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LOS ANGELES (AP) - Jeremy Slate, the versatile actor who co-wrote and starred in the cult film "Hell's Angels '69" and went on to appear on the daytime drama "One Life to Live" for eight seasons, died Sunday. He was 80.

Slate died at UCLA Medical Center of complications following surgery for esophageal cancer, agent Bonnie Black said.

Slate gained fame in the early 1960s on the TV series "The Aquanauts" and a few years later appeared alongside Elvis Presley in "Girls! Girls! Girls!"

He guest starred on nearly 100 TV shows, including "Gunsmoke," "Mission: Impossible," "Bewitched" and "Police Story." Most recently, he was seen in the NBC sitcom "My Name is Earl."

Often cast as a tough guy, Slate appeared during the late 1960s in a string of biker films, including "The Born Losers" and "Hell's Angels '69," which he co-wrote.

From 1979 to 1987, he was a regular on the ABC soap "One Life to Live" as Chuck Wilson, his longest-running role.
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I was blessed to grow up in Encino & become best friends with Jef & hung out with the family.
When Jeremy moved into a Laurel Canyon bachelor pad while filming "True Grit," we spent many weekends up there with Good friends.
I vividly remember Jef calling and asking me to play bass on the demo of "How Come Everytime I Itch I Wind Up Scratching You, which was picked up by Glen Campbell.
All my memories of Jef, Jeremy, Bev & the Slate family are warm...

I met Jeremy, I'm 1996 in Memphis, TN at a western convention. It was my birthday, Jeremy, Peter Brown took a picture together I was in the middle, Jeremy, called it a Maria sandwich, I will never forget it.

Dear Jeremy: I first knew you from your performance in "The Devil's Brigade" and had quite a crush on you. RIP Sir you are missed.

Watching you now on Perry Mason I watch a lot of old shows and your one of my favorites. Your fans miss you.

Just saw him on an episode of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" and thought his performance was spot on. He was so attractive I looked him up to find out more about him. RIP.

Dear Jeremy, I would have loved to have met you in person prior to your leaving us, your fans! You were an amazing actor and a man, for the eyes are the mirrors of the soul, and your soul had to have been beautiful. I, and we, will and still do miss you, and we re-live your mega talents in your filmography. You are in my prayers and I pray that you are in Paradise! In the Eternal Life I plan on looking you up, my friend!!!

Morning Slate Family. I in form you how sorry I am I try too get a sine phtot from Jeremy but never got one I was too late see every time I did nothing I liked him as Ben in the Sons of Katie Elder anyway I am deeply sorry I hope this letter tuchs your hearts as well as he did too mine sorry I never knew him personly all my Love too you all. Mimi

When I was a kid I loved him in Aquanauts.As a Canadian I loved him playing a mild mannered but deadly Canadian in the Devil's Brigade.I pray you are in heaven.Hope to meet you there.Gordon