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Angie Jakusz (1980–2021), contestant on “Survivor: Palau”

by Linnea Crowther

Angie Jakusz was a reality TV star who competed in “Survivor: Palau” in 2005.

“No Fun Angie”

Jakusz was working as a bartender when she was cast on Season 10 of “Survivor,” set on the Pacific island of Palau. She stood out for her many colorful tattoos, and though she was initially seen as an outsider, she bonded with other cast members and became part of the losing Ulong tribe. She was given the affectionate nickname “No Fun Angie” for her independence on the island. Jakusz made it to day 12 of the show before being eliminated. In 2010, she was seen attending the “Survivor” 10-year anniversary party.

Jakusz on the Ulong tribe’s challenges

“I’d watched enough ‘Survivor’ to know that you have an equal balance of both brains and brawn, and we didn’t seem to. It became apparent that people even had a hard time listening to what Jeff Probst was saying about the rules of the challenges.” —from a 2005 interview with the New York Times


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