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Lance Cpl. Eric Scott Freeman

Thousand Oaks, California


Thousand Oaks, California


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Eric Freeman was returning to base for his 3rd deployment to Iraq when the driver of car in which he was a passenger overcorrected, causing the car to flip. Eric was killed in the accident.

A survivor of two tours in Iraq, Eric's Battalion was involved in the fall of Baghdad. He and his Platoon even watched the statue of Saddam toppled in Firdos Square. Eric survived the first assault of Fallujah and was awarded a Purple Heart for injuries sustained in an IED attack on his convoy outside of Fallujah.

Eric, like his fellow Marines, never bragged about their successes, nor did he bemoan their losses; he was stoic and steadfast. He always brought 110% of himself to any task at hand, and his friends and family always came first and last. Eric spoke his mind freely and lived life to the fullest - he let nothing impede him in accomplishing any goal he set for himself or fulfilling any need for a loved one. His humor brought joy and laughter to everyone he met, and his good nature lightened many grim moments in Iraq.

His honesty, love, loyalty, courage, and respect as a devoted son, brother, friend, Marine, and student of life will endure forever.
Lived with dignity
Instilled integrity
Remembered in felicity
Rejoice in eternity
(SOURCE: The Freeman Family)

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Is NeVeR EaSy and Da LoVe Is So STrOnG.... GoD BlESS yOuR HEART ERiC~ IN a special Time Of rEfLeCtInG ALL pRaying GoD GiVeS strength To yOuR lOvEd OnEs NoW aND aLwAyS!

dear eric, family and friends as well as his troops.

its been a while - but i never stop thinking of everyone and praying.

i know this month through the next is one of the hardest times of the year but i know you are with your mom ( who i still consider my best friend) and your family helping them throughout the year. its comforting to know yuo are there.

eric, you are greatly missed, greatly loved and greatly honored. i will always be praying and thinking...

To Eric's family:

It's been a long time since we lost our boys. Still leaves a hole in out hearts, eh?


From the ARmy of US to THE ARMY OF GOD~

Time flies ....ten year go by so fast , when I met Eric sister Mary on that United Air flight his joy for life was fresh breath of air and strenght to my own weakness. To this very day I remember his goofy pics with his girl in matching pajamas , the funny faces it was amazing! When she Mary held his tags so tight close to her heart is a moment that stays with me for ever. God bless his soul. Always remember somewhere out There the Erics still all the way UP in Heaven screaming *We...

Eric Scott Freeman

Ah Eric, we're all thinking deeply about you on the anniversary of your death. I'm chatting about you with your mom right now. Your family and friends have been sharing such great pictures of you all weekend long on Facebook, lol. You'd get such a kick out of this. 11 years gone, never forgotten, always loved.

Miss you brother!

Eric, still thinking about you buddy. Hope your family is well. I was reading through your writings tonight. Brought back some tough memories. Miss you. I still tell the story about how you lived.

When I think of your sister Mary Still see the joy w tears in her eyes as she grasped your chain and spoke softly with so much love of You goofball ~.~ the pictures the smiles what a great Heart GOD bless you Eric ! never forgotten...

I miss you also. We were so proud of you. Love, Auntie Theresa