Ignaz Lindmoser

Vancouver, British Columbia


Ignaz Lindmoser passed away in Vancouver, British Columbia. The obituary was featured in The Vancouver Sun on July 27, 2008.

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He was a coach of mine when I was a Firefighter boxer. He will always be remembered as a good man, a fine boxer, an example to us all. You put us through our paces and made us better. Thanks, Lindy, you meant a lot to us all.

Lindy used to play tennis with me and my parents at Trout Lake. He was always an enthusiastic player. I'll never forget the time, when we were doubles partners, that he called out to me, "Atta boy...girl!"

My dad and mom (Henry and Peggy) remember him as someone who was great fun and a good man.

I was with Lindy in his home town back in 1972 and we went hiking in the Austrian Alps where his family lives,Once up high in the back country there was a resturant and outside this resturant was a big dog chained to a spike and he was barking at our group Lindy went right up to this big chained up dog and stuck his huge hands inside its mouth and said so you wanna be tough the dog bit down and Lindy said so thats the way you want to play ...next thing you heard was the dog yelpping...Lindy...

I am the oldest of seven children. Uncle Lindy was a huge part of our lives. His humour, fun and huge bear hugs were always welcome. We looked forward to being thrown up to the ceiling, certain that his huge hands would catch us safely. I remember how he would fill a jar with raw eggs and down them in front of us,making us all wonder why he would do such a thing. How gross ! He is my Father's best friend and we were very fortunate to see him often as we were growing up. He made each and every...

Lindy worked with my dad at the gas company. My dad, Bill Sharlow always spoke well of Lindy saying he was a good man,good worker and very fine boxer. I remember as a kid my dad taking me and my brother Mike to see Lindy box. It was quite exciting for a little boy as there was lots of blood (not Lindy's). After the fight he came up and apologized for the messy fight but that these things happen. He truly was a good and gentle man. My dad who is 92 and living in Victoria BC has just heard of...

When I first met Lindy many years ago in the 70's in the trenches, I was introduced to Lindy by his helper, he was in a bell hole and he barely said a barely audible hello as the dirt was flying in every direction, that was his way, Lindy's way. Never heard a condascending word about Lindy always heard funny stories, you were pretty funny! Rest in peace my friend!

My condolences to Lindy's family. Lindy was a very nice man and will be missed by all who new him.


Lindy was one of the old timers and one of the best. I worked with Lindy for awhile with B.C. Hydro Gas. I have never heard a bad thing said about Lindy, a huge and gentle man. He used to tell us how lucky he was to be getting paid to exercise by digging and working hard. He would say that it was just the way you hold your mouth when asked how he could do some heavy task. As a helper, it was great as Lindy did most of the heavy work. He loved bicycling and a bicycle accident ended his...