Brad "Buster B." Jones

Goodview, Virginia


Goodview, Virginia


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Brad Jones passed away in Goodview, Virginia. The obituary was featured in Roanoke Times on February 5, 2009.

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I had the honor to "hang out" with Brad at a friend's house years ago. On one occasion, he began playing an intricate piece and then stopped abruptly. He proceeded to hand me his guitar asking me to adjust it to be out of tune. He asked two others present to do the same. When the guitar was returned to him, he turned around for a couple of minutes to figure things out. Then he turned back around and continued playing the same piece exactly where he left off!!! I was completely...

In the processes of ordering guitar instruction books I discovered Marcel Dadi and Buster B Jones died in their forties - so sad that great musicians that have given so much to the advancement or finger style guitar died so young. Their legacy will live on as they continue to give joy to the guitar enthusiast.

The spirit of your music lies on through the talents of a young man I heard at the Henry estates winery in Umpqua Or. Brooks Robertson spoke very humbly and highly of your inspiration and mentoring and performed some of your music--I have since seen the many clips of Brad on You Tube and have been slackjawed and dazzled by the technique and soul of the man--the guitar world lost one of its brightest stars with his passing--I am humbled and saddened by his passing.

I just read this article now and am very sorry to learn of the passing of Brad Jones.

I took guitar lessons from Brad at The Fret Mill in Roanoke in 1989 and 1990. I moved away from the area in 1990 and wished I had more time to learn from him. He truly was a guitar master and had a very nice and generous soul. He could have been extremely rich and famous if he had wanted that.

I'll be your 50th Brad! I remember sitting in The Fret Mill in Roanoke down on the market playing music with you. You showed me so many different chords and styles. I loved swing the most. I remember playing Travelin" Band out on the city market square with you...key of F#. I bought my Gibson J-200 thanks to your help at The Fret Mill. I gave up alcohol almost 11 months ago...I was so close Brad...very close. I am truly sorry you are gone. I so wish I had spoken with you before...

April 18, 2011
I have only just learnt, with great sadness, of Buster Jones death. I have most of his instructional guitar videos in which he comes across not only as a great teacher but a wise and endearing man who recognised the shallow ambience of fame. I would love to have met him. Que lastima - such is life.
Rod Smith. Oxford, England.

So very sad to hear of his passing. He was and continues to be a part of my daily life. I never met him in person, but he has been such an inspiration. He truly was one of the greatest to bless this earth. He will be missed.

Still remembering you Brad...

I just found out about him in May 2010 and miss him already. So sad, so young and so much talent gone too soon.