teasing me anymore," she said.

Profile published by THE NEW YORK TIMES on September 15, 2001.

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