Kathleen Shearer

Dover, New Hampshire


Dover, New Hampshire


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Together All the Way
Their dream was a house with a view. It happened by accident. Kathleen Shearer was buying a chair in Dover, N.H., while her husband, Michael Shearer, waited outside the store. He found the area charming. Once she was done, they drove around and spied some available property abutting a river. They made an offer, but were the lowest of three bidders. Yet the other offers fell through, and they got it. Afterward, Mr. Shearer would say that it was the most expensive chair he had ever bought.

They built their dream house and moved into it last April. On Sept. 10, Mr. Shearer, a great fan of lawns, finished seeding the property. The next day, they boarded Flight 175 to Los Angeles. They were going to clean out the apartment of Mrs. Shearer's father, who had entered a nursing home, and would visit one of their two daughters, Karrie Castro, who had recently given birth to their first grandchild. They expected to return to a new lawn.

Mrs. Shearer, 61, a retired doll maker, and Mr. Shearer, 63, a retired engineer, had been married 39 years, and they still held hands. In retirement, Mr. Shearer kept busy teaching computer classes and laboring on the lawn. Wherever he lived, he was known as the Lawn King. He liked to playfully invite friends and neighbors to kiss his ring in honor of his title. Most took a rain check.

He went to great lengths to ensure the beauty of his grass. One memorable day years ago, when Karrie and her sister, Mary, were on the way home from high school, they discovered their father vacuuming the lawn. He had accidentally spilled too much fertilizer on it, and to prevent grass burns, had hauled the vacuum out.

Mrs. Shearer had been working on a quilt to present to her granddaughter, Shea, now 8 months old. Mrs. Castro feared that her mother had taken the quilt with her on the plane, but it was not quite done, and was found back at their dream house. And that chair? It was there too, in the living room, facing the view.

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I read about Micheal trying to look for any people born in Seattle like me, and his and Kathleen's story brought me to tears. I'm sorry you didn't get to see your first grand-daughter, and i hope that you can all meet one day when the time is right. I wish you the best in the afterlife.

Kathleen was my Grandfather's niece. She had a home built, and was set to fly out to California to pick up her mom, my Grandfathers sister to move in with them permanently. Very sad what happened next..... :(

The stories like this still bring tears to my eyes and I will never forget that horrible day. I pray for the family left behind and ask that God grant you a great blessing today. With much love from Texas,

Kathleen & Michael Shearer are still watching over their two daughters & their granddaughter from Heaven & you know they'll never be forgotten. Rest in God's peace.

Kathleen, I will keep you in my prayers. I know I dont know you personally but, I will pray for you and you family. Your story really touched my heart. May God bless you. I hope that you had a wonderful life and that you cherished every moment of it. May you rest in peace.

Kathleen, I hope your doing well in afterlife. I mean I understand that I did not personally know you, but I just read about you and it touched my heart. My prayers are with you and your family and I hope that this world one day comes to peace. Again may you rest in peace.

I went to the 911 memorial yesterday, I prayed before I left that I would connect to a name so that I could keep their family in my prayers. I was stunned to see the name Shearer, it is my maiden name. God answered my prayer, and I will be praying for continued strength and peace for your family. May God hold you close and bring to mind all the wonderful memories of your love. Please know she is not forgotten.

Karrie, my family and I will never forget...