John Napolitano

Ronkonkoma, New York


Ronkonkoma, New York


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Living Life His Own Way

John P. Napolitano won enough awards, medals and citations from the New York Fire Department and the Lakeland Fire District in Ronkonkoma, N.Y., where he lived, to fill a box.

And a box is where he kept them.

"He didn't have to wear medals on his chest," said his father, John. "I really admired him, not for what he did for a living, but for how he lived his life."

Lieutenant Napolitano — he was promoted posthumously — was a fireman's fireman. He showed up as an experienced rookie in 1991, having started as a junior volunteer with the Lakeland district when he was 17. He eventually became chief and commissioner there.

Robert Galione worked with Lieutenant Napolitano at Rescue 2 in Brooklyn, following him into some tough fires. "He'd go into a fire that was roaring so loud we couldn't hear anything," Firefighter Galione said. "I was right behind him humping the hose, so I know he never took a step back."

Firefighting was his life's work, but not his life. "What did he do outside the firehouse?" said his father. "That's the easiest question to answer. Being with his wife and kids. Period. End of story."

To please his two little girls, Elizabeth and Emma Rose, Lieutenant Napolitano, 33, would do almost anything. The image that sticks in the mind of his wife, Anne, is of him trying to fly a kite on a windless day to make the girls smile.

They did.

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My Son it is Christmas 2021 and I love and miss you, yet you are still with me and have been so ever since you gave your Life while Saving Others that Terrible Day in September 2001.. Some years ago it was Christmas Eve and as I was thinking about you as I always do I put my thoughts to Pen and Paper and what came out was a Prayer.. and on this Day my Son I will share that Prayer with you and in your Name.. My Christmas Prayer.. " Dear God today is Christmas Eve, and I am a little...

My Son I love and miss you.. It is Thanksgiving, a day of Thanks for those who are and were in our Lives.. Those that we love.. another Thanksgiving without you, and yet not, because my Son you are with me every single day, and the Holidays may add to our heartbreak Time does not heal.. You dedicated your Life to help others and gave your life to Save Others, and to those who love those that you Saved I know that they spend this Thanksgiving Day Thankful for you and the Heroes who were with...

.. There Once Was a Boy Who Dreamed About Making a Difference..
.. And Became a Man Who Did..

My Beloved Son.. I love and miss you.. Today is your Birthday and although it has been 20 years since that day in September when you made the Supreme Sacrifice while saving Lives at the World Trade Center I still hear you and feel you.. time is a relentless Enemy in some ways but it will never take you away from me.. You were a Boy with a Dream who became a Great man who lived that Dream... We miss you so much.. today is tough on your Mom, your Birthday, the day she brought you into this...

Merry Christmas in Heaven my Son I love you and I miss you..although not here you are with me this day and all the days since you gave your life while courageously saving others on September 11,2001..almost 20 years have passed since that day and for some time has erased from their mind that terrible day when hate attacked and was met with Courage and Compassion by you and the Heroes who were with you..First Responders who became our Nations First Patriots in a War declared on us by Islamic...

My Son I love and Miss is your Birthday and our Nations..The Heroism of those on the 4th of July and yours on 9/11 are dates that should always be remembered..
September 11, 2001..Many in this Country have Forgotten..Lenny said that it would happen, I disagreed I said.." Never..not this.." I was wrong..but just as I remember that day that I stood in the horror of the Trade Center with Lenny as we Searched for John and also Lenny's Brother, Lt John Crisci and he...

My Son I love and miss is Easter a most Holy Day..some day that it is a Holiday but it is so much is so much more if People take the time to learn about it..A Man gave his life to save my Son did that on 9/11 and I have to believe that Man welcomed you into Heaven..
We miss you so much my Son and think about you every day..It is another Easter without you but yet you are still with will always be with me..
Happy Easter in Heaven my Son..I Will...

In lasting memory of a firefighter who gave his life to rescue other people on 9/11. Godspeed....

My Son I love is New Years Day..People are celebrating the arrival of a New is 2020 but for me it is still 2001..September 11..the day you gave your life while Saving others..over 18 years have passed..but not for me..there are some things in life where time stands still..I cant touch you but I feel you and think about you every day..and as People everywhere celebrate this 2020 New Year..I celebrate the Old Years..the years that you were here and made all my days Happy..Happy...

Around the holidays.............around the many days of the always come to mind. When I get the chance I tell people about you. Many of us can never understand why such great people are taken so early in life. The only thing we can do is to keep your memory alive. Ill always remember ....never mention you and all the all first responders who made the ultimate sacrifice for what we all enjoy in our daily lives.