Edwin C. Baquet

Riverside, California


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EDWIN C. BAQUET Edwin C. Baquet was a good man. He was a good husband who loved his wife Oresa for over 65 years. Even after she was gone we knew he would love her forever. He was a good father. We, his children, could not have been blessed with a better Dad. He loved us unconditionally and we...

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Your dad sounds wonderful. I'm so glad he made it home and you had him in your life.
Proud daughter of a P 38 pilot
Deputy Commander
367th FG 9th AF
Lt. Col. Morris Crossen
KIA 10/20/44

Hello my name is Drew Bong my great uncle was the ace of aces his name was Richard Ira Bong. im sure he would of liked this his favorite plane was the Lockheed p-38 lightning he flew with many great men like Ed.

Thank you for sharing!

Manuel Dayenian, Generation-X

May the sun be at your back, and the wind in your face old pilot. Safe journey and happy landing awaits you.

Sorry to hear of your fathers passing. We, as a country are losing to many great men. We are also losing their stories and experiences.

I recently got to fly a B-17 or make a right turn in one. That flight really opened up my eyes as to how brave those young men were.

In high school I got to sit many times in a P38 cockpit on the ground. That was still a thrill.

GOd bless you father and his family.

Sorry to hear of his passing, I just found this site, all the Great men of WW-2 desrve our utmost thanks for thier service and dedication and scarifices they experienced so we can enjoy the freedoms we have today, we're losing so many of them daily , I make a point every time I meet a veteran to thank them for what they did and to shake thier hand , they are "The Greatest Generation" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My uncle, Francis Rupert (Johnny) Johnson flew the Lightning in WW II. He was my favorite person in all the world and the P-38 the most beautiful airplane in all the world. May their memories never die.
David Westfall, Greensboro, NC

I interviewed Ed in the year 2000 for a video that featured several pilots from World War II. Ed was a very nice man who enjoyed telling his story. He will always be remembered fondly by me.

Lt. G.H. Casamajor, somewhere in the South Pacific

My Father, Gordon H. Casamajor, flew the P-38 towards the end of WWII in the Pacific. of all the aircraft he flew, up to the ripe age of 80, the Lightening was by far his favorite design. We flew together for many years flying sailplanes and he was an amazing pilot to learn from. Nothing shook him in the air
He wouldn't talk much about the war but when he sat down with another P-38 driver then would eventually start to talk a bit and always about their favorite fighter that they had been...