Jonathan N. Cappello

Garden City, New York


Garden City, New York


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Jonathan N. Cappello always ‹ even as a child ‹ invited people into his parents' Garden City home, first to mooch food prepared by his mother and, in later years, to hang out for pizza, wings and beer. Although Mr. Cappello, 23 and the youngest of three boys, could get away with anything, older brothers Jamey and Robert say, his nickname was a result of being told no.

"First it was, 'Jonathan, no. Jonathan, no you can't do that,' " said Mr. Cappello's mother, Claudia. "Then it got to be, 'Jon, no.' Then it got to be 'Jono.' "

That was the name used by his friends, many of whom played basketball with Mr. Cappello at a nearby school. Tall, lanky and quick, Mr. Cappello would never call a foul, his brother Jamey said. "He'd pretty much play and make shots with people ‹ including me ‹ bashing his arms. He just figured it was a playground."

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Hi Jono - 19 years later and I think about you all the time. You are forever missed and always remembered. We love you so much!

My love and support is, and will forever be, with you, Jono, and your family. Ken Druck

Here is Cuddles!

Here is a photo of me with my Cuddles! I don't have a very recent photo to download,but here is me with her last Christmas. Your family says that Christmas was your favorite holiday, so you will enjoy this photo, Jono!
Love, your friend, Sarah

Last year, I wrote to you as my family and me were moving here, to our new house here in Naperville.
Now we have been in the house for one year! And a great house it is, too! I sit writing this letter to you at my computer in my basement apartment, which was not yet set up yet this time last year.
The year has not been not normal, nor has my year since last September 11th been all good. About two weeks after 9/11 last year, my beloved cat Muddles died, leaving me depressed. ...

Your favorite holiday is here, merry Christmas Jono. My daughter just learned about 9/11 in school and when she asked me if I knew anyone, I said yes and told her all about you. She was very quiet and then goes, I feel like I know him mom. Brought tears to my eyes bc it just confirmed you are always with us.
Merry Christmas!!!!
Love, Dana

Sending our deep sympathy to your family. Everyday may God continue to give the strength needed to cope. Jon is still sadly missed and not forgotten.

Happy Birthday Jono! Barrett loves wearing his JONO hat. I constantly tell him all about you and I know you watch over him. We love and miss you so much! Love, Lex

To Jono-
Another year has gone by-and right now I am in the middle of moving into my new family home in Naperville, how I love it here! We have stores, restaurants and ice cream nearby! The best part is the riverwalk! I love walking across the Riverwalk bridge every season of the year-even winter!
The neighborhood is very quiet and very friendly-great for all-including my three cats, Patches, Muddles, and Cookie!
And in the middle of our big move, I still thought of you...

My Jono bracelet