Evelyn Miller


Evelyn Miller passed away. The obituary was featured in Globe Gazette on July 7, 2005, and Legacy on July 9, 2005.

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Today on 22nd of August was her 17th birthday. We think of you, Evelyn, and wish you all the best wherever you are. It's still hard to accept that it is already the 12th birthday she couldn't celebrate it with her family.

Tomorrow already eleven years have passed since the terrible incident and it still hurts like the first day. As a family dad I can hardly understand how much pain and how much strength her mum Noel, her dad Andy and her families Miller and Christie has to spend since then. And though it's been so long ago and unfortunately we never had the chance to get Evey known, there are thousands of people from anywhere in the world thousands of miles away from Iowa who are moved by her fate - and that...

My heart breaks for all the children who have to endure such horrible acts. It hurts my soul to read about it and I will dedicate my life to bring awareness and will pray for justice in all of the cases of little angels being preyed upon.

To the family so so sorry for your loss of a beautiful little angel. Little Evelyn you were loved! Prayers to all...

What a precious, beautiful little girl. Prayers sent up for those who cared about her and loved her. God bless you, Evelyn..

Evelyn, i view your blog at least once a month and think about how beautiful young girl who deserved so much more out of life. Now u are in such a safer place. U SWEET SWEET ANGEL, GOD BLESS U

I am Evelyns second cousin on her mothers side. We all miss her very much and pray her killer or killers are finally caught so no other children are murdered by this person.

thank you i loved these pictures it has been such a long time since i have seen any pictures of my babies. i pray to god for justice, peace and love for all of us.

I know I had never met you Angel Baby but I still think of you often... I think about your grandma and grandpa too because I'm a grandma and my heart is sad for them.