George Holton III

Atlanta, Georgia


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Family-Placed Death NoticeGeorge Montague Holton, III, 31 of Signal Mountain, passed away Monday, May 12, 2003. He attended Red Bank High School and Kennesaw State University. George was a classic car collector. He was a songwriter and lead guitarist for "The Woggles" Band in...

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What more can I add to this wonderful collection of stories? I think it's been said time and time again that George was an amazing person who loved everything he did, and encouraged you to do the same. He had the charisma and drive that most can only dream of, and I know that some of that lives on in everyone that ever had the privlege to meet him. Such a talent... Such ambition... Such a sweetheart.

Thank you for the memories.

Many of you know my daughter or as I refer to red-headed chile, Mary Huff of SCOTS. When Mary was called it was a double blow since another of her friends in the Penetrators had also died. As a lot of you know the Woggles have been close friends with Rick, David and Mary of Southern Culture for years. The Woggles had been with them on many shows. Unfortunately it brings close to you young people how life can be so very, very fragile. So remember him kindly and make every day count....

I just found out about Monty's untimely passing. I want to thank George for all the great music and unforgettable nights he provided me and other Woggles fans. I am very saddened and shocked by George's death. Godspeed to the Holton family, freinds, and the band. Monty, you will be sorely missed.

New York will miss "The Montegue's" wailing guitar.

Goodbye Montague! My band The Dishes and I had the good fortune to share a bill with the Woggles a few times. They were some of the most fun shows we played. The Dishes were all there at the Woggles show at Emo's during SXSW in 2001. We surrounded Montague as he charged through the crowd with the Professor on his shoulders, never missing a note. Amazing!

Chicago mourns his loss.

amsterdam is with you
cheers for the music !

I'm absolutely heartbroken. This is positively devastating news, and my heart aches for his family and bandmates. I met Montague about three years ago at a show in Savannah, GA at the Velvet Elvis. Over the past few years, I travelled to several shows with him, and can honestly say that in his company I was never, ever bored. He had the most amazing ability to make the mundane entertaining (I'm laughing now remembering the "horn game" in New York City traffic, and him whistling in...

I’ve known George since I was 13 and I’ll never forget watching in wonder while he cruised past our house on his electric blue moped, black flannel flapping in the wind, wearing the same Misfits t-shirt for weeks on end. My sister became one of his closest friends, which in turn introduced me to the wonders of George. I’ve been lucky to have kept close tabs on him and have seen him throughout the years when the Woggles made their way to NYC. We spoke a few weeks ago and were so looking...