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July 15, 2018

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July 15, 2018

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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May 13, 2017
Dear Neuhausers,
I never forget Sieglinde showing me her room on a visit to your big house and sharing with me her delight in learning, in school, in science, in her family. Her vigorous joy, which she kept to the end of her days, that is, her days on earth. I deeply believe she is rejoicing even more and with us all in spirit.
Love to you all,
April 03, 2017
Give me a call if you need anything. I could take care of her horse or dog. Probably too late...
April 03, 2017
I worked at Sandia with Sieglinde from ~1990 until 1996. She was a great mentor, and a great supporter of women in science and engineering. She was so smart and well rounded, it seemed she knew a great deal about almost every topic. I still remember how shocked she was that I didn't know what song the doomed were singing on the Titanic as it sank. I pray she is at peace and am glad to hear that she was surrounded by her family as she passed.
March 27, 2017
Sieglinde was my good friend and sometime mentor at Sandia. I was ghersuccessor as "Ms. RADTRAN." She was greatly missed by the Sandia community whenshe retired,and is remembered fondly.
March 19, 2017
Dear Aunt Ginga,
you taught me how to write essays and scientific papers but not how to write good-bye notes.
I'm sorry we didn't get to see each other a lot, but the times we did I enjoyed very much.
You've always been kind and thoughtful and willing to share your knowledge.
My bachelor's thesis would not have turned out so well without your help.
I'll always remember your lessons on Shakespeare over the phone and the cute Squirrel memorabilia you've sent me for Christmas.
I hope you got my thank you letter.
I'll miss you!
February 24, 2017
Dear Aunt Ginga,

I will always cherish the memories of my visit with you at your home in Los Ranchos. Spending time with you, one on one, was a wonderful experience and I am thankful for that opportunity. Helping you catalogue your library was a fun project and I learned a lot. You introduced me to Babylon 5 which was a treat to talk about it with you. You showed me your world, your animals and gardens, the local history and natural science. On my last day of my trip, you took me out to tour the Kuaua Pueblo Ruins and we both appreciated the art exhibit, along with the rabbits finding shade in the courtyard. I enjoyed the trip very much, and you were so kind and thoughtful, and fun loving. I will always remember you.Even the part when we accidentally hit a roadside trashcan with the car mirror. You will be missed.

You loving nephew, Patrick
February 19, 2017
Ginga, this is difficult to write because I am still grappling with the concept that you have left this world. I miss you. I don't want to say good bye.
You taught me so much. I have a life time of beautiful memories of you.
You were the most genuinely generous and caring person I've ever known. And, you always did things 110%.
I know that you wanted to stay in your beautiful home with your beautiful fellow creatures to the end, and you did. For this I am thankful.
You never once complained about the disability you had in your later years. Ever. Instead, you forged ahead, accomplishing so very much, traveling, and of course always learning about new things - as was your passion. Your fortitude and strength was admirable and unmatched. You were and will always be an inspiration for us all.
You were a beautiful person, inside an out, Ginga. That is a cliché that only applies to a very tiny number of people. You are one of those people, Ginga the head of the pack.
The day I came home, I heard odd bird sounds. I looked all around to locate the source, then finally I looked straight up. Up high above me was a large flock of geese, Ginga. I've never seen Geese in Las Cruces. They were flying North of East. You so loved to watch the geese, and of course learned all there was to know about each. They paid you homage, it was a beautiful salute.
You were an angel on earth to so, so many fellow creatures in desperate need of a caring hand. I know that you dancing with the angels, now, Ginga. Peace be with you.
February 17, 2017
Peace be with you, my dear Sister.
February 17, 2017
Dear Ginga, My sister, My friend

Ginga was always there, the Flagship. She forged ahead leading her siblings through the murky waters of life. Always strong, confident, generous with her love and steadfast. We had a fun childhood, playing games, playing school, creating fun things to do. We traveled life and the world together, down trails old and worn, on roads familiar and strange, Ginga always wanted to see and learn more. Never afraid of something new or different.

In more recent years, we explored Northern Ireland together, found exciting treasures at PRONI, visited Roseyards Presbyterian Church, Ballymoney, County Antrim (a family connection). Ginga enjoyed shopping in the village stores and admiring the gardens. Ginga sketched and painted pictures of the rural countryside. We made a new friend, Bob, who has kept in touch over the years.

We took a road trip across country to Gloucester. A very memorable trip, visiting family and friends along the way. Ginga was very happy to be involved in and a part of the Grammy Art Exhibit. She was very happy to visit with relatives. We had fun and lots of good laughs along the way. Poor Ginga! she tried to back out of Roy's driveway and nearly took his mailbox. We couldn't stop laughing. Being the oldest she certainly was picked on a lot, but she always took it well!

We collaborated in the transcription of the Grammy diaries. No detail left unturned; we researched everything from places to people to food to period slang terms. I will try to forge ahead with this project, but without Ginga's guidance, it will be difficult..

We spent countless hours on the phone discussing everything from genealogy, gardening, cooking, literature, politics, animals, kids, travel - never a shortage of subjects. We planned future trips and projects.

Ginga was full of life, love and happiness. Her love of family was very deep and very strong. She took a great interest in the lives of her nieces and nephews, offering her guidance and experience where ever needed. She was a true friend to those she loved, animals and people. And many, many loved her in return.

For many years, she quietly suffered. Never complained. Thankful for each day of life. She has passed from this world to a place of peace and into the company of loved ones who preceded her. She has left an expanse that can only be filled with all the wonderful memories and love for her, with the tinkling of her laughter in the background.

Farewell dear Sister, We will be together again. All my love, Karla
February 17, 2017
Remembering the good times when she visited us at the Crabtree farm where her Mother was raised. was so glad that my oldest son Travis got to meet Sieglinda while working in New Mexico and talked with her a week before Christmas. He told me she was the coolest person he had met in years.

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