Larry Speakes

1939 - 2014 (Age 74)


JACKSON, Miss. (AP) - Larry Speakes, who spent six years as acting press secretary for President Ronald Reagan, died Friday in his native Mississippi. He was 74.

Speakes died at home in Cleveland, Miss., where he had lived the past several years, said Bolivar County Coroner Nate Brown. Brown said Speakes had Alzheimer's disease.

"He died in his sleep and it was a natural death," Brown said.

Speakes was buried in North Cleveland Cemetery during a private service Friday morning, a few hours after dying, said Kenny Williams of Cleveland Funeral Home.

Speakes became Reagan's acting spokesman after Press Secretary James Brady was wounded during an assassination attempt on Reagan in 1981.

Republican Haley Barbour, who served as Mississippi governor from 2004 to 2012, was political director of the Reagan White House when Speakes worked there. He said Friday that it wasn't unusual to have tension between the political office and the pres s office, but he and Speakes had a good working relationship.

Barbour said that within the Reagan administration, people generally admired Speakes' handling of the press, although Speakes could be abrupt.

"Sometimes, that meant reporters didn't get everything they wanted, and sometimes it meant they didn't get anything," Barbour said Friday. "But, Larry knew who he worked for."

Weeks after leaving his White House job in 1987, Speakes said during a speech at East Texas State University that he often thought about the day Reagan, Brady and two others were wounded when John Hinckley Jr. opened fire.

"Shortly before the president left that day to go the Hilton Hotel to make a speech, I said to Jim, 'Do you want to go with the president, or would you like me to go?' And he said, 'I believe I'll go,'" Speakes said. "And had it not been in that one split second, I would have been exactly where Jim Brady was at that moment an hour or so later. ... It's not a d ay goes by that I don't think about that."

After resigning his White House job in 1987, Speakes worked for Merrill Lynch in New York. Speakes left the Merrill Lynch job after he wrote in his memoir, "Speaking Out," that he had fabricated quotes for President Reagan while working for him.

He returned to Washington in 1988 and worked in public relations for Northern Telecom and the U. S. Postal Service, retiring in 2008.

Speakes grew up in Merigold, Miss., and graduated from the University of Mississippi. He worked for two Mississippi newspapers, the Oxford Eagle and the Bolivar Commercial, before going to Washington in 1968 as press secretary for U.S. Sen. James O. Eastland, D-Miss.

In 1974, Speakes worked as press secretary for the special counsel to President Richard Nixon during the Watergate hearings. After Nixon resigned, Speakes became assistant press secretary for President Gerald Ford.

Speakes worked as press secretary for Ford's vice pres idential running mate, Bob Dole, during the 1976 campaign. After Democrat Jimmy Carter won the election, he moved to the Hill and Knowlton public relations firm in Washington. Speakes worked for Reagan's transition team after Reagan won the 1980 election, then became deputy press secretary under Brady.

Speakes is survived by a daughter, Sandy Speakes Huerta of Cleveland, Miss; sons Scott Speakes of Cleveland, Miss., and Jeremy Speakes of Clifton, Va.; six grandchildren and one great-grandchild.



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Hello. I did not know Mr. Speakes but would like to extend my condolences. Mr. Speakes was a fraternity brother of my father's at Ole Miss. My father, John K. Baldwin, went on to become a dentist.

When I was starting my career in public relations back in the 80's, my father told me all about Mr. Speakes' professional achievements. Mr. Speakes was an inspiration to me and I followed his career for many years. He achieved great things!

Ironically, my father is in the late...

I express my deepest sympathy. May the love of family and friends, comfort you as you grieve.

I had the honor of working with Larry when I was 21 at the White House. He guided me and gave me great life advice, he truly impacted my life and I am happy that years later I was able to stop in and see him in his USPS office and let him know how much I appreciated his friendship and guidance. A great man and my prayers are with you all.

To the Speakers Family
My sincere condolences are with the family for your loss. May your treasured memories and the drawing close to God in prayer help comfort you in your time of sorrow. Jeremiah 29:12,13

So sorry to hear of the death of Larry. May you remember the promise Jesus made at John5:29,29

We share in your sorrow for the death of your loved one. May God give you the comfort that we all need. 2 Cor. 1:3-7

Dear speakers family, It is always heart wrenching when someone we love dies. but rest assured that you will see him again better than when you last saw him (JOB 33:25)

In God:s care rest in peace