Bobby Doyle

Austin, Texas


He gave Kenny Rogers a gig in 1959 and replaced David Clayton-Thomas in Blood, Sweat & Tears in 1972, but piano player Bobby Doyle made the most impact locally by establishing Ego's, a dark apartment complex lounge on South Congress Avenue, as a live music venue in the early '90s. A...

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One sat night, after an early am jam session at the "ShowBiz" club on Holcombe Blvd (around July '64) with Bobby, Don, and Kenny, during the later set, Kenny asked me if I wanted to go with him and Bobby over to the nearby Rice University parking lot by the stadium to "let Bobby drive" his cadillac. I was game and I found myself around 4am in the back seat of a Caddy with Bobby D and Kenny in the front......with Bobby flooring the pedal and heading straight for the...

And for those of you posting in memory of a coach named Bobby Doyle, you have the wrong obituary that you are posting to. This Bobby Doyle was a blind musician from Texas. He was never a track coach. Sorry.

Please look Bobby Doyle up in Facebook. We have started a memorial page for him there to be remembered. Look for it. Thank you.

We first met Bobby at the Ramada Inn in Houston about 1964, and remember Kenny singing "Fly Me to the Moon" like Sinatra. Bobby had a great voice for ballads and played great piano. I had no idea he was back in Texas until I came across this obit. When the trio came to Beaumont they sat in at a dance we (Chase & Gene) were playing & we stayed in touch until they went on the road with the Kirby Stone Four. He was a great talent. RIP Bobby.

miss ya, more canasta, no more backstrap, don't go to Eddie V's anymore, but Kay and I played your music this weekend...we miss ya. Save me a place on your bandstand I know you and Jim are jammin'

I first met Bobby Doyle in 1963 at the Show Biz, not far from the Shamrock Hotel. A few weeks later I spoke to him again while he was at the Thunderbird, trying to set up a date in Dallas. Fast forward 37 years. I had not heard, heard of, thought of, or seen the man in the interim. I walk into the Driskill Lounge and take a seat with my back to the piano player. After a while I tell my date, "You know, that guy playing the piano - that voice - those chords, remind me of a blind piano...

Just ran across the Bobby as a friend when we were in our teens...even water skied at night on Lake Austin! will really be missed! R.I.P. big guy!

I remember Bobby from the ole days at The Terrace on South Main. I was lead singer for a band and we would hang out at The Terrace weekends and often times they let us play during their breaks. Kenny was a really good guy and so easy going - I remember helping him bring in the equipment from his station wagon and set up. Goodness way back maybe 1964 a huge pitcher of that CIDER was about $1.75 and it lasted! So sorry that I am late - Bobby was the cream of the crop. Rest In Peace!

I remember the first time I met Bobby. He was performing at the Caucus Restaurant in Austin. I was auditioning for the happy hour gig and Tracy Demeritt, the owner, told me I would have to pass Bobby's critical ear.
Bobby and I became fast friends and performed together many times. My heart is sad to know I will not get to see him again. He was a priceless treasure to the world. I know Heaven is sweeter having him home. I Miss You Bobby! Dub Putnam ? AKA Eric Golden