Lee Rigby


Lee Rigby, 25, a military recruiter in London, was killed in London's Woolrich area on Wednesday, May 22. Rigby played in the military's Corps of Drums and was a veteran of the conflict in Afghanistan, having served as a machine gunner. The father of a 2-year-old boy, he was described as "always smiling."

The attack on Rigby is presumed to have been because he was a veteran, motivated by ongoing tensions regarding the conflict in Afghanistan. Two suspects are in custody after an on-camera confession, while millions across the U.K. are shocked and saddened by the brutal attack.

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I don't know if my message got through or not - my computer is acting up. My heart aches for the Rigby family, especially because my Rigby family came from England in the 1830s from Manchester area. Would someone from the Rigby family e mail me and see if we can connect family lines. Norma Rigby Bench at [email protected] God Bless.

You committed your life to your country in a way many of of us do not have the courage to do. The circumstances of your death are so inhumane it would be hard to believe possible in war let alone when you where at home. Our gratitude for your service to this country are greater than words could express. The horror you experienced is beyond imagination for most for because great men such as yourself protect everyone of us. Our love and prayers are for your family especially the widow and young...

lee rigby lovecaering person

goodbye to a hero who will never be forgotten, as the lord taken him to a place of rest and peace no more pain. love Joanne Pridham and daughters Rebecca & Carly

Drummer Lee Rigby you will never be forgotten you are a true hero and were a beautiful son farther and husband R.I.P

My heart goes out to you and your family. Thinking of you all at this very difficult time. Your justice and Honour will be rewarded in Heaven.

Drummer Lee Rigby you are a true Hero of the UK and the world

You will always be in our hearts and minds

our nations stand side by side and we will not fall in respect for people like Lee and to protect our nations from evil


As a military wife, my heart aches for your family.