David Oliver Relin


Relin, David OliverPortland, OR: Born December 12, 1962, died November 15, 2012, in Portland, Oregon. He is survived by his beloved wife Dawn, mother Marjorie Relin (Cary Ratcliff), sisters Rachel Relin and Jennifer Cherelin (David), aunts Ruth Ellen Cohen, and Renee and Jane Relin, father-in-law...

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I recently read Second Suns and loved every minute of it, I was really touched by this book and it rarely failed to bring tears to my eyes, usually happy tears. (I had read Three Cups of Tea and loved that book too.)

When I read at the end that the author had died I was very surprised but when I read the circumstances I was really shocked and saddened.

The world lost a lovely man and a great author, so sorry for your loss to all his family and anyone who knew him...

I was very moved when I read Three Cups of Tea, but the degree of my enjoyment was infinitely greater when I saw that the author was my once-upon-a-time classmate at the Harley School, David Relin. We have been out of touch since junior high school, but the memories of those days are brilliant; tinged with sadness now that I have learned of his untimely death. If we had been able to meet again, we'd have had so much to share as our lives have run along. My deepest condolences to your family,...

As I finish 'Second Suns', I am touched, awestruck and saddened at the same time. Now I am even more saddened since I discovered the fate of its author. So sorry for your loss and ours too.

I read Second Suns with such ongoing gratitude and conversational prayer to David for his great gifts and contribution to uplifting the hope of humanity through his engaging story telling about the parts of humanity we need to know. I presented David as an example of a person who saw truth clearly and was a trustworthy teacher of that truth. I played Daniel Lanois' Shine as capturing for me the beauty of David's grasp of humanity at its best. I too thank you his family for the posthumous...

The light of David can continue to shine because of his incredible gift of writing. Thank you for letting his Second Sons book be published posthumously. It conveys him and the people he wrote about as genuinely sincere in their efforts to help others.

I am finishing David's book Second Suns and I am so moved by his mastery of language and eloquent ability to weave such an inspiring story that I felt compelled to learn more about the man writing this book. I was shocked and saddened to learn of his untimely death. I want to express to him and his family how appreciative I am that he shared his amazing talents with the rest of us. What an impact for good he has had on the world. Heartfelt condolences.

Saddened to read about David's passing. Just finished reading "Second Suns". Like "Three Cups of Tea" it opened my eyes to needs in the world that I knew little about.

It saddens me to think of whose stories will be left untold. David had so much more in him to share. He lived more than most people would in 10 lifetimes. He is greatly missed by his family and many dear friends. He has touched millions with his work.