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Bill Austin

Phoenix, Arizona



Phoenix, Arizona


Bill Austin, longtime radio host

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Beth and Bill really defined unscripted humor. I say humor, but that would be unfair to the seriousness of their message. They were both passionate about different things. I remember Beth pounding her fist about -well something so long ago I don't remember.

I hpe the network will re-air "Cooking with Beth and Bill"

I've been living outside the state for several years and just came home this year to be with the fam for Xmas and my mom told me about the sad news. I am deeply shocked and saddened that Bill passed away. I was just a little boy growing up in Mesa when I first started watching Bill on channel 12. I grew up watching and later listening to him on the radio and their spots on Good Morning Arizona. As I got older and found myself working in radio, I worked in the same building as he did and would...

OMG, i just read this bad tragedy so sorry for your loss . i know it has been two years but we just found out. we thought he retired . when we did not hear him on the radio.

OMG, i am saddened eventhough its been 2 yrs . i honestly thought it was a joke and he was on vacation or had quit working . I am sorry

OMG, i just read this bad tragedy , it is so heartbreaking , I tuned in today & was wondering why i was hearing this other mans voice (not bills) so i googled and found out this sad news. My condulences Beth he is with u always and with us everymorning , I loved hearing his voice & u guys quarreling over your winetimes. dam it its not the same though. god bless

My heart is saddened by Bill's passing. I listened to Beth and Bill every morning for ten years while living in Scottsdale. He will be missed.

Bill was my Uncle in a non family way, I knew him since high school days when he worked at KBIM and was part of the drama class he and his mom and dad were a part of our life. When he worked in Amarillo was the last and final time I would see him and get to hear his wonderful voice. I am so proud to have been in his life even if for a short time.