Henryk Skolimowski

Ann Arbor, Michigan

1930 - 2018


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Skolimowski, Henryk 5/4/1930 - 4/6/2018 Warsaw, Poland Henryk Skolimowski, 87, resident of Warsaw, Poland, died on Friday. --- Henryk was born in Warsaw in the interwar period, experiencing as a child the many perils of WW2. He went on to study philosophy at Oxford, earning his PhD in 1964. He...

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Life has its own ways. It has brought me in 1981 from Little island of Cyprus to Ann Arbor Michigan to meet and be taught and guided by Prof. Herny Skowlimowski. Years after he is the one person in My Life to have influenced most. I keep nurturing with his teachings, which I try to pass on and teach. For the last months, Since December 2017, I have been trying to contact him with no success. Finally I got some contact on April 4th and I thought that, because of Easter week, I should better...

Today 5th of June, is World Environment Day! It was fitting then that yesterday evening I could hold my talk on Eco-Philosophy before Cafe Scientifique on the Isle of Wight, UK. I have held this talk in several places and countries for many a year and Henryk has always held a prominent place in it. However, this year I dedicated the talk to Henryk and asked all those present to spread the word of Eco-Philosophy Day so that the Spirit of Henryk and his timeless message lives on in this world...

Henryk did live his life to the full and celebrated life and universe without cease. He believed in frugal simplicity and yet there has been no more generous of humans. He not only criticized the market world views of today-- he also strove to articulate a coherent alternative. It was always a pleasure and joy to be with Henryk. Of course, someone needs to write a full biography!

With Juanita and Henryk October 17, 2013 in Michigan, USA

My deepest condolences to Juanita and all whose lives Henryk has touched. As I said in my commemoration, I'm certain his spirit/energy is continuing to evolve and shine ever more brightly in his new incarnation.

October 17, 2013 visiting Henryk and Junaita in Gregory, Michigan, USA

It was my junior year at University of Michigan, then a quite naïve student pursuing an Atmospheric Science degree. To meet my Engineering Humanities requirement for my degree, I had signed up for Alternative Futures, an Engineering Humanities class, expecting some futuristic vision of high-tech wizardry, but (as it turns out), quite open to whatever it might bring.

This class was taught by Professor Henryk Skolimowski, who looked the part of one who might teach such a class,...

I have no words that can describe my deep reverence and appericiation for Henryk Skolimowski. He will forever be alive and a flame of love in my heart. What a cosmic and holistic inspiration he was and will ever be, The Philosopher of our time.

Dear Juanita I am so grateful that I attended Henryk's 80th birthday celebration 8 years ago in Poland together with you and close Eco Philosophy Friends.

I wrote a poem with music about Henryk after my our first connection in...

To Henryk the Great ~
There is not enough gratitude in the Universe to offer you for your beautiful energy and brilliant guidance in my life and in the life of the people of the world from 1930-2018.
I would not be who I am without your participation, your mentor-ship, your friendship. Neither would the world be so blessed.
You have transcended from this earthwalk, but forever you will be in my DNA, Heart and Soul.

Happy Birthday......

Dear Henryk, son of Light,
your smile gives us ispiration to keep on smiling in spite of our sorrow. I will always love you and honour your memory.