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George Blanda, who in 1970 became a national phenomenon for leading the Oakland Raiders to a number of last-second victories as a place kicker and quarterback at age 43, has died.For more:

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I got the chance to wait on him and his wife at a restaurant in Orange Beach, AL. I introduced myself and he came right back with Hi I'm George Blanda NFL Hall Of Famer, and we shook hands. I replied, no way you're George Blanda!! Really? And walked away to handle business and when I returned he told me more of his story. I still wasn't sure what to think and was joking with them about it. When it came time for the bill, he handed me his credit card and we bout died laughing! Swiped the...

Just a reminder that George Blanda was also a great college player at Kentucky before his illustrious professional career. His name is in place at the ring of honor at the stadium.

You were the player George they got my wife in the football. She followed you for many many years and was a rabid Raider fan she stuck with the Raiders through thick or thin. She sat in a box and the Steelers Monday night game and you were sitting with your old buddies and that made her day

To my dear friend John Blanda.! I am sorry for the loss of your brother!!!

knew him as unstoppable on a QB sneak

George Blanda gave us [my father and me] season Bear tickets when they played @ Wrigley and again @ Soldiers Field, some 10 years of season tickets, [we also sat right next to his wife [email protected] Wrigley Field]. George also took me and my father [Harold Baker] to Black Hawk games, and he also treated us to dinners before those games. Oh let's not forget the personal invitations to training camps he participated in (Air Force Academy were the Houston Oilers practiced) where I met Charlie Tollar...

God Bless "The Grand Old Man" George Frederick Blanda !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for all the great memories !!!!!!!!!!!! What a beautiful soul !!!!!!!!!! RIP !!!!!!! Coach"Reddy"Cox