Henry Everett "Hank" Emerson

Boston, Massachusetts

1925 - 2015


Boston, Massachusetts


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Emerson, Lt. Gen. Henry Everett "Hank" (Retired) Henry Everett "Hank" Emerson a retired United States Army Lieutenant General, best known for being the commander of the 2nd Infantry Division in South Korea during the mid-1970s when Colin Powell served as a battalion commander, passed away...

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I served with General Emerson in the HHQ Office 2nd Ind Div Camp Casey, late 1972 - early 1974. Worked for the General as well as in the G3 Ops. It was tensed but a pleasure to serve with Gunfighter. Walter biggins.

I was a CID Agent at Ft. Bragg when LTG Emerson was newly assigned(1975)as the XVIII Airborne Corps and Ft. Bragg Commander. Though I did not meet him until 1977, he was the 2d ID Commander when I was in S. Korea. Everyone in S. Korea knew who he was. He invented "Combat Football" and was well known for making sure his troops were in top notch shape. After he arrived at Ft. Bragg, we began "getting into shape" too. In 1977, I solved a criminal case involving 13 break ins...

Off duty 122nd Signal Battalion Camp Casey 1975

I served under General Emerson during 1974-1975 Camp Casey Korea. I was assigned to the 122nd Signal Battalion on one occasion General Emerson landed at my Relay communication site to make a secure call. It was a honor to meet him especially during a field operation. RIP Sir. Sgt. Steven Vaughn

The "Gunfighter" was one of my great US Army admirations/admirers...as a soldier & artist I served proudly...this admired man,and profound leader.Painting a portrait is an expression of artistic intimacy but even more a legend, shared. Misunderstood by many, incapable of his vast, pro-life vision, he lived his life on his own terms, with little apology and no regret. The pearl handled colts were what gave him his nickname but his never ending dream for his men, gave him his legacy.

I served at the 121 Evac Hospital in Korea when LTG Emerson commanded the 2nd Infantry Division. I remember when he would visit his troops, always very concerned about their welfare and the care they were receiving.

He is of the greatest individuals I have ever served with. He supported me in the implementation of the first rehabilitation program for recalcitrant soldiers - A program called SPARTAN PATHFINDER. During his leadership as the Commanding General for Special Forces he demonstrated that we can help those who need strong leadership which enabled many to receive honorable discharges. The program was implemented under Col Joseph Love Commander of 7th Special Forces.
Thank you very much. Chris...

I will fade away someday soon, dear Sir. Will the Gunfighter lead, as always? Doc and Bern, too. The Gunfighter's girl

Fond memories of hard days and raucous nights

I served under General Emerson...and have nothing but fond memories and respect