John Mahoney

Jun 20, 1940 – Feb 4, 2018 (Age 77)


John Mahoney, actor who starred as Martin Crane on the sitcom "Frasier," has died at the age of 77, according to multiple news sources. For full coverage and obituary from, click here.

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Master Class of acting in Frasier and in the many films where he often played the sinister part. His continued excellence such an integral part of the tremendous success of Frasier in particular. Certainly made up for coming late into Acting. He leaves a terrific legacy and a great sorrow from all Frasier Fans!!

I'm so sorry for your loss. May the hope found in God's Word the Bible at Isa 26:19 help to comfort your family and friends. I will keep you in my prayers

I enjoyed your qcting. I surely miss you John. I miss your humor big time. You made the sdhow if Frasier. Think if me as a fan. I miss you Irishmen.

I will not like the new reboot without you no way! Rest in peace.

John you your presence was so beautiful. I miss your way of laughter by tipping your head to laugh. You made the Frasier show. You are a good looking man. I sure miss you and your acting. I wish you were still around. I miss you buddy. They are t as liking about a comeback for Fraiser but you not being there it's a lost. You made the show. I miss you.

Thank you for bringing laughter into my life. May you rest in peace.

U will be missed,I thought u were a gifted actor.loved u on frasher.may you rest in peace

Mis mas sin serás condolencias ala familia

John I sure miss you. You made the Frasier show. Your lovely Father figure I miss. They are thinking about starting a new Frasier series. I just love for for the person you are. I miss you you buddy. It was tough on me knowing you have stepped away. I never been to Chicago. You made the show. You are missed John. You have the mist beautiful countenance. It has been tough for me knowing you are gone. I miss you John. I love you for every character you displayed. Your Thoughtful...